25 Voguish Slicked Back Hair Ideas – For the Sophisticated Taste

Slicked back hair is a timeless look that was popularized by pop stars such as Elvis Presley back in the 50s. Although it exists in more than a few variations, the most popular version of the look is known as the pompadour, where the top is groomed longer or thicker towards the front. The look is relatively easy to recreate and is mainly characterized by trimmed/shortened sides that are usually separated from the top using a cool hard part. If you are looking for something to set you apart from the crowd, here are 25 slicked hairstyles you can try out.

# 1 Slick and Neat

Straight off the mark, the first thing you will notice with this hairdo is the glorious volume that the slicked back top has been given, which goes a long way in enhancing the look. Combined with a modernistic taper fade and a crisp hard part, the look possesses a composed finish that is very attractive.

# 2 Modish Faux Mohawk

For those who consider the Mohawk too outlandish or juvenile for their taste, here is a version of it that oozes nothing but class and edgy sophistication. The top portion of hair has been elegantly slicked back. The sides feature a silky tapering razor fade that has been accented by a curving side part.

# 3 The Suave Modern Man

While it still bears a lot of the effortless class associated with slicked haircuts, this look integrates a few edgy touches to give it an undeniably unique finish. Pairing the neatly slicked back hair on top with razor faded sides and a full beard creates a stylish crossover of two looks from different generations.

# 4 Crisp Slick Back with Diagonal Part

Giving your hair a distinct hard part is a great way to set the ball rolling in terms of classing up your look. However, you can turn things up a notch higher by going for a diagonal part instead of a straight one. Finally, it will give the look a stylishly asymmetrical finish.

# 5 Messy Pompadour with Taper Fade

For longer hair, a more voluminous pompadour will always look better especially if you give the locks some slight tousling to add some messy texture to the hair. A medium taper fade serves to create a wonderful gradient effect for the hair. In addition, it’s causing a voguish disconnect between the hair and the well-groomed scruffy beard.

# 6 Classic Slick Back

Blending your hair with your facial hair is one of the best ways to give your face some stylish natural contours. This look comprises of an elegantly styled top portion of hair that is distinguished using a solid side part. The sides have been tapered into a buzz which also blends wonderfully with the sideburns and the light stubbly beard that frames the face.

# 7 Slick Back with Crisp Line-Up

One of the most stylish slicked hairstyles you can rock involves giving the classic look a modern finish to make it truly outstanding. Here, we see how well the neatly slicked back hair on top combines with the high taper fade. Furthermore, it ends in a stylish disconnect between the beard and the hair.

# 8 Wavy Pompadour with Hard Part

For those who have a bit more length to work with, you should always go for texture as this makes the look have more character and style. In this example, layering the glossy black locks has resulted in some wonderful texture which contrasts well with the buzzed sides.

# 9 Flamboyant Pompadour

Volume remains the best way to go when it comes to making your hair stand out from the crowd. The sleekly styled top features a wonderful length that allows it to be styled into mellow waves. Down the sides, an artistic razor fade creates the perfect canvas for embellishments such as the snaky side part that cuts across one side of the head.

# 10 Untainted Slick Back with Full Beard

For the gentleman who prefers to keep things simple but classy, this untainted version of the slick back hairdo carries just the right balance of sophistication and masculinity. A natural hairline, smoothly slicked back locks and a full, relatively rugged beard make the look effortlessly suave.

# 11 Trim Pompadour

If you fancy a more audacious look, going for more length at the top is a great slicked hairstyle idea. It allows you to give the look a more dramatic shape. The locks at the top are accented by moderately shortened sides and a relatively untouched hairline.

# 12 The Bearded Gentleman

A nice compromise between suave and eclectic can be achieved by giving your hair a neat classy finish. And in addition, let your facial hair grow a bit wilder and more voluminous. A low taper fade blends the smooth locks on top with the thick full beard.

