40 Kaleidoscopic Hair Color Ideas – Fashionable Looks To Try

Are you stuck in a color rut? Have you been wearing the same shade for quite some time now? Then it’s time for a change! Trying out a new color is a great way to spice up a new hairstyle and give you a boost. Don’t think they you are confined to blondes and browns only – try out the merman trend with blues, greens, and purples or the watercolor look with light pastel shades. If you want something edgier – burst out in vivid yellows, reds, and oranges. Even pink and purple are on the cards. Basically, let your imagination loose! Here are some top hair color ideas to get you started:

# 1 Gray and Ash Blonde Ombre

This model is wearing a tapered undercut that fades to bare skin along the sides and at the back. The center section of hair is colored with a gray and ash blonde ombre. To style, the locks were curled and teased to create soft texture.

# 2 Vanilla Beige Sweep

Here the stylist used an all over color with vanilla beige blonde over dark shadow roots. There’s a fade on the sides and the long hair on top was styled to fall loosely to the side.

# 3 Choppy Coral Style

Coral is the next big color sensation and it can be worn by guys or girls. In this picture, the model is rocking a choppy short hairstyle colored with a coral shade that has metallic undertones.

# 4 Slicked Back With Honey Blonde Streaks

We love the clean lines of this look and the subtle, yet highly effective use of color. His base shade is a rich rosewood brown to which the stylist added thin honey blonde highlights.

# 5 Hints of Pink

At first, this gentleman’s hair seems to be a bright blonde color, but if you look at little closer you can actually see that this shade has a soft pink undertone.

# 6 Eccentric Gray Style

Here the stylist has added thick layers of dove and steel gray highlights to this model’s naturally black hair. The hair was snipped into an undercut style with the long hair down the center dipping into the neckline.

# 7 Metallic Trend

Metallics are big news in hair color so why not get in on it now? Ask your stylist for color like this! A blend of light ash blonde and metallic gray cut into a layered and textured undercut style.

# 8 Brunette Pompadour

This model’s locks have a Havana brown base color with well placed deep caramel shaded highlights. These mimic the look of the hair catching the light and are accentuated by the neat brushed back style.

# 9 Bright Retro Twist

Check out those clean lines over the neck and the retro 90’s duck tail. This stylist has taken this funky look to the next level by coloring the hair an eye-catching metallic amber orange on top.

# 10 Messy Beach Look

This model’s hair is shaved bald high around the sides with long straight locks down the center. The stylist used beach blonde streaks over a sable brown base color to create an easy seaside feel.

# 11 Blue Wave

To the side of this model’s hard parting, the hair has been styled into a pompadour-inspired rise. These locks were colored with a mixture of turquoise and ocean blue.

# 12 Sun Rise

This model has a medium brown base color with a fade on the side. The hair that is brushed up and forward was skillfully colored with coral and butterfly orange that mimics a sunrise.

# 13 Messy Mossy

Wow- what a unique shade! This model is sporting a medium length messy hairstyle that was colored with an all over mossy yellow shade.

# 14 Gray Gleam

To create this dynamic look the stylist combined dark browns and shades of gray together with streaks of royal purple and dark ash gray.

# 15 Blue Swirl

This model is rocking a colorful crop of hair on top with the sides of the head shorn cleanly. The stylist used a blend of cornflower blue, indigo and aquamarine to create a dimensional look.

# 16 Vibrant Smoky Pastel

For this look, the model’s hair has been colored with a medium pastel lavender shade that is slightly darker at the roots and sides. The choppy scissor cut texture is the perfect compliment for this bold color choice.

# 17 Neon Greens

Ask your stylist about mixing Pravana Vivids and Neons to create one of a kind looks like this. The hair down the center of this model’s head is longer with an edgy fade along the sides. The base color is a cola black with streaks of electric and bright apple green painted in.

# 18 Edgy Pink Splash

Bright fuchsia pink is an incredible shade and in this example, it goes together well with the slightly offbeat edgy hairstyle. This model is wearing a low side hard line within the fade on the sides, with a disconnected parting followed by the spray of brushed up locks.

# 19 Cheeky Champagne Style

We love this playful take on the bowl-shaped haircut that incorporates a straight cut line in front. The stylist used all over color for this model in a fun champagne blonde shade.

