55 Funky Men’s Hairstyles For Long Hair – Manly and Modern Variations

You should never have trouble with hairstyles for long hair because there are many ways that you can style you massive mane. Whether you prefer something simple like a ponytail or cornrows and other types of braids, there are still a variety of designs available. The gallery below showcases 55 stylish hairdos for men with long tresses that you can use for ideas.

# 1 Viking Inspired Ponytail

This lovely Viking-inspired design entails shaving the sides of your long mane and leaving it long in the middle. You should then weave the strands into two loose braids that combine into a stylish ponytail at the back.

# 2 Simple Bun

You do not have to do any complicated styling with your long hair because a simple bun like this one is enough. To create this style you only need to brush back your strands and tie them into a small bun at the back of the head.

# 3 Braided Man Pigtails

This design entails weaving some neat cornrows on your long hair that you should finish by tying the ends with some elastic bands to create some fancy pigtails.

# 4 Naturally Textured Mane

An elastic band is all that you need for this style. However, you should also have a textured medium size mane for it to look this adorable. To style it you should pull back the strands and tie them with the band at the back of the head.

# 5 Dreads with Scarf

Some hairstyles for long hair like this one will require a lot of patience to create. To wear this look, you will need to twist your strands into natural dreadlocks and then wrap a headscarf around the head and have the dreads falling in various directions over the scarf.

# 6 Low Man-Bun

This man bun hairdo is also very easy to form if you have a long mane because you only need to sweep back your strands to the back and use a band to tie them into a bun.

# 7 Top Textured Bun

Here is another variation of the man bun and it entails pulling and tying the strands at the center of the head. However, the locks have an excellent texture that makes the man bun look very distinct.

# 8 Two Toned Dreadlocked Mullet

Hair coloring is also a perfect idea for your long mane and in this design, it creates an adorable Viking-inspired two-toned appearance. The style also has a unique mullet hairstyle that involves making the hairs at the top short and leaving some long dreadlocks at the back.

# 9 Crazy Man Braid

This design entails shaving the sides and leaving your long mane at the center of the head. You should then spin the strands into two long braids that flow all the way to the back. Also, leave some undone strands at the middle of each braid to give it a crazy look.

# 10 Dreadlocked Bun

Dreadlocks make amazing hairstyles for long hair, and there are also many styles that you can create with them. In this design, they have a two-toned appearance that comes from coloring some of the dreads with a brown dye. The styling is also very simple as you only need to twist the dreads into a bun.

# 11 Double Rows into a Bun

A breathtaking hairstyle like this one will turn head everywhere you go. It entails shaving the sides and fading them and leaving a long mane at the top. You should then knit the hair into two braids that combine into a knot at the center of the head

# 12 Masculine Faux Locs

If you are not patient enough to form natural dreadlocks you can still create the same look with artificial faux locs. And if you give them an innovative styling like this one you will look stunning.

# 13 Green Man Braid

This funky hairdo entails shaving the sides short and tapering them while leaving the long mane in the middle of the head. You should then give the long strands a dazzling seafoam green shade and finishing by spinning them into a neat man braid.

# 14 French Braid Rows into a Bun

French braids make cute hairstyles and in this style, they are in some neat rows that converge into a bun at the center of the head.

# 15 Half Up Surf Look

This surf look entails sectioning the locks into two and then knitting the top part into a simple braid that finishes into a messy bun at the center of the head. You should leave the rest of the strands flowing free to create a half up design.

# 16 Face Framing Bangs

The volume, texture, and color of these long strands are perfect, and so you do not need to do anything complicated to style it. A simple center part and sweeping the locks sideways to create a face framing design is enough styling.

# 17 Free Flowing Wavy Mane

This blonde mane with shadowed roots is already attractive enough. It has some beautiful waves and a lovely texture and so you only need to sweep it to the sides and leave the locks flowing freely.

# 18 Textured and Wavy Back Swept Mane

This adorable headdress is also about the lovely texture. The hair has some beautiful waves and color which make styling effortless because you only need to sweep it back to create a cute headdress.

