30 Modern Caesar Haircut Designs- Bringing Back the Vintage Look with a Modern Touch

Caesar haircut is a vintage design that was very popular in the 90’s, but it is slowly making a comeback as men give it a modern touch to make it look trendy. This cut originates from Rome, and it was the style that Emperor Caesar would wear, and you can find its depictions in most of his portraits and sculptures. The main characteristic of the vintage cut is a bowl-like design with a uniform length throughout the head. However, modern variations make the sides short with a taper or fade, and this makes it look extra cute. The gallery below showcases thirty different and modern design variations of this hairdo.

# 1 Choppy and Layered Bangs

This design maintains hair on the crown with the sides tapered. The strands at the top have an amazing textured, and you should style by front sweeping them in messy layers.

# 2 Chic with Razor Line

Some short bangs on the crown with an incredible texture and uniform length are what you need at the top to form this design. You should also fade the sides and give them a hard razor line.

# 3 Skin Fade and Textured Top

The skin fade on the sides of this haircut, make it look magnificent. But, the design would not be complete without the long and textured locks hanging over the forehead.

# 4 Subtle Curls

Even if you have thin and delicate curls like these, you can still wear a lovely Caesar cut. You only need to chop the ones at the top for some texture and uniformity and then spice up the look with a skin fade on the sides.

# 5 Heavy Crop and Undercut

A massively cropped cut like the one at the top of this haircut can only be possible if you have a thick mane and cut it inventively. Apart from this you only need to sweep it frontwards and enhance it with a skin faded undercut on the sides.

# 6 Messy and Textured Top

Texture always makes a huge difference for your hairdo, and this design demonstrates this clearly. It involves chopping the strands to a few inches at the top to give them some texture and sweeping them to the front in messy layers. The skin fade on the sides also adds some beauty to the design.

# 7 Vintage Caesar with Taper Fade

The bowl-like shape on the forehead of this haircut gives it a traditional or vintage Caesar look, but the taper fade on the sides also gives it a stylish or modern appeal.

# 8 Effortless Bangs

You do not need to do much to form the textured bangs at the top of this hairdo because a clean scissor cut is enough. And if you give the sides an elegant skin fade you will look exquisite.

# 9 Crop Out with Undercut

Here is another excellent crop cut with long strands at the top that have a bowl-shape and front swept locks. The sides have a stylish undercut with a classy and professional fade.

# 10 Layered and Textured Locks

Nothing beats texture when it comes to trendy Caesar hairdos. Apart from the texture these strands also have a beautiful color and an excellent layering over the forehead.

# 11 Small and Cute Red Hair

The color of these short strands is perfect, and it makes them look unique. Red is a beautiful color but the hair also has some nice waves and a cute bowl cut at the front that you should enhance with a nice taper fade on the sides and back.

# 12 Texturized Top with Heavy Cropped Fringe

This Caesar haircut is for men with a thick mane, and it involves giving it a dense texture at the top and cropping the front locks to form a thick fringe before finishing with skin fade on the sides.

# 13 High and Tight

The high and tight design in this style will make any man look classy, but it also has a texturized top and fading on the sides that give it some extra elegance.

# 14 Summer Crop Cut

A cropped cut like this one will work for any season, but it is best suited for summer as it is easy to form and requires minimal maintenance. It entails leaving some textured front swept locks hanging over the forehead and fading the sides.

# 15 Retro Caesar with Fade and Layered Bangs

The bowl look at the front of this haircut is what characterizes the traditional Caesar look. However, the design also has some messy and layered locks at the top and a fade on the sides.

# 16 Rugged Waves

You do not have to create a bowl-like cut to wear a modern Caesar design. This hairdo achieves the look by sweeping the wavy locks to the front and arranging them in some messy layers before finishing with a skillful fading in the sides and back.

# 17 Feathered and Textured Front Sweep

This fancy haircut will require you to maintain some feathered wavy bangs at the top that you should style by sweeping frontwards. The sides also have a trendy fade that also adds some class to the design.

# 18 Spiky Caesar Cut

The short and beautiful strands in this design also have a cute spiky look, and you should chop them into a smooth Caesar design at the front and then finish with a fade on the side.

# 19 Fantastic Choppy Curls

Volume and texture are what makes this cut look this adorable. It has some cute choppy curls that you should style with a sweep to the front and skin fading on the sides.

# 20 Smooth and Light Bangs

This haircut maintains some straight and smooth strands at the top that you should style with a sweep to the front and over the forehead. Although the sides are short, you should spice them up with a nice taper fade.

# 21 Cute and Simple Crop

This cut entails chopping your strands into some short and textured bangs at the top that you should style by making them wavy and brushing to the front.

# 22 Short Caesar Cut

This hairdo is for men that prefer to keep their strands short and neat. Apart from the smart Caesar design the headdress also has a beautiful drop fade and line-up.

# 23 High Foil Shaved Crop

To create this look, you need to have lots of texture on your short hair at the top and a blunt fringe at the front before finishing with a beautiful skin fade on the side.

# 24 Crimped and Messy

The texture at the upper part of this haircut looks different, and it is a product of creative crimping of your strands. This design also has a lovely front swept and messy styling that makes it look chic.

# 25 Tapered Fade With Razor Crop

Razor crops are unique and beautiful designs, but the thickness of these strands and their color makes this one look distinct. And if you spice it up with the lovely tapered fade on the sides you will look majestic.

# 26 Spiky Bangs with Amazing Movement

Only a professional barber can give you the incredible movement on this headdress. It also has a beautiful fringe and some spiky locks that you should style with a messy front sweep.

# 27 Cropped and Messy

Cropping your strands is the surest way of forming a unique and stylish Caesar haircut. In this style, the locks are short and beautiful with a blunt fringe and skin fade.

# 28 Sleep Upswept Trim

This headdress is still a Caesar haircut because it has a bowl-like and blunt fringe on the forehead. Apart from this, the tresses also have a beautiful and messy upsweep behind the fringe and a bald fade.

# 29 Fun and Elegant

The taper fade on this haircut looks amazing, but the messy and upswept textured bangs at the top are what makes this a top notch headdress for the modern man.

# 30 Natural Wavy Look

Any man with some natural looking wavy locks should wear this adorable hairstyle. It involves leaving the wavy strands at the top and sweeping them frontwards and finishing with a zero fade on the sides.

The Caesar haircut might be a vintage design, but you can always be confident it will make you look trendy if you cut and style it inventively. Look through the gallery above for some ideas on how to wear this headdress.

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