30 Drop Dead Gorgeous Zac Efron Hair Designs – Handsome Styles for Every Occasion

The ladies adore him and the men want to be him – we’re talking of course about the lovely Zac Efron. When it comes to hair Zac seems to stick with looks that suit him and while he doesn’t experiment that much there always subtle variations in his styles. His look has matured as he has, from longer neo-grunge looks when he was younger to handsome mid length styles now. Here are a few of our all-time favorite examples of Zac Efron hair.

# 1 Prep Perfect

Zac is rocking a prep school look. He’s wearing a medium fade on the sides, with a pompadour style lift off his forehead.

# 2 A Choppy Blend

It seems Zac can pull off both short and medium hairstyles – in fact just about any hairstyle! Here he’s wearing a medium blend on the sides with a brush over in front. The hair has a choppy cut, which provides a little spiky texture.

# 3 Fade To Zac

Zac is wearing a step fade style in this shot, with a faint temple fade. The rest of the locks are a medium length and he’s wearing it slightly messy with a brushed up section in front.

# 4 Red Carpet Comb Over

Here we see him sporting an elegant look – fit for the red carpet. The stylist fashioned a messy angled side part to keep the look from being too severe and teamed it with a smooth comb over.

# 5 Side Part Style

In this picture, Zac is wearing a relaxed look that is suitable for everyday. His hair is medium length with a deep side part and comb over. We love that the hair still has a little texture on the ends with a slight curl.

# 6 Defined Look With Fade

This look is more defined – the stylist cut his sides short with a taper fade. The upper section of hair is thick and full of volume, brushed up in front to create height.

# 7 The Up and Up

For this look, the stylist used Zac’s naturally curly hair to create a sexy hairstyle. His locks are shorter on the sides with a taper fade and at the back, from just under the crown. The top portion of the locks is brushed up and forward.

# 8 Trendy Style

In this shot, Zac is playing around a bit and the stylist carried this feel through to this hairstyle. He’s wearing warm caramel highlights with the hair roughly finger brushed back.

# 9 Sexy and Structured

Zac combines elegance and trendiness perfectly with this flattering look. The medium length hair is neatly combed down except for the front section that lifts fashionably off his forehead.

# 10 Golden Boy

Zac’s natural hair color is brown, but for this look, he’s wearing a light ash brown shade with golden blonde highlights.

# 11 Textured Look

For this look, the stylist trimmed the center section of hair to have a slightly choppy texture and slowly tapered shorter over the sides.

# 12 Two-Toned Sweep

In this picture, we see Zac with his hair slightly longer than usual. He’s wearing two-tone color with brown on the sides and sandy blonde on top where it’s longest.

# 13 Understated

Looking good Zac! In this shot, he’s wearing an understated mid length style with a disconnect side part and the hair brushed slightly up in front.

# 14 Rugged Comb Over

Zac Efron usually wears his hair with more volume than this, but that doesn’t mean he can’t look great in sleeker styles. We love this rugged comb over!

# 15 Sleeked Back

In this picture, his sides are distinctly shorter with the hair longer over the top and back down into the neck. He’s wearing it all combed back.

# 16 Zacs’ Wave

For this look the stylist finely combed Zacs’ hair alongside a deep parting, creating a handsome wave over the front.

# 17 Up, Back, and to the Side

Here Zac is wearing a defined off center parting with a medium taper fade on the sides. The hair in front is brushed up and back with the rest off to the side.

# 18 Choppy Longer Style

A younger Zac wore his hair longer in a grown out bowl cut style, with locks falling at different levels. The stylist brushed the hair forward from the crown and cut the long fringe open to frame his face.

# 19 Side Sweep

In this look, his hair fans out smoothly from the crown in a neatly rounded look with a cute side swept fringe.

# 20 Textured Beach Style

Here Zac shows off a beach ready look with textured locks that were styled to be a little bit messy, swept up and back.

# 21 Natural Look

For this look, the stylist used Zac’s natural texture to create movement. His wavy locks have been parted with a messy off-center part and loosely finger-combed back.

# 22 Face-Framing Fringe

In this sexy rounded off hairstyle, Zac’s hair was brushed to fall just over the eye on the one side and onto the brow on the other.

# 23 Flip Up

For this mid-length look the stylist brushed the frontmost section of hair up and to the side, while the rest of his locks are neatly brushed down.

# 24 Handsome In Amber

We love these delicious light amber highlights, placed perfectly to emphasize the sleek condition of Zac Efron’s hair in this shot.

# 25 Winning Looks

He’s always ready with a winning smile, and great hair! This is a slightly edgier cut, short on the back and sides with a pushed up front section.

# 26 Arty Style

This picture shows Zac wearing a longer hairstyle with a more artistic flowing feel to it. He’s wearing it brushed forward with a wave over the forehead.

# 27 Boy Next Door

For a young guy looking for a boy next door look to try this could work. Steal Zac’s style with a texturized layer of hair on top together with medium blended sides.

# 28 Easy Going Spiky Style

To create this dashing look the stylist gave his locks a choppy cut when combed the hair up, down the center, giving it a spiky, easy going feel.

# 29 Close Crop

In this picture Zac is without his usual pushed up front section, instead opting for a military style close crop with tapered sides.

# 30 Date Night Look

Whoever is lucky enough to have a date with him would surely want him to wear this romantic style. He’s wearing his locks swept up and back in front, with messy, finger combing over the rest.

Being a public figure Zac is always conscious about the way he looks and takes care of himself accordingly. With his hair, he sticks to looks that flatter his natural color and texture – this makes it easy to maintain during his busy schedules. His trademark is a pushed up section over his forehead, which adds height to his look and flatters his facial angles. Nearly all of Zac’s looks are very flattering, so why not use him as inspiration for a new look for yourself?

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