# 19 Glossy Cornrows

The shine on this dark toned hair is fantastic, and it shows that the strands are very healthy. These strands also have a simple style that entails knitting them into some neat cornrows without using any extensions.

# 20 Viking Braided Ponytail

Viking designs are very stylish and to create one like this you only need to pull back the strands. You should then tie them into a ponytail and knit the ones protruding from the pony into a neat braid.

# 21 Funky Side Braid into as Knot

Braids make fabulous hairstyles for long hair, but you need to weave them inventively. The one on this design starts at the front and flow on the side before finishing into a neat knot at the center of the head.

# 22 Spiky Bohemian Locks

This bohemian look entails chopping the strands to medium length and then using a hold product to make them spiky. You should then give them a center part and sweep them into a face framing design.

# 23 Flawless Natural Mane

Some men are lucky enough to have a perfect mane like this one, and so they do not need to do much to style it. These strands have a beautiful color, textured and volume and so sweeping them to the sides and back is enough.

# 24 Dread Ponytail

Dreads always make a fashionable hairdo, and you just have to patient to grow out your hair to have them. The ones on this design are neat, and they have a simple style that involves pulling and tying them into a ponytail.

# 25 Sleek and Smooth Bun

If you have a long healthy hair, you do not have to do anything sophisticated to create an adorable hairdo. The natural black strands in this design will only require you to pull them into a sleek and smooth bun to create an extra-chic headdress.

# 26 Two Hot Buns

Most hairstyles for long hair are easy to create, and you will only spend a couple of minutes making them. This design is as simple as it can get and to replicate it you only need to pull back your strands and tie them into two small buns at the back.

# 27 Glamorous Textured Locks

Your medium length locks will not need any styling if they have a beautiful shade and texture like these because just sweeping them back and to the sides will give you all the beauty you want.

# 28 Sexy and Natural

This mane is breathtaking and a simple brush back is enough to make it look stunning. It has an excellent volume and a beautiful dark tone that will make any man look gorgeous.

# 29 Sassy Side Sweep and Braid

Long strands give you the freedom to wear almost any hairstyle that you want. The ones on this design have a cute side sweep with curly ends hanging over the face and a beautiful side braid.

# 30 Dark Mane With Undercut

These shoulder length locks have a lovely black shade and a cute style that entails chopping the sides to create an attractive undercut design that you can expose by sweeping back the mane.

# 31 Man Bun Dreads

You can give your beautiful natural dreadlocks this cute style by shaving the sides short to create an undercut and then pull the locks to the top of the head and twist them into a man bun.

# 32 Highlighted Curly Afro

You do not have to keep a natural curly hair to create this look because there are many ways of making your strands curly. Apart from the thick curls, the hair also has some pretty highlights, and you should style it into a face framing design.

# 33 Synthetic Dreads

Even if you do not have natural dreadlocks you can still get the same appearance with some synthetic hair. This style entails Shaving the sides of your hair to form a mohawk and then introducing some faux locs on the strands in the middle to create the synthetic dreads. You should then finish the look by tying the locks into a ponytail.

# 34 Colorful and Inventive Braids

You will need some colorful synthetic extensions to create this look. This style has some brown and blue ones and you should spin them into a massive French braid in the middle of the head and two small ones one the sides. The last step is to combine your braids into a braided bun at the center of the head.

# 35 Face Messy Blondie Strands

These strands are just stunning and everything about them from the color to their texture is just fantastic. With such a lovely fare mane a simple sweeping back  looks pretty. A face frame is all the styling that you need.

# 36 Creative Purple Top

These purple braids look complicated but this style is easy to create once you figure it out. To replicate it, you should sweep back your locks and make loose central braid and add smoler ones on the both sides.

# 37 Classy and Neat Cornrows

You can never go wrong with cornrows, and they are as masculine as other hairstyles for long hair. The ones in this headdress are classy and neat, and this is because of their beautiful blonde shade.

