7 Pieces of Male Clothes Women Actually Hate

Many men have a unique sense of style and carefully select each item in their wardrobes. But there are those who simply run for fashion, buying everything in their path but without thinking about what is right for them and what is not.

There are clothes that women will not like, even if the most attractive man in the universe wears it. However, they rarely talk about it out loud for fear of hurting the feelings of the strong half of humanity.

But we collected the list of items of men’s wardrobe that men shouldn’t wear in any case. By the way, maybe your style was the reason for a breakup? If you need help, you can read the article on the topic of surviving a breakup.


  1. T-shirts with slogans

Girls don’t like such T-shirts. When they see the words “sexy,” “Superman,” or “the best” on a man’s shirt, they are clearly thinking not about a passionate night with a fatal stranger but about the low intelligence of the shirt’s owner. A self-sufficient man doesn’t need such a T-shirt. So, alas, such a thing belongs in a trash can. Choose high-quality monophonic clothes that will attract the attention of the opposite sex instead of screaming banal slogans.

  1. Skinny jeans

Perhaps, in childhood, you used to dream of becoming a choreographer. But this is not the reason to injure the psyche of others, showing everything that should stay hidden. These jeans immediately raise doubts about your sexual orientation. Such clothes look ridiculous and turn the body into an inverted triangle. Skinny jeans look fine until they reach the “women’s leggings” stage. So, be careful when buying.

  1. Flower prints

This shirt shouts “I wanna have fun” for miles. Of course, if you love the Hawaiian theme, you can wear such a print on the beach. But when girls meet such a man in the business center, they want to believe that he had just made a flight from Ibiza, and his luggage was lost. Stylish men should prefer plain linen shirts even on the beach.

  1. Short shorts

Men’s shorts above the knee is a fashion trend that many of us refuse to accept. Such a man resembles an English first-grader. By the way, if a man walks in such shorts along the pool or plays beach volleyball, girls are not against it. The dress code must correspond to the place. Remember, men, no single woman is pleased to see your bare, hairy legs in a public place.

  1. Very skinny tie

The rule of proportionality: the width of the tie should be the same or close to the width of the jacket lapels. However, men believe that the rules of fashion are unarmed in front of a skinny tie. A skinny tie becomes a compromise between business style and casual style. And this is a fatal mistake through the eyes of women. Suspenders will make a casual image more vivid and will not look ridiculous.

  1. Pink color

Current fashion trends indicate the desire of designers to gender equality. A society without discrimination is fine, but still, girls are not yet ready to give out the pink color to the stronger sex completely. Pink polos, shorts, and shirts are doomed to be ambiguous. Most women simply hate pink color in men’s clothes. Well, choose something else! It will not cause unnecessary questions.

  1. Jewelry

Excess jewelry doesn’t suit anyone, and men are no exception. You can wear a couple of beautiful accessories to make the image attractive.

What to wear to look cool and stylish? In addition to having good taste in choosing clothes and accessories to look cool, first of all, a man must be neat and well-groomed, don’t wear very old clothes and stuff that doesn’t suit him. If you have a problem with it, you can use the help of a professional.

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