# 20 Rainbow Comb Over

Take your comb over and give it a makeover! Rock the rainbow hair trend with a blend of colors like this model. His stylist used streaks of true purple, fuchsia, yellow, coral, sea green, and aquamarine to create this striking style.

# 21 #pinkhairdontcare

This model’s hair starts with a dark chocolate brown base color that was blended into pastel orange and glossy berry pink. He’s wearing his hair with a temple fade, brushed forward from the crown.

# 22 Sleek Sun Kissed Look

In this picture the model’s medium nut brown hair was transformed into a glimmering sun-kissed style with a disconnected parting, a deep comb over and streaks of golden highlights.

# 23 Frosty Gray With Silver

The center section of hair is the longest here and was colored a frosty light gray with a splash of silvery color along the edges. The hair was cut and styled in a neatly tapered look.

# 24 Handsome Shades Of Brown

To the one side of this model’s high hard line parting we see an elegant bald fade while the longer brushed over section shows off handsome browns in rosewood, chestnut, and sandy shades.

# 25 Ash Splash

This model is wearing a dark espresso brown color on his neatly sleeked back, layer cut locks. Just over the forehead, the stylist added a splash of ashy sunflower blonde which keeps this look from being too serious.

# 26 Paint it Red

Red is a great color for edgy styles. In this example, the stylist used a vivid ruby color to highlight the model’s midnight black locks.

# 27 High Fade With Muted Blondes

Don’t you love the high clean fade of this model’s style? The color is also quite different – the stylist has carefully painted in a host of thin vanilla, light beige, and gray blonde highlights to create this smooth finish.

# 28 Plum in Pastel

The placement of these light and dark pastel plum highlights draw attention to the choppy layered texture of this look. The stylist used jet black around the sides, with dark to light plum color on top, that ends with a scattering of beige blonde highlights.

# 29 Merman Hair

The darker hair along the sides in this look provides excellent contrast for the blend of blues used down the long center locks. We can see sea green, aquamarine, and Caribbean blue all shaded together with few true purple streaks over the forehead.

# 30 Turquoise Faux Hawk

For hair that will definitely get you noticed try a blend of greens. This model is wearing an edgy look with high shaved sides and a faux hawk colored in a palette of aquamarine, turquoise, and mossy yellow.

# 31 Purple Curls With Fade

This model is wearing a neat fade, with long curly hair brushed forward from the crown. The stylist used a vibrant and rich purple shade with a splash of blue-violet on the side.

# 32 Big Dipper

This model’s hair has been swept up from the forehead and styled to fall naturally down the side. Within this sexy sweep of hair, we see a blend of brunette and tawny blonde shades.

# 33 Milk Chocolate Layers

For this look the base color is a smooth walnut brown which is followed by a warm milk chocolate shade. The model has a neat bald fade on the sides with styled layers on top.

# 34 Steel Hair

Deep metallic color brings dimensional to this model’s short locks. He’s wearing his fade style with brushed back hair, saturated with steel gray and ash gray-blonde.

# 35 Beach Blonde Highlights

For this look, beach blonde streaks of color have been applied to the model’s shoulder length dark rosewood locks. He’s wearing it with a deep brush over that flips the hair against his cheek.

# 36 One Of A Kind Color

Incredible color work! This model’s chunky layered cut is a riot of hazelnut brown, dark golden blonde, and olive green, with bursts of dark walnut brown and frost gray on the edges.

# 37 Bowie-Inspired Hair With Color Splash

This model is sporting short sides with long hair on top, graded long to short from front to back. This section of hair has been colored a deep maroon shade with a streak of platinum blonde on top.

# 38 Water Color

Watercolor anything is hot right now – including hair! This model is right on trend – he’s wearing a soft dove gray base color with thin streaks of pastel colors such as yellow, lavender, orange, and green.

# 39 Brunette and Green Duo

This model is wearing deep brown locks on the sides with layers of chocolate brown radiating out from the crown. The front section is brushed up and is colored with a mixture of light butter yellow and foamy green.

# 40 Color Dip

The color dip trend is not confined to the ladies! Gents can also wear a splash of color either at the back or along the fringe like this model. He’s wearing bright apple over his French espresso shaded base color.

The color of your hair says a lot about you – how confident you are and what your style is. Choosing bright bold colors is great for jazzing up a look but don’t be afraid to try other looks like pastels or gray tones. There are so many hair colors for men out there so look around. Go for full color or just a splash – any color will always make you feel brighter!

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