50 Patterned Haircut Designs – Fabulous Examples of Epic Hair Art

Undercuts and fades are great looks for guys and have remained on trend for quite some time now. Haircut designs or undercut designs are creative ways of shaving the hair to form patterns and pictures instead of an ordinary fade. These are usually done around the head (from temple to temple), on the sides or at the back, but they can also be used over the entire head.

Hair engravings can range from simple linear lines and patterns up to complex hair portraits – also sometimes known as hair tattoos. Geometric patterns, stars, and animal print patterns are also popular. So let’s take a look at 50 haircut designs that you can use as inspiration for your next style:

# 1 Inner Animal Hairstyle

Take a walk on the wild side! If you are feeling bold enough, why not try this unique hairstyle? The hair has been trimmed with a razor fade and dyed a creamy blonde shade. On top, there are hand painted black leopard spots colored in purple and dark pink.

# 2 Sharp Definition

This is definitely a great way to flatter salt and pepper hair! This style features a sharp bald fade and two razor cut lines on the sides with longer locks down the center (past the crown).

# 3 Handsome Hard Partings

This model shows off two ways to add spice to your fade hairstyle. Firstly, you could ask your stylist for a smooth curved hard parting, low on the side like he’s wearing or you could go all out and choose snappy two-tone hair color.

# 4 Rock That Line

In this example the model is wearing a faint taper, this is where the hair grades shorter just on the sides and temple. The hair over the front and crown is a uniform length and the hair at the back has been precision shaped with a razor.

# 5 Faux Hawk with Razor Patterns

In this look, the model has a bald fade on the sides and at the back with the hair down the center longer in a faux Mohawk style. This hair could be worn up or gathered in a man knot like this. On the side, the barber has shown off their skills with a straight razor.

# 6 Detailed Lines

We imagine that this shaved patterning took some time to create but it’s definitely worth it. The off center rounded hard lines and intricate design make this look totally eye-catching.

# 7 Fancy Fade

Guys love the way that a fade hairstyle keeps their necks looking clean. Nevertheless, if you want something a little more interesting at the back why not try this pattern, while keeping length on top.

# 8 Faint Taper With Point

Here we see a faint taper look. The barber has graded the hair shorter on the sides and temples and done a bald fade at the back that tapers so that if forms a neat point.

# 9 Star Power

To create this look the stylist first gave this model a high fade before using the razor to fashion large pointy stars. There are so many patterns you could choose for your fade and the good news is that they grow out quick therefore you can change them often!

# 10 Crisp Lines

This model is wearing a very neat faint taper with a squared off section over the forehead. Into the short layer over the temple, the stylist added 3 curved lines by shaving small sections down to the skin.

# 11 Arty Look

In this look, the hair that was used to create the flowing pattern over the side is actually slightly longer right in the center. This makes it stand out more boldly against the super short length of the rest of the head.

# 12 Sharp Swirls

It must have taken a steady hand to create this pattern. There are sharp swirls sweep up along the side and to the back of the models head. Above this, there is a smooth fade with a brush over.

# 13 Ultra Defined Undercut Pattern

This bald fade is awesome enough on its own, but the defined patterning takes it to the next level. This barber has cut in a single row which twists from the temple and to the back.

# 14 Blurry Fade Flat Top

Flat tops are so on trend – here the model is wearing a high flat top look with a taper fade down the sides and at the back from just under the crown. Along the side, the barber added a crisp geometric pattern.

# 15 High Fade with Curved Hard Part

Here we see a version of the high side part fade where instead of ending at the temple the barber took the line in a curve down into the neck.

# 16 Mohawk Undercut with Specialty Design

Here we see a high undercut with longer hair on top, which could be worn straight up. The barber has artistically added a skull and roman numerical clock, razor cut onto the side.

# 17 Simple Hard Line Curve

This model is wearing a side fade with neat squared off edges above the forehead. The barber has shaved in a simple curved line that curves back down the side to the crown.

# 18 Disconnected Undercut With Geometric Arch

This side undercut dips under the crown and cuts partway to the other side. Above the sharp geometric arch pattern, there is a disconnected parting with the locks brushed up and over to the side.

# 19 Fade with Complex Swirl Pattern

This model is wearing a carefully graded fade hairstyle with a complex swirl shaved to the skin stretching from the temple around the head.

# 20 Sharp Side Fade With Shaded Design

Shaving the hair at slightly different lengths along the side of this model’s head has created a pattern that looks shaded. There’s a disconnected curved hard line with longer layered hair down the middle.

# 21 One of a Kind Side Fade

A pattern shaved undercut is often a completely unique design. In this example, the barber first clipped a high tapered fade before adding a double line swirl pattern.

# 22 Neckline Art

This neckline design starts with a line on the side that curves into two that cross the back of the head. In-between these two there is an intricate geometric pattern.

# 23 Concentric Swirl

Word, patterns, stripes – anything goes when it comes to patterned undercuts! In this look, the hair is long and brushed back down the center with a concentric swirl pattern etched in over the side.

# 24 Red Dreads with Simple Swirl

Dreads and undercuts? Definitely! In this picture, the model has well established long dreads down the center with a high smooth undercut and simple swirl razor design. Some of the dreads have been colored maroon and bright candy apple red.

# 25 Curved Line Undercut

This model has longer hair around the center of his head with a curved line pattern cut into a shaved layer around the back and sides.