# 13 Clean and Classy

For the men who prefer something a bit more low-key, here is a look that will let you keep a low profile while at the same time class up your look significantly. The slicked back hair on top features a marvelous volume that is fairly consistent all through the back. The taper fade is almost unnoticeable as it rides right on the edges of the temples, shortening the hair just enough for it to blend in with the thick sideburns and the patchy beard.

# 14 Boyish Pompadour with Stubble

Creating wild contrasts is all a matter of how you make use of the length of your hair. Here, the top features thick, calmly styled locks that carry some stylish volume and smooth texture. A medium taper fade shortens the thick mane to a razor fade before tapering it into a smooth bald fade just above the ear. The stubble serves to slightly take the boyish edge off the look.

# 15 Full Slick Back with Abrupt Disconnect

Instead of gradually building up to the beard disconnection, this look features no fading or tapering at all. Its main appeal lies in the way the thick, neatly slicked back portion of hair on top suddenly morphs into a patchy rugged beard at the bottom. It is only accentuated by a random disconnection at the cheeks.

# 16 Layers and Length

As stylish as taper fades are, nothing beats the allure of classically styled slicked hairstyle that has been layered to create more volume and also to give it a less conservative texture. Paired with a clean-shaven face, the main appeal of this look lies in the full length of the hair, which is kept relatively even all around the head.

# 17 Sophisticated Finger Wave

Not many men are capable of rocking a classic finger wave hairdo perfectly. It works best on hair that is at least medium-length. The smooth glossy curls on top are certainly the center of focus while the sides, although not tapered in any way, have been styled flat to accentuate the locks on top as much as possible.

# 18 Textured Slick Back with Scruffy Beard

Despite being a playful look, this slicked back hair idea carries no less sophistication or style than the rest. It features a voluminous top that boasts of a lot of texture which you can obtain using a texturizing product. Faintly faded temples pave way for a scruffy beard joined by light sideburns.

# 19 Square Cut Slick Back

Nothing beats a full square cut top when you are aiming for a more masculine or commanding look. Giving the top more volume makes it easier to sweep back and also to style it in ways that will hold the hair for a longer period of time.

# 20 Thick Pompadour with Balanced Low Taper

Everyone looks good with a low, well balanced taper fade that thins the hairline just above the ears and goes evenly around the head. Combined with the thick, slicked-back locks on the top, the shape and the textural contrast create finishes that are hard to look away from. Definitely, the classe shape!

# 21 Dapper Pompadour

If you happen to be crazy about clean finishes, here is something that will get you all riled up. This elegant pompadour has been made even neater by the medium bald fade that features a fainter taper. Add more distinct contrast between the thick top and the skin-faded area just above the ear.

# 22 Slick Back with Handlebar Moustache

While not everyone’s cup of tea, this undeniably hipster look tries to merge the effortlessly sleek slicked back portion of hair on top with the wild and rugged beard. It  has been accentuated by a vintage handlebar moustache. A razor fade has been used to combine the two aspects, resulting in a completely unique look.

# 23 Flawless Slick Back with Razor Fade

Another great way to personalize a slicked hairstyle would be to involve one or two modern aspects such as the distinct hard part in this look and the smooth, gradually tapering razor fade. The top boasts of wonderfully voluminous hair that features impeccable styling. It has been accented by the taper faded sides and a distinguishing hard part on one side of the head.

# 24 Calm Pompadour

First of all, most pompadour hairstyles boast of flashy effects and volumes. This version embodies simplicity without sacrificing any of the classy sophistication of the pompadour hairstyle. The notable lack of a crisp line-up and the distinct temple fade give the look some class. It will make everyone do a double-take on your hairstyle.

# 25 Wild and Rugged

Although the focus of this look is arguably the beard, you can achieve the same level of sophistication with a clean, slicked back finish. In addition, it will give your hair that fresh and classy gentlemanly touch of style. Lots of length gives more room to play around with the texture while a slight shortening at the temples will give the look the definition it requires.

Slicked hairstyles are the perfect examples of how style never really dies. The best part is that there are endless ways in which you can create a look that distinctly matches your personality.

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