25 Brilliant Justin Timberlake Haircut Ideas – Simple Yet Stylish

Haircuts are part and parcel of a sharp look. Celebrities often do amazing haircuts which are later copied by people fans and normal people alike across the world. Justin Timberlake is one artist who has a lot of influence with regard to haircuts and even fashion. Haircuts can be manly, stylish, simple, and even boyish just to mention a few. Here are some of Justin Timberlake’s amazing haircut ideas.

#1 The Simple Comb Back

This haircut just like the name suggests is pretty simple. A little trimming along the edges and a little hairspray allows the hair to naturally recline when combed backward. Probably the type of cut you would want if you want to pull off an official look without having to fully shave.

#2 Curly Short Hair

Now this one oozes style and glamor more than it oozes professionalism. The haircut entails curled hair that has been trimmed to perfect size. A trimmed beard comes in handy too as it complements the curls.

#3 Longer Curls with no Beard

In the early 2000’s everybody from boy bands to girls with moderately short hair was fond of this style. The haircut shaves off a little hair on the sides and back proportionally while leaving the one at the top of your head a little longer. Shaving your beard makes the haircut classy.

#4 Black Hair Official Cut

Justin pulls off a simple yet stunning haircut in this one by first fully shaving the beard. Short, dark, and lovely perhaps best describes this haircut. The haircut is simple and professional but can also fit well with any social activity.

#5 The Politician Cut

I call this haircut the politician look because it is pretty much what you will find on most politicians heads, well except for Obama. The haircut is classy entailing medium relaxed hair with a split on the left side. Perfect for corporate events.

#6 The Pull Back with a Beard

This is one of those haircuts that are authentic and will look good on just a select few. Perfect beard trimming and a little dig to the sides allows you to let the hair at the top of your head just relax when combed backward. Perfect for any occasion.

#7 Curly with a Small Beard

Another one for class and style. A very short beard compliments the short dark hair trimmed equally then left to fall. This haircut is perfect for dinners or evening parties as it wields that gentleman or better yet, grown man appeal.

#8 Dark Brown with a Beard

This is perhaps one of the haircuts that helped Justin Timberlake bring sexy back. A trim to the sides and dark brown dye for the long part of the hair helps it relax when pulled back. A short beard is a good compliment.

#9 Simple Trim with a Beard

This cut has a down to earth appeal and can surely get you smiles left, right and center. A complete trim around the head leaving the top and a small beard define this style. The short hair left at the top looks best when slightly unkempt.

#10 Natural Dark Brown Cut

This style does not require much shaving. It involves slightly dying your hair dark brown and combing it to the right side of the head. Make sure the hair at the top of your head is longer to pull this one off effectively.

#11 Brown Dyed with no Beard

One of those cuts that you don when attending a gala or a fashion event. A fully shaved beard balances the brown dyed hair with little precise trimming on the side. It is mature and can also be perfect for a corporate meeting.

#12 The Beckham Look

Admittedly, David Beckham is the guy known for this style but it also looks amazing on Justin. A low trim all around allows the hair at the top allowance lo lie in whatever direction, in this case, the right. A beard makes is look sexy and mature at the same time.

#13 Curly with no Beard

This is pretty much a normal haircut. Equal trimming all around the head makes the hair equal and smart but it is the lack of a beard that makes it stand out. Sideburns are a complimentary feature to this hairstyle.

#14 Dark and Relaxed

This look has elegance written all over it. It only entails a shaved beard, sideburns, and relaxed hair that is combed backward. It is perfect for corporate dinners or events.

#15 Curled and Relaxed

Perhaps one of those Justin Timberlake looks that will get ladies screaming. Slight trims to the side allow the curled hair to relax on your head to give that cool appeal. A very short beard works very well with this look.

#16 Dark, Relaxed with a Beard

This cut is similar to one mentioned above but there are only two differences. First, the hair on the side is trimmed a little and secondly, there is room for a beard. It is ideal for social events or lunch with the family.

#17 Curled and Dyed Throwback

This is one of Justin’s dazzling looks back in the day as a member of NSYNC. The top of the head has the tips of the hair on it dyed the curled then the sides are dyed totally black. This was back when Justin had no beard so not having a beard would complement this look.

#18 Laid Back with no Beard

This is that cool pop star look. Shave the mustache and the beard and properly trim your sideburns then give your hair a slight shade of brown before combing it backward. Ideal for the summer so some glasses would only be right.

#19 Full Top Curl

Just like the latter, this look is complimented by light shades but for the rainy season. Let the sides of your hair fall back as you fully curl it forward. This look is best complemented by a small beard and sideburns.

#20 Trimmed Sides with a Beard

Yet another look strictly for the grown and sexy. This haircut entails a slight trim on the sides to allow the hair at the top to be longer and the sideburns to connect to the beard. One of those looks that will have girls plotting on your girlfriend.

#21 Professional Black Cut

Speaking of girlfriends, this one too will surely appease her. This look has a very short beard, trimmed sideburns, and short well combed dark hair. Ideal for a dinner date or an evening out with someone special.

#22 Grown Man Cut

The reason this cut bears that name is simply because that is what it embodies. A shaved beard and short dark hair are basically what this look is all about. The short hair is what gives that professional and a grown appeal.

#23 Long Brown Dyed Cut

This cut is ideal for outdoor events such as charities or weddings. Dye the hair brown then trim your beard to a good size then comb the hair backward to allow it to fall. It is also a mature look that can pass in some corporate meetings.

#24 Full Curl with Small Beard

Exit sweet boy, enter bad boy. The hair is curled all over the head and so it freely falls to give that normal guy look. A very short beard comes in handy as a long one would just make the style look shaggy.

#25 Relaxed with Sideburns and a Short Beard

Another one strictly for the grown and sexy. It entails a short beard, trimmed sideburns, and equally trimmed hair. Since the hair is long, comb it to make sure you do not look like a confused sane man.

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