# 26 Fanned Lines Over Bald Fade

In this hairstyle, two bold lines were created with longer hair, which fans out from behind the ear and down. This creates an interesting contrast over the bald fade underneath.

# 27 Hair Portrait

There’s hair styling and then there’s hair art – this is the latter. Barbers with incredible razor cutting skill can create portraits of your favorite sport or movie on your head. This is sometimes referred to as a head tattoo and commonly includes color as well.

# 28 High Fade with Hard Line Curve Detail

In this look, a pattern has been shaved high up on the side using alternating blade lengths. This creates a fantastic visual effect – which flowing lines underneath a high curved hard parting.

# 29 Bald Fade With Single Curved Line

For this hairstyle, the barber gently took the hair into a bald fade on the edges and just above the neckline. They then shaved in a hardline pattern of a single line which curves from the temple, twisting up and then down into the neck.

# 30 Tapered Fade With Razor Art

The basis for this look is a smooth tapered fade which the stylist has jazzed up by adding a geometric twist line from the temple down the side as well as two short lines diagonally at the base of the neck.

# 31 Chunky Shaped Undercut Pattern

Chunky sharp patterns can add an edge to your regular look. Why not ask your stylist to try this guy’s look that features a temple and neckline fade with an intricate pattern on the side?

# 32 Precision Curve With Bald Fade

Shaving a precision straight line into hair is one thing, but what kind of mad skills do you need to create a perfect curve like this? We love the fine detail of this simple, but striking undercut pattern.

# 33 The Rock Hair Tattoo

In this head turning look the artist has shaved a portrait of The Rock onto the model’s head, starting from just behind the ear. In the center of the head, the hair is dramatically longer, thick with dark soft curls.

# 34 Spiky Top With Swirl Patten Detail

Check out the contrast created by this combined of a faux hawk with spiky edges and a smooth taper fade. There is a single razor curve that starts just above the temple and dips down behind the ear, onto the neck.

# 35 Faint Fade with Triple Stripe

If you want to try the razor pattern fade, but can’t wear something too edgy why not try this look? Add sharp lines just behind the ear with a fade just in front of the ears and at the neck.

# 36 Stylized Pattern Over Bald Fade

Family or clan crests also make awesome subjects for patterned razor cuts. In this example, the hair has been cut into a short, bald fade with a stylized eagle/bird rendered at the back.

# 37 Shutter Fade

This look is known as a shutter fade; geometric hard lines have been shaved at intervals down the side of the model’s head with layers of different lengths of hair in between – forming a neatly shaded pattern.

# 38 Deadpool Fan Look

Do you think Ryan Reynolds killed it in Deadpool? This guy does! His hair tattoo shows a profile portrait of the actor etched into the back of his head with a high fade on either side.

# 39 Patterned Band

This model’s awesome look has shaved patterned band along the side over a high undercut with longer twisted locks in the center. The length on top with the bald fade on the edges makes this a highly contrasting look.

# 40 Leaf Patten Swirl

This model is wearing clipper art hair that has been shaved into leaf-like patterns around the sides and the back of the head. The rest of the hair has been shaved completely bald.

# 41 Back Fades With Razor Sharp Lines

Here we see two different looks – both with a taper fade towards the neck as a base. Each model has sharp line patterns that start just under the crown and end with a bald fade at the bottom.

# 42 Braid Illusion

Optical illusion hair patterns will definitely get you noticed! We love the high detail in this shaved look that imitates the look of tightly braided rows.

# 43 Double Trouble

The “heart monitor” pattern used for this look has been cleverly inverted to make matching styles. The model on the left has his line surrounded by a bald fade while the model on right’s line is etched into the fade.

# 44 Bob Marley Hair Portrait

Using the space from just under the crown and slightly to one side this barber created a detailed hair tattoo of Bob Marley for this client.

# 45 White Splash Pattern

This sleek shaved pattern covers most of the model’s head and consists of stars, arrows, and swirls. The stylist also added a splash of white color for further definition.

# 46 Scarface Hair Tattoo

Here a taper fade is brought to life with a hair tattoo of Al Pacino from his infamous role in the movie Scarface. The barber has perfectly captured the facial detail and also used white for the eyes and background.

# 47 Goldfish Orange Style With Simple Linear Line

This model shows off a short hairstyle with razor clipped locks, neat outer lines and a hard linear line down the side. His locks have been colored an electric goldfish orange.

# 48 Star War Style

Come over to the dark side and how your love of Star Wars with an amazing Darth Vader hair portrait like this one. This imprint starts just under the crown and neatly covers the back portion of the models head.

# 49 High Top With Patterned Band

This look begins with a sharply angled high top which has a pattern of squared off lines underneath. Also, there is bold red color on one side with teardrop details at the back.

# 50 Patterned Undercut With Blue Wash

For this look the hair was left long in the center – these locks were dyed with a combination of blues and turquoise and styled straight up and forward. Finally, at the back and on the sides the stylist added a playful pattern in the undercut.

Ultra-defined haircut designs such are not only an opportunity to have a creative look, but over fades and tapers, they are very neat and crisp. This look is especially good for men with busy lifestyles who also want to have some fun with their hair. Start with a few simple linear lines and a disconnected side part to see if you enjoy the style. Next, you could go for stars and maybe even a famous person’s portrait!

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