30 Newest Buzz Cut Hairstyle Ideas – Going Clean and Stylish

Buzz cut is a type of haircut that sports short hair cut very close to the scalp. It is a popular hairstyle that has been embraced by many since the invention of electric clippers. Buzz haircut comes in many different styles ranging from crew cut, ivy league, butch cut, to the famous flattop. Below are 30 examples you can experiment with to make your face look more defined.

# 1 Natural Hair Buzz Cut

Get that sexy look without altering your natural hair texture. Give it a short buzz haircut without compromising the natural hairline. And there you have it – a pretty cool haircut free from any hair products.

# 2 Mid Bald Fade

Go for a wavy textured top styled into a pompadour. Let it drop to a buzz cut that transitions sharply into a low bald fade. Finish with a curved signature line that cuts through the buzzed hair.

# 3 Curly Pomp Taper

Curls look great and it would be an excellent idea to incorporate it into your buzz haircut. Give your hair a hard part and style the top into a curly, textured pompadour. Let it drop to a tapered buzzed hair that ends in a low skin fade.

# 4 Extended Wavy Mohawk

Most people are used to a short Mohawk that terminates at the nape. Look unique by giving your wavy Mohawk plenty of length that rests over the back. Finish by giving it the freshness of buzzed sides.

# 5 Creative Sharp Fade

Give your short hair the elegance of textured waves that adorn the top. Let it drop to a buzzed blurry fade that changes sharply to a high skin fade.

# 6 Classic Bald

Not everyone feels at home with hair on their head. And if you’re one of them, go for a bald buzzed hair that creates that clean, fresh look.

# 7 Blurry Top

Create some contrast in your buzz haircut. Give the top that blurry buzzed finish to complement the short buzzed sides and back.

# 8 Signature Buzz Haircut

Get some trendy look by giving your short Mohawk a medium buzz with a well-defined hairline. Give the buzzed sides the elegance of an artistic signature line and let it drop to a low skin fade.

# 9 Short, Textured Buzzed Hair

Some little texturing goes a long way in bringing out the best in your buzzed hair. Give it some texture and finish with a short, uniform buzz haircut.

# 10 Finger Wave Elegance

Turn your short buzz haircut into a special occasion stunner. Leave the top longer and give it a side flip. Using your finger, style it into beautiful finger waves that overlap the buzzed side in style.

# 11 High Skin Fade

Give your textured hair a buzzed look at the top. Finish with a high skin fade that disconnects the beard in style. Ask for a skilful line up also.

# 12 Sloppy Pomp Style

Style the top into a high pompadour to create the illusion of a Mohawk. Using a hair clipper, give the sides a short buzz haircut that ends into a low skin fade. Wrap everything up by sporting a tapered low fade at the back.

# 13 Temp Fade

Your fade haircut doesn’t have to be that pronounced. Just keep it low at the temple for that pretty cool beard connection. Give the rest of the hair a short buzz cut that makes for a neat, clean finish.

# 14 Artistic Fade

This natural black hair sports a short buzz haircut that drops to a mid skin fade. One of the faded sides is given the dramatic look of wavy, artistic signature lines that create that sexy, irresistible look.

# 15 Signature Dapper Haircut

Grab some attention with a dapper haircut that sports medium buzzed hair at the back and high fade sides. Add some drama at the nape with a “V” shaped signature line.

# 16 Voluptuous Dapper Cut

Texture the top and style it into waves to create more visual volume. Give the sides and back a buzzed cut that ends in a low bald fade.

# 17 Precise Work of Art

Flaunt your buzzed hair with precise lines that sit just above the occipital bone. Create some contrast with a thick, curly top that sports a hair clip to keep it secure and in great shape.

# 18 Quiff Tapered Pompadour

Add some classic twist to your hair by sporting a quiff pompadour that drops to a tapered buzzed hair. Obtain a fresh look by finishing with a low skin fade that extends to the nape.

# 19 Creative Artistic Buzz Cut

Give your hair a uniform, buzzed haircut. Carve it into creative artistic presentations to add some flavor and fun to the haircut.

# 20 Tapered Low Skin Fade

Beat the heat with a medium buzz haircut that ends in a low skin fade. And in case you’ve got some thick beard, give it a tapered cut just below the cheek to embrace the day in style.

# 21 Knotted Slick Back

Get that streamlined look with a slicked back top tied into a knot. Finish with a high skin fade that displays the stylish comb part.

# 22 Signature Temp Fade

Go for a military style buzz haircut for that simple yet cute look. Add some sophistication with a “U” shaped signature line at the top. Complete the haircut in a temp fade for that sexy look.

# 23 Top Bun

Pull up your long top into a high bun. Give it a smooth transition into buzzed sides and back. Keep everything neat and clean with a low skin fade.

# 24 Multi Fade Bun Hairstyle

Grab the long top and pull it back into a high bun. Finish with multiple fades sported at the sides and beard. What you get is a stunner haircut that will definitely make heads turn.

# 25 Fresh High Bald Fade

Go simple and get the convenience of easy maintenance with a high bald fade. Give it the neatness of a short, buzzed top that is textured to upgrade your looks.

# 26 Spiky Messy Top

Cut your wavy, textured hair to create that messy yet cool spiky top. Give it a stylish forward flip and finish with short buzzed sides.

# 27 High Taper on Top

Let your hair stand out in the elegance of a finger wave top. Give it a high taper 6 on top and let it end in a clean temp fade.

# 28 Iconic Bald Style

Go for a gleaming shaved scalp for that iconic look. Extend the bald cut down to the chin, where it transitions into a tapered beard.

# 29 Signature Medium Buzz Cut

Instead of shaving it down to the skin, give your hair some manageable length with a medium buzz haircut that ends in a low tapered fade. Create some artistic signature lines to add a funky look in your haircut.

# 30 Medium Low Drop

Give your hair a classic short slash that sports a medium low drop. Create a curved, low signature line to spice up the whole look.

So as you can see this haircut vary from  classy to creative. If you are a soldier or mariner – try a more reserved look, but if you have no restrictions your imagination is not limited.

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