55 Spectacular Faux Hawk Fade Ideas – The Ways to Rock Your Hair

Faux hawk fade haircuts are hands down the edgiest and most stylish hairstyles for men with a taste for flashy looks. Borrowing slightly from punk-themed hairstyles, these haircuts combine the edgy appeal of the Mohawk with the flashy taper fades and hard parts we’re used to seeing on classic men’s hairdos such as the Gatsby and slicked back haircuts.

There is little else to say about these hugely popular haircuts except that they come with incredible personalization potential and rarely lack the wow factor when done right. If you’re looking to step up your hair game dramatically, herein are 25 stylish examples to give you some inspiration.

# 1 Wavy Pompadour with Faux Hawk

Bold from start to finish, here is a look that exudes boldness and confident style. From the thick, wavy curls that end in a bouncy forelock to the smoothly razor-faded sides and crisp hard part, the look carries a modernistic punk rock appeal that oozes youthfulness and sophistication.

# 2 Spiky Faded Mohawk

For those who find the full Mohawk a bit too outlandish or bold for their taste, focusing the length of the hair towards the front results in a more low-key style that just as sexy as the original Mohawk. This example embodies both the classic rocker-themed look with a hint of street style added by the middle taper fade at the sides and back of the head.

# 3 The Fohawk

While the fohawk is a look that is rapidly gaining popularity among both young men and women, the hairstyle requires quite a bit of hair so it’s not easy to replicate on short or even middle-length hair. This example features a thick, wavy Mohawk ending just above the back of the head. A hard part at the side sets a clearer distinction between the wavy locks on top and the cool taper fade at the sides.

# 4 Razor Faded Faux Hawk

Short to middle length hair does have its advantages. As we can see here, it turns out nice and spiky when given a choppy finish with a bit of tousling. The wild texture contrasts stylishly with the neatly faded sides that shape the faux hawk haircut.

# 5 Curly Golden Faux Hawk

Aside from the color, the other aspect of this haircut that makes it so stylish is the way the fluffy blonde curls blend with the crisply lined up dark fade that surrounds it. Paired with the full stubble, the look is elegantly balanced and sophisticated.

# 6 Front-Tilted Pompadour

To ramp up the edginess of your pompadour hairstyle, focus the length and volume towards the front. Give it a fluffy textured finish to create more depth and dimension to the look. The smoothly tapering razor fades at the sides gradually transitions the thick hair at the top into skin to create stylish contrasts.

# 7 Wild Faux Hawk

If you’re aiming for something a bit more boyish, try this wildly textured faux hawk fade. The thick layered locks on top feature an edgy, windswept finish that is great for depth and volume. A high taper fade smoothly blends the thick locks with the trimmed sides.

# 8 Hippie Haircut

As you would expect from any hairstyle borrowed from the flamboyant hipster lifestyle, this look is an absolute stunner. The sexy bed head top features stylishly textured locks full of volume and a few curly tresses falling over the forehead. Adding crisp middle fade and stubbly beard help to make the haircut less androgynous and more manly.

# 9 Neat and Crisp

If you are worried about looking too eccentric, you can tame the look using a few crisp line-ups and a middle-length quiff. From top to bottom, this look exudes distinguished neatness and sophistication with just the right amount of edginess added on by the wavy texture of the hair on top and the crisp hard part at the side.

# 10 Boyish Faux Hawk Fade

The best part about faux hawk haircuts is that literally any length of hair will work. As shown in this example, all you need to do is to accompany it with the right fade to properly frame and accentuate the centerpiece, which is the hair on top. To embellish the hairstyle further, blonde highlights have been used to make the spiky locks stand out even more. A side part marks the beginning of a smooth taper fade.

# 11 Modernistic Faux Hawk

If normal haircuts lack the style factor you’re looking for, here is one version of the faux hawk haircut you just cannot say no to. The look is stylishly wild from start to finish. From the thick, layered locks on top with a lustrous copper tint to the edgy lightning-shaped side part cutting across the faded sides, the haircut carries a unique futuristic edge.

# 12 Sleek Pompadour with High Fade

Oozing nothing but class and sophistication, this is one of the few faux hawk fades that can seamlessly blend in with formal attires. The ravishing haircut features an intricately styled top with superb volume and an irresistibly glossy ebony finish. A crisp line-up and a smooth razor fade finish the look with a bang.

# 13 Thick Spiky Top

Spiky locks and fades will always look good together due to the stylish contrast created when two or more differently textured hair types are seamlessly blended together by a cool fade. In this example, the volume has been focused on the top where the locks have been stylishly layered to give the look more depth and flashiness.

# 14 Curls and Fades

Nothing quite compared to a properly done faded Mohawk. However, this example takes it to the next level by combining the smoothly trimmed sides with soft, flowing curls that spill over the forehead in a sexy forelock. The contrast created is powerful, sleek and impossible to look away from.

# 15 Skin Faded Trim

Even if your hair is not your best feature, you can go for a simple faux hawk fade to give it some style in order to match the rest of your look. In this example, the smooth bald fade has been used to create a stylish disconnect between the dark, choppy hair and the huge grizzly beard below.

# 16 Classic Pompadour with Fade

For those of us who prefer laid back “cool guy” looks that are effortlessly stylish without being overly flashy or eccentric, here is the perfect haircut. The middle length hair has been styled into a slick, moderately flashy pompadour at the top with a slightly wild texture. Neatly faded sides have been used to shape up the simple yet classy haircut.

# 17 Flamboyant Twisted Faux Hawk

It goes without saying that haircuts like this stylish faux hawk require an equally bold fashion taste. The audacious faux hawk features two thick sections of hair that have been twisted, leaving only short, curly forelocks spilling over the forehead. The glossy locks have been framed by an even razor fade, which helps to enforce the loud contrast created by the two sections of hair.

# 18 Faintly Faded Curly Faux Hawk

As far as fades go, the fainter and less noticeable the taper is, the more sophisticated the finish. Turning an okay look into an irresistibly stylish haircut is all a matter of using the right fade to embellish the hair on top. In addition to a faint temple fade, the hard side part helps to makes this haircut far from basic or ordinary.

# 19 Spiky Pompadour with Low Fade

In this revamped version of the classic pompadour hairstyle, we see just how much a spiky texture can turn a near-generic look into a tasteful, runway-ready haircut. The thick spiky locks are no doubt the center piece of this look. A skin fade just above the ears helps to drastically accentuate the wild hairstyle.

# 20 Faded Pomade Haircut

If you thought that the days of pomade hairstyles were over, you would be wrong. Here we see an expertly pulled off crossover of a vintage pomade-styled hair paired with a flawless, deep skin fade. Not only does it focus all the attention to the slick, neatly styled hair on top, it also results in a cool disconnection between the hair and the light beard.

# 21 Youthful Faux Hawk

Although simple and not the most unique version of the faux hawk fade you will ever see, this haircut has its notable strengths. For one, the thick messy locks are easy to style and easier to maintain. A low skin fade gives it a high hairline which is good if you are going for something more noticeable.

# 22 Suave Pomade

While you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see the words “Mohawk” and “classy” in the same sentence, this example shows us how easy it is to turn your boyish faux hawk into something that belongs in a fitted suit. The pomade-slicked top has been accentuated by moderately trimmed sides and a faint part at the side.

# 23 Square Top Mohawk

Although this hairstyle gets its kick from the wide section of bleached hair that contrasts tastefully with the dark brown hair, the shape and fluffy texture of the thick quiff also plays a role. A taper fade blends the hair with the skin while a curling side part takes the style up a notch.

# 24 Untamed Curls with Smooth Taper Fade

Getting messy curls might not be the easiest thing to do. However, if your hair is naturally blessed with sexy bed head curls, fade the sides and define the hairline with a crisp line up. In addition to shaping up the look nicely. The contrast between the wavy curls and the faded sides is incredibly stylish.

# 25 Middle Fade

It is not easy to come up with a look that is both edgy and classy at the same time. While boasting thick, well-textured locks on top, the sides feature a smooth razor fade that runs evenly all around the head. The skin fade starts low enough to create a stylish disconnect between the beard and the hair.

