35 Attention-Grabbing Greaser Hair Designs – Bringing Back the Classics

The greaser hair design was the in thing in the 1950’s, and every working-class American man had to wear this look so as to keep up with the trend. Eddie Cochran and Elvis Presley are the two celebrities that most people credit with popularizing this hairdo. The hype with this style died down in the 60’s but in the 70’s it came back into the limelight again. Over the last couples of years, men have also been bringing it back, and it is now very common to see everyone from celebrities to regular people wearing this look. If you are thinking of trying it out here are 35 styles that can give you some ideas on how to do it.

# 1 Funky Side Part and Sweep with a Front Lift

The greaser hairdos are not just about using a generous amount of hair product but also using quality ones. With this particular style you have to keep an almost uniform length throughout and then apply some gel. You should then design it with a side part and sweep the locks sideways and by lifting the ones at the front.

# 2 Classic Sleek Back with Undercut

A classic design like this one with a slightly modern touch will make you look stunning. It entails chopping the sides and back short to form an undercut and to leave long locks on the crown that you should design into a slick-back.

# 3 Clean and Crisp Vintage Hair

Pomade is what makes the pomp-like style in the upper part of this headdress possible. But, the cut is also top notch, and it involves leaving some thick strands in the top part that you should style with a lift and give the sides a nice skin fade.

# 4 Short Side Swept Pomp

The short pompadour at the top part of this cut looks majestic, but it would not be possible without the generous use of a gel. Apart from this the style also has a side part and a skin taper fade.

# 5 Tapered Brush Back

You can create this hairdo in a few minutes without having to do much. It entails taper cutting the strands on the sides and back using some pomade or gel and brushing them back neatly.

# 6 High Slick Back

This design will also require some tapering on the back and sides. But you should make the sides shorter to form an undercut and style with pomade and by lifting them at the front for some height before the brush back.

# 7 Highlighted and Wavy

The subtle highlights at the top of this haircut make a significant difference. However, the center of attraction is still the wavy design at the top that you can only achieve with the use of pomade and gel.

# 8 Loose Pomp with a Part

If you can create a greaser hair like this, you can be confident of a refined and top class appearance. It requires leaving a long hair at the top and using pomade to style it into a loose pompadour with the sides and back tapered short.

# 9 Flattened Top with Clipper Cut Sides

You can always be confident of a classy and elegant look if you get the cut right. This design does this by keeping the top flat and clipper cutting the sides and back for a tight finish. The only other thing is to apply pomade for the greaser look and brush back the strands.

# 10 Inventive Side Parting

The creative side part in this design makes a significant difference as it is what allows you to form the long and sleek side sweep. This haircut also has a beautiful skin fade on the sides.

# 11 Simple and Old School

In the 1950’s, this is one of the looks that you were likely to see with men. It is a taper cut that leaves a long hair at the top that you should style with a simple brush back.

# 12 Upswept Curls

Curly locks can also create a refined greaser hair. To wear this style you should taper the sides and leave some gelled and upswept curls at the top.

# 13 Faded and Side Parted Pomp

Although there is nothing sophisticated about this cut, it still makes a refined headdress. It involves leaving a straightforward and traditional pompadour design at the top, forming a side part and finishing with a buzz fade on the sides.

# 14 Thick and Well-Groomed Pompadour

A classic look like this one can also work for you. It involves maintaining a massive hair throughout and tapering the sides and back. You should then finish with gel or pomade and by styling the hair into a large brushed back pompadour.

# 15 Sleek Jelly Roll

The taper cut design on the sides and back of this hairstyle and the side part look fantastic. However, the sleek jelly roll at the top is what makes this a top notch design and it is quite easy to replicate.

# 16 Wavy and Casual Pomp

Greaser haircuts should not always be formal because you can still use them to form your casual or outdoor look. This design is an excellent example of this, and it involves creating a loose and wavy pompadour with tapered sides.

# 17 Impeccable Greaser with Taper Fade

To make your hair as neat as this one, you will need not only a good haircut but also the right styling product. You can use gel or pomade provided it is high quality to form the wavy, and nice brush back at the top and taper fade the sides.

# 18 Touch of Class

Many men might shy away from this cut thinking that it is very complicated, but this is not true. Anyone with a thick hair can replicate it as it only entails leaving hair at the top and giving it an upsweep and buzzing the sides.

# 19 Classy Contour

The smooth and slicked back hair at the top is what makes this a classy hairdo and anyone with a quality hold product can replicate it. Apart from this the design also has a beautiful skin taper fade on the sides.

# 20 Voluminous and Trendy Waves

Adding some extra volume to your hair will give it an additional flair like in this design. The style entails leaving some upswept waves at the top and giving the sides a uniform fade.

# 21 Loosely Styled and Textured Pomp

Some skills are necessary to replicate the texture of this pompadour. Apart from this, you will only need to design it with a slight lift and sweep back. But, it also has a side part and a skin taper fade.

# 22 Peaky Blinders-Inspired

Peaky Blinders are an inspiration for many haircuts, and this is just one of them. It involves leaving some upswept waves at the top, forming a hard side part and taper fade the sides.

# 23 Elegant Waves

Working with wavy hair is very easy, and you just have to let it follow its natural flow. In this design, it has a slight lift and a generous amount of gel. The style also has a side part and neat tapering on the sides.

# 24 Smooth and Layered Clipper Cut

This style is for men with wavy strands and to create it you will have to trim the strands with a clipper. After the cut, you should apply some gel or pomade and brush it back into some subtle and wavy layers.

# 25 Smooth and Sexy Slick Back

To wear this sexy greaser hair design you should first taper fade the sides to form a unique undercut while leaving long locks at the top. You should then finish your design with a smooth, slick back of the locