30 Faultless Asian Beard Styles – The Upscale Whiskers

The options are endless when it comes to the Asian beard styles because their whiskers have everything from perfect texture to color. Whereas some men prefer to keep their faces clean shaven with a thin mustache, others will prefer to go with hairy hipster looks. If you are contemplating about spicing up your whiskers here are some of these Asian styles that you can achieve effortlessly.

# 1 Full Face Curtain

This beard style is very familiar with Asian men who prefer to maintain long facial hair. It is a simple design that only requires leaving some long whiskers and brushing them into a full face curtain.

# 2 The Long Stubble

This look is what you get when you go for a couple of weeks without shaving your face. It is a long stubble style that maintains some uniform whiskers throughout the face.

# 3 Short Van Dyke

Although this is typical Van Dyke design with a mustache and goatee the fact that it keeps the strands short is what makes it look unique.

# 4 Old Dutch Look

Asian men also like to try some distinctive styles like this one. The design maintains some long whiskers connected to a mustache to create an appealing Old Dutch look.

# 5 Neat and Simple

The clean-shaven cheeks in this style help to make sure that all the attention remains on the short and straightforward mustache and chin beard which are the center pf attraction.

# 6 The Medium Stubble

The stubble is a full beard design that you can have in varying lengths, and this one is a medium size that you can achieve by going for a few days without shaving.

# 7 Untouched Whiskers

These whiskers will not require you to do anything much because you only need to maintain a natural medium length and a full beard.

# 8 Wavy and Unkempt Curtain

Here is another Asian beard design that entails keeping a full face curtain. But, it looks different from the regular chin curtains because the strands are wavy and they have an unkempt appearance.

# 9 Extra Short and Impeccable

This style maintains an extra short mustache and chin beard which combine to create an excellent look. Although you can still shave your whiskers to this level, the simplest way of wearing the style is leaving your clean shaven face untouched for a couple of days.

# 10 Classy Hipster Trim

Hipster beard looks are always very trendy, and this is why Asians love them. This particular one combines a goatee with a horseshoe mustache and a chin strap.

# 11 Handlebars and Full Face Whiskers

You will require a lot of endurance to wear this bearded look because you need to grow out your facial whiskers to a couple of inches. Once you have the long beard, you only need to pair it with handlebars and a soul patch for a classy look.

# 12 Easy and Uniform

An Asian man only needs to keep a smooth and uniform facial hair that connects to a mustache without any shape-up to get this relaxed look.

# 13 Short Stubble

Here is another stubble design but it keeps the whiskers short, and it is the look that a man gets a couple of days after a clean shave.

# 14 Full Asian Beard

Asian men have some lovely natural facial hair. And so, in most instances, they only need to let it grow out to get a beautiful look like this one.

# 15 Chin Strap Beard

This design is a chin strap that is growing out, but it also has a small patch of long whiskers on the chin, and it pairs with a thin mustache to create a simple but attractive appearance.

# 16 The Asian Van Dyke

This beard style is the Asian version of the Van Dyke. It combines the chin beard with a soul patch and a thin mustache, but unlike in the traditional style, the cheeks are not clean shaven.

# 17 Bushy Hipster Beard

A bushy hipster beard can work for any Asian man that is patient enough to grow out his whiskers. It requires keeping a long and thick beard and mustache and using a comb to fluff them out for a hairy appearance.

# 18 Effortless Stubble

This design might not look like much, but it is still quite adorable. However, the effortlessness is what makes it unique as it only entails leaving the whiskers to grow to a medium stubble length.

# 19 Extra-Long Chin Strap

Chinstrap beards are cute and stylish, but you can still spice them up by letting the whiskers grow out. And if you combine the style with a small soul patch and a mustache you will look fantastic.

# 20 Classic Full Beard

Whereas some men will only require a few weeks to grow out their facial hair to this full length, for others it might take months. But, there is nothing more that you will need for this look apart from leaving the hair to grow as long as possible.

# 21 Sassy Facial Hair

There is nothing unusual about this facial hair, but it still makes the man look sassy and chic. It is full with a horseshoe handlebar and soul patch but without any shape-up or trim so as to maintain a natural look.

# 22 Uniform Elegance

The dark tone of these whiskers is just one of the elements that make it unique. It is a full facial hair that maintains a perfect uniformity, and this is what makes this an elegant style.

# 23 The Horse Shoe Moustache and Viking Beard Combo

Horseshoe mustaches are always a perfect addition to any beard style. The one in this design pairs with a long and neat Viking-looking facial hair to create a fresh and unique style.

# 24 Buzzed Look

The buzzed look on this full beard is perfect for complementing the haircut, but it is also unique and hence ideal for men that want to stand out.

# 25 Sexy Circle Whiskers

The circle shape of these whiskers comes from a mustache that combines with a goatee with the rest of the face shaved to a medium stubble length.

# 26 Shaped-Up Strap

If you have a beautiful pompadour like this one, your Asian beard style should not draw attention away from it. A shaped up chin-strap like this one and a small mustache will be the excellent choice for you.

# 27 Smooth and Simple Van Dyke Design

It might not look like the retro design, but this style is a Van Dyke beard because it still combines a mustache with a goatee. However, the fact that it keeps them short and neat is what makes the design look different.

# 28 Thick and Long Retro Whiskers

The bald head in this look will make sure that all the attention is on the long and thick curtain beard that pairs with a horseshoe mustache to create an impressive retro look

# 29 The Faded Strap and Chin Beard

This chin strap beard has a subtle fading that connects it to the undercut haircut. The strap also transitions to a cute chin beard that pairs with a smooth mustache and soul patch to create an attractive appearance.

# 30 Impeccable Handlebars

The nice and thick handlebars are the highlight of this design, but they also pair with a full chin-strap to create a captivating and unique design.

Asian beard designs come in varying styles and sizes, but you can always be confident of a polished appearance regardless of what you choose. The gallery above showcases some impressive styles that any Asian man can try for a sexy appearance.

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