# 26 Choppy Pompadour with Fade

When going for a shorter faux hawk fade, the more textured the finish, the better it will look. This edgy pompadour combines its cool, spiked up texture with flashy highlights and a smooth skin fade shaping the sides and back.

# 27 Bed head

The most eye-catching aspect of this flashy haircut is no doubt the length of the tousled quiff on top. Giving it the wildly tousled texture is great if you’re looking to give it more depth and an untamed finish. The fade starts out high and slowly tapers the hair at the sides and back

# 28 Feathery Silver Mohawk

This look closely resembles the classic Mohawk in almost every aspect. The feathery hair on top has been spiced up using some lustrous silver highlights which give it a punky finish. In addition to thinning out the hair towards the back for a sharper end, a smooth razor fade with artistic patterns has been used to cap off the edgy look.

# 29 Kinky Full Mohawk

Kinky hair is perfect for rugged, effortlessly stylish looks such as these. Leaving the thick voluminous hair on top untouched gives the look a stylishly rough and masculine appeal to match the full beard. The sides feature a faint taper fade with a sleek line-up shaping the temples and the front.

# 30 Lined Up Faux Hawk

From the side profile, it is easy to tell that the fade has been done right because the point where the hair fades out is marked by a straight line. The razor fade does a lot to add up the edginess of the look by framing the thick tousled locks and creating a distinct disconnect between the hair and the light full beard.

# 31 Side Swept Pompadour

Pairing a vintage side-swept pompadour with an edgy drop fade results in a look that is as classy as it is flashy. A hard part on the side marks the beginning of the stylishly asymmetrical fade. The copper touches on the thick locks give them a nice, Sun kissed finish.

# 32 Twist Curls with Fade

For a relatively neat, short-haired look, go for fluffy twisted curls instead of spiky locks. They are easier to style and also give your hair more volume and a cool, rugged texture. The middle fade has been focused directly above the ear where it disconnects the hair and the trim stubble on the cheeks.

# 33 Simple Curls

When going for a curly texture, try to keep the size of the curls relatively small in comparison to your hair. Bigger curls look more feminine on shorter hair and also affect the volume. The medium-length quiff in this example benefits from the mild curls which help to give it a more stylish texture and superb depth.

# 34 Faded Faux Hawk with Tight Curls

For kinky African hair, fading the front might be necessary if you want a crisply lined-up finish. Even though the curly hair on top runs all the way to the back, this haircut differs from a full punky Mohawk in the way the sides have only been slightly trimmed. The taper fade has been focused on the temples where the hair disconnects from the well-groomed beard.

# 35 Trendy Faux Hawk Fade

This runway-ready hairstyle might need your stylist to bring out their A-game. Perfect for short and medium-length hair, it features soft, wavy locks with a windswept finish on top. A hard part sets the quiff apart from the neatly combed hair on the sides that has been given a drastic bald taper fade that disconnects the beard from the hair.

# 36 Stormy Locks with Mid Fade

For a cool yet restrained finish, go for a middle fade as it is often more low key and classier than high fades. No matter how you style the hair on top, a taper fade such as this one will always make the look edgier.

# 37 Bouncy Curls with Fade

Although springy curls tend to look a bit feminine, using a snappish taper fade can help take off the girly edge and make the look more masculine. A tapering razor fade has been used to give this hairstyle a more distinct shape. The fade has been focused on the temples, leaving the back stylishly darkened by closely trimmed buzz.

# 38 Blowout Curls

Fades can be used to style up almost every look. While the glossy blowout curls give the look a softer, more voluminous appearance at the top, a smooth fade down the sides helps to shape up the haircut nicely. Going for a razor fade leaves you with plenty of room on the sides to throw in one or two edgy patterns.

# 39 Snappishly Faded Full Mohawk

Use a smooth razor fade with a bit of taper towards the edges to create a more interesting version of the classic Mohawk haircut. Fading the sides instead of cleanly shaving them results in a cleaner, more stylish finish.

# 40 Curls and Curves

There is no script when it comes to fading the sides and back. As such, you can go as low or as light as you want and still look good. Here we see how a light fade leaves a much darker buzz, which is great if you’re looking to spice things up with a few interesting patterns.