# 38 Long Free Flowing Curly Locks

It is hard to believe that this mane is natural because it looks too perfect to be real. But, some men are lucky enough to have such hair with long curly locks and so it still looks adorable if they leave it to flow freely.

# 39 Elegant Shoulder-Grazing Locks

The length and texture of these strands is splendid and it is enough to create a top notch headdress. These locks also have an excellent volume and so sweeping them into a face frame is all the styling that you will need.

# 40 Creative Viking Twists

Viking twists are breathtaking, and this is more so if you create them with a little creativity like in this design. Here the twists are only at the back, and they create a cute ponytail design that you should accessorize with some metallic beads.

# 41 Half Braided Half Straight

As complicated as this hairstyle might look you can still create it with a little effort. It involves weaving the strands at the top into some cornrows that combine at the center of the head to form a fishtail twist with some straight strands flowing below it.

# 42 Wavy French Rows

Sometimes you may feel like having something simple and fast. If this is the case, you can have some cornrows like these that you can make without any professional help. All you need is a bit training.

# 43 French Braid into a Bun

This sassy hairdo also gets its inspiration from the Vikings. It entails weaving a large French braid at the top that ends in a knot at the center of the head and leaving the rest of the strands flowing freely.

# 44 Wavy and Healthy Mane

These strands are just fantastic. They have an excellent volume and subtle waves that make them look very classy. To style this lovely hair you will only need a center part and a small headband to accessorize it.

# 45 Majestic Curly and Textured Locks

Whether you love dreads or not you will want to have this glamorous hairdo. It is a stylish design that consists of some textured and curly locks that you should style with a center part and by adorning with a few beads.

# 46 Messy Half-Up Bun

An elastic band and basic styling skills are all you need to create this look. It involves pulling the strands to the center of the head and tying some of them into a bun to create a half up design.

# 47 Innovative Braided Pony

To create this lovely hairdo you should sweep back your hair and then knit it into a cute braided ponytail. This design is very innovative because it incorporates a red shoelace into the braid to brighten it up.

# 48 Sweet Braided Mohawk

Mohawks never go out of trend and if you have a creative one like this you can be confident of an elegant hairdo. To create this look, you should shave the sides and leave the long hair in the middle of the head. You should then finish by knitting the long strands it into a chic braided mohawk.

# 49 Cool Man Braids

Braids are popular hairstyles for long hair but men love them because they are easy to create and also very versatile. The braid rows in this style have a lovely wavy pattern that will make any man look Adorable.

# 50 Double Braided Half Up Ban Bun

Chic and trendy are the two words that best describe this style. It involves weaving double braids that start on the side and end at the center of the head to form a half up design.

# 51 Adorable Bun and Braids

These locks are very long but their styling makes this hard to notice. The style involves knitting some medium size twists at the top and combining them with the rest of the hair into a tight man bun.

# 52 Pretty Side Braid

Ombre makes a perfect hair color and in this style it comes from transitioning from a black base to blonde ends. However, this long mane also has a lovely side braid and a center part styling that makes it look charming.

# 53 Awesome Hawk Design

To wear this cute mohawk, you should have a thick and long mane with a lovely color. You should then knit two braids on each side and leave a thick upswept hair in the middle to create the mohawk.

# 54 Wondrous Natural Locks

Some men are very patient when growing out their tresses and this is what makes styles like these possible. These are natural dreads, but they are extra-long. Their styling involves tying them into a ponytail.

# 55 Bold and Blond

Boldness when it comes to hairstyles is having any hairdo that you want regardless of how it looks. This hairdo is a perfect example of a bold headdress for men with long mane and it entails shaving the sides short and leaving a long and straight blonde hair flowing backwards in the middle of the head.

There are many other hairstyles for long hair that you can try out, but the 55 above are a good starting point. Whether you like simple designs or fancy ones you will find a comfortable style that will suit your tastes in the beautiful styles above.

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