30 Timeless David Beckham Hair Designs – Follow The Legend

David Beckham hair is almost as much talked about as his very successful soccer career. And this is because it is hard to think of one hairdo that did not look good on him. Whether he is shaving his head bald or wearing one of his characteristic long top and short sides design Beckham always looks stylish and trendy. If you are thinking of replicating one of his great hairstyles here is a picture gallery of 30 of them that can be your starting point.

# 1 Sleek Pompadour

Beckham has always had a soft spot for classic pompadours and they are probably one of his favorite hairdos. In this design, he has a straightforward and sleek one with a side part and tapered sides.

# 2 Extra-High with Side Part

Here is another version of his pompadours and it entails giving the long locks on the crown some extra height and giving them a slight wave. He also has a side part and the rest of the strands are also side swept.

# 3 Wavy and Simple Bangs

The long top and short sides are characteristic of most David Beckham hair designs. However, this one looks different because he has some textured bangs on the crown that he styles by giving them a lift and a soft side part to create a disconnection with the tapered sides.

# 4 Easy and Wavy Locks

In this style, David Beckham has full facial hair, and he creates an easy hairdo to complement it. It entails chopping the sides short, forming a side part and leaving some upswept wavy locks on the crown.

# 5 The Buzz Cut

Beckham can look good with any hairdo and this is regardless of the length. This style proves this and he chops his strands very short into a simple but stylish buzz cut.

# 6 The Rugged Look

This hairstyle is one of those that make him look like he just jumped out of bed and did not make any attempt to style his hair. However, it is still a chic design that involves sweeping back his medium size hair and running fingers through it to create a rugged look.

# 7 Chic Pomp and Fade

This chic hairdo entails giving the classic pompadour a modern touch by chopping the sides short. The only other thing and probably the most important is to give the short sides of the pompadour a beautiful skin fade.

# 8 Short Upswept Spikes

These short spikes have a gorgeous natural looking brown shade, and they make Beckham look very stylish. They are only at the top section where he gives them a slight lift and finishes the look by chopping the sides short.

# 9 Medium Size Ponytail

This headdress is from his days at Manchester United when he would keep a longer mane most of the times. Here he has a medium size hair that he styles by pulling it to the center of the head and tying with a band to create a simple ponytail.

# 10 Side Swept Bangs

Textured hair also works for Beckham and this style proves this. Here he has some medium size textured bangs that he designs with a slight lift and by side sweeping them to create an adorable look.

# 11 Back Sweeping and Tapering Perfection

This style might look very complicated but it is as easy as it can get. It entails chopping the hair to a few inches at the top, forming a side part and tapering the sides. The last step is to style it by sweeping back the strands on the crown.

# 12 Delightful Slick Back

If you have a symmetrical face shape and a lovely natural hair you can wear a chic hairdo like this one. To replicate this David Beckham hair design you will only need to taper the sides while leaving a long mane at the top that you should style with a slick back.

# 13 Masculine and Silky Side Sweep

A beautiful natural hair always makes styling easy. In this style, he chops the sides to about an inch and maintains a long silky hair on the crown that he designs with a cute side sweep.

# 14 Messy Thick Mane

The volume and texture of these locks are splendid, and if you also have such hair, you do not have to do much to create a trendy design. Here an excellent trim for some uniformity and making the full mane messy is all the styling that Beckham needs.

# 15 Gentleman’s Sweep Back

This swept back design can also qualify to be a pompadour. It involves making the sides short and leaving a thick mane at the center of the head that finishes the style with a simple sweep back.

# 16 Face Framing Bangs

This style is also from David’s Manchester years when he was still very young. It is a sassy design that entails creating a center part and using it to sweep the locks into a cute face framing style.

# 17 Short and Edgy Cut

Most celebrities prefer to experiment with different styles and Beckham is not an exception. In this design, he tries out an edgy cut that involves leaving a textured and messy top while making the sides short and using a side part to disconnect the two levels of hair.

# 18 Textured Back Swept Locks

The texture of these medium size locks is top notch and if you can replicate it you will look magnificent. Apart from this the locks also have an excellent hold that comes from the use of pomade, and you should style by sweeping them back.

# 19 Spiky and Messy

To replicate this fancy headdress you should trim your strands short on the sides by tapering them and leaving some textured and spiky ones at the top. You should them make the top spiky locks messy to complete the design.

# 20 High and Angled Pompadour

A vintage pompadour like this one will make any man look charming. Beckham spices it up by giving it a slight angle and by tapering the sides to make them short.

# 21 Gelled and Slicked Back

Gel makes all the difference in this hairdo because it makes the strands very smooth. The strands are long on top and short on the sides and brushing them back smoothly is all the styling required.

# 22 Classic Man Appearance

This style is what every classic gentleman should wear and it is also not hard to achieve. It requires leaving some long locks on the crown, forming a side part and then brushing the strands to the sides smoothly.

# 23 Cool and Effortless Quiff

It is amazing how David makes his hairstyles look effortless. In this design he has an extra high quiff with short sides and any man with a long and thick mane can replicate this funky haircut effortlessly.

# 24 Blondie Crew Cut

This perfect cut is another proof that he can look elegant with any length. In this style, he has a blonde hair that he chops into a short crew cut that is uniform in length throughout the head.

# 25 Manly Half Up Design

Half up styles can also work for men, and this headdress is a perfect example of this. The design sections the hair into two and you should tie the top part into a small bun and leave the rest of the strands hanging freely.

# 26 Shaggy and Spiky Mane

Any man that wants to copy this hairstyle will first need to chop his mane into some short spiky locks. The next and last step is to use your fingers to make it messy and sweep the ones on the crown frontwards slightly.

# 27 Fresh Textured Spikes

Beckham does not seem to have enough of spiky locks and he is always trying different styles with them. The ones on this design have an excellent texture and Beckham styles by sweeping the top ones frontwards and the rest to the sides.

# 28 Natural Looking Front Swept Bangs

The natural texture of these locks is splendid and with such hair type a simple font sweep will make you look extra cute. David also has some skillful tapering on the sides that connects the hairs on the head with those on the face.

# 29 Floppy Top and Short Sides

The traditional long top and short sides will always give a man many styling options. In this style, David only has to sweep the top locks up and make them messy to create a refined appearance.

# 30 Comb Over with Tapered Sides

Comb overs are very stylish and the one on this polished design entails sweeping some long and textured bangs to the sides and spicing them up with subtle tapering on the sides. The natural color of the hair and volume also enhance the design.

If the past trend is anything to go by, David Beckham hair is still going to be a topic of debate amongst his fans for many years to come. And as the years go by he will probably come up with more creative styles. However, if you are interested in trying out one of his looks the 30 styles above will give you enough ideas on what you can wear.

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