# 41 Short and Simple

The shorter your hair is, the shorter the buzz at the sides and back will have to be. Going for a skin fade helps to properly embellish the thick textured locks on top. The slight taper of the fade also creates a stylish transition from thick tousled locks to a smooth bald fade.

# 42 Straight and Curly

Combining two different types of textures in your hair can have irresistibly stylish results when done right. In this example, the quiff is smoother towards the back while the front features soft curly tresses which flow over the forehead stylishly. The fade at the sides is faint and focused on the temples where it helps to blend in the sideburns with the light stubble.

# 43 Full Mohawk with Clean Razor Fade

Regardless of how short your hair is, there are still some stylish Mohawk fade options you can go for. In this example, curling up the hair in the middle increases its volume. The tapering razor fade is light enough to leave a dark buzz that has been stylishly accentuated by a curving side part.

# 44 Bold Top with Fade

If you love rocking voluminous hairstyles, focus the length towards the front to pull off a stylish topknot hairstyle. Paired with the laid-back taper fade that merges the long locks on top with the trimmed bald fades sides that end in a beard disconnect, this haircut is effortlessly sexy.

# 45 Matte Spikes with Fade

A matte finish is great for texture and also for those of us with oily hair. The spiked locks get more depth and dimension from using a texture-enhancing matte finishing product. A basic taper fade on the sides and back evenly merges the spiky locks with the nicely groomed patchy beard.

# 46 Slicked Down Fade

To avoid taking off too much on the sides, slicking down your hair can shape up your look just as well as a full fade. To create an edgy disconnect between the beard and the hair, a side part and a smooth temple fade have also been used.

# 47 Wild Top with Clean Fade

If you opt for a relatively untamed top to show off your length and wild texture, cleaning up the sides with a snappy bald fade gives the look a more defined finish. Throw in a subtle under shave to create a mild but noticeable taper.

# 48 Kinky Knots

Instead of leaving a straight strip of hair down the middle of the head, faux hawk fades focus on trimming a bit off the sides. The top features kinky curls with blonde touches of color and a faint tapering fade at the sides which shape up the hairstyle.

# 49 Layered Faux Hawk

Layering the top helps to create a lot of volume and texture, especially if your hair is too short. This square-cut faux hawk fade features a tastefully low trim that ends in a skin fade just above the ear.

# 50 Neat Afro Faux Hawk

While rugged and kinky may look good, nothing compares to the effortless appeal of a well-done afro hairdo. The angled top has been neatly cut and framed by a fine taper fade at the sides. Adding the hard part is a nice touch as it marks the beginning of the taper and also makes the look more interesting.

# 51 Fluffy Spikes

Clean shaven sides are no longer the in thing when it comes to the Mohawk. A low fade leaves the sides dark enough to allow for a few patterns and line ups while taking off enough hair to shape the look.

# 52 Short and Choppy

Length doesn’t really matter when it comes to fading your hair down the sides and back. While retaining a stylishly choppy and slightly spiky texture at the top, the haircut in this example has been given a distinguishing fade down the sides and back to focus the length towards the top.

# 53 Short Pompadour

Going for a shorter pompadour haircut can also work if you shorten the sides and give the front enough length. The textured locks on top get wilder towards the back. While the fade is more intense behind the ear, just enough buzz has been left to connect the hair with the stubble.

# 54 Well-Arranged Faux Hawk

Tastefully done from top to bottom, this look oozes elegance and composure. The hair on top has been well cut and accentuated with a sleek, distinct hard part running across the side. The taper on the sides and back gradually fades the hair into the skin just above the ears.

# 55 Sleek Pompadour with Crisp Line-Up

In addition to the flawlessly styled hair on top, this hairstyle also features a crisply lined-up temple and front. Leaving a thicker, darker buzz allows you to get a more defined outlined. The fade is also perfectly executed to give the hair a gradually lightening appearance towards the ears.

Faux hawk fade haircuts are easy to pull off and have endless variations. Always consider the length of your hair as this will help you determine the type and extent of the fade you should go for. Spicing up the look is easy as you can hardly go wrong with a perfectly done cut.

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