25 Ideas For Men’s Bleached Hair – The Bolder The Better

Men’s bleached hair is the new style trend to be a showstopper wherever you go.  Bleaching your hair may require some motivation and here is all the inspiration you need to make that bold move. Bleached hair looks good for men of all ages if it is done correctly. If you are planning to bleach your hair, choose the style and cuts according to the shape of the face and your skin tone. Soft silvers and golds look good on people with fair skin tones and strong whites and platinum tones look good on darker tones. You can select two or three different shades to add more style to your look. Choose from the lengths which suit your face and customize the look to make it look even more personalized.

#1 Quiff with Short Sides

The whole style is globally bleached and the quiff looks good in silver. The undercut is also colored silver to match the rest of the style.

#2 Long Hair with Quiff

This stylish hairstyle is perfect for people who like long hair. The grey-white bleach makes the look even more appealing and chic.

#3 Short Platinum Hair With Dark Roots

The hair is bleached platinum while the roots are kept dark brown to add a contrast. This style is great for short well-styled hair. The roots can be dyed in a darker color or kept natural to achieve this look.

# 4 Frost Blond Hair

Light wavy hair styled to side mohawk is the ideal example of bleached hair if you like frosty pearly hair. The shine adds volume to the hair and makes it look dreamy yet casual.

#5 Old School Blonde Hair

This hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks boyish. The shaded platinum bleach makes the hair look well kept and maintained. The look is great for people who love retro hairstyles.

#6 Faded Undercut

This short undercut style looks very cool and the dark undercut provides a contrast to the beige top hair. The hairstyle adds a rock feel to the look.

# 7 Matching Hair with Beard Tone

This example is perfect for men who love keeping a beard. Matching platinum bleached hair with a beard is a great way to add sophistication to the look. Both hair and beard should be dyed in the same color for the look.

#8 Retro Side Swept Hair

This example is perfect for experimental people. The back part is cropped really short and the front side is swept on the side to add drama to the style. The hair is dyed platinum to add shine.

#9 Shades Back Comb Look

The hair is dyed in three shades to add layers to the look. The base is kept in the natural dark shade and the mid portion is colored silver. The top hair is dyed brown to make the hair look voluminous.

#10 Slick Grey Hair

The hairstyle is slicked back to add style and panache to the look. The dark silver color adds a futuristic look to the hairstyle.

#11 Platinum Undercut

The faded silver and platinum undercut is the perfect way to make the hairstyle look casual. The quiff on the top adds a style quotient to the hair.

#12 Line Clean Cut

This front combed hairstyle is given a clean front cut to maintain the look. The finesse of the hairstyle makes the light platinum look even more stylish.

#13 High Quiff In Dark Grey

The top section of the hair is dyed light and the roots are kept darker to give a shaded look. Height is added in the centre to add volume to the look.

# 14 Frizzy Gold Look

The hair is completely decolored light  in this look and frizz is added to add a casual element to the style. The undercut on the sides looks great against the high cheek bones.

#15 White Silver Short Hair

The hair is bleached white to make the look more appealing. The roots are dyed a shade darker to add contrast.

#16 Messy Blonde Hair with Black Beard

The hair is dyed in blonde and parted on the side. The beard is kept in its natural color to make the style look young.

#17 Gelled Crop

The front section is set with gel to make it look wavy and effortless. The short crop on the back portion makes the style look trendy and hip.

#18 Rose Pink Bleached Hair

The light rose pink looks really good when combined with gold and brown highlights and black beard. It is a quite metrosexual look and adds a very subtle hint of colors to the hair.

#19 Silver Mane

The almost white silver shade adds a glamor quotient to the look. The length is kept short to make the look even more appealing.

#20 White Hair With Dark Roots

This look is great for young men who want to try bleach. The white provides a contrast against the skin and the side partition looks good on short hair.

#21 Ombre Brown With Rose Gold Highlights

The hair is given volume and life with backcombing and blow-drying. The rose gold highlights look great with the light brown colored roots.

#22 Silver Short Crop

The style looks good and youthful. The all silver cut makes an interesting look and the shaded dark gray lower portion adds some color to the look.

#23 Silver Crew Cut

The hair is kept extremely short and dyed silver to make it look grungy and casual. The short length is perfect for men in uniform.

#24 Macho Silver Slick

The beard and hair are both toned in light silver with dark gray highlights. The beard adds a macho factor to the look.

#25 Coiffed Golden Bleached Hair

The top portion is bleached in gold to add shine to the hair. The sides are cropped to make the look appear stylish.

So these are all the hairstyles for men’s bleached hair. These styles cover a wide range of options available for men in terms of colors, shades, and cuts. Choose the one you like and take the plunge to a world of bleached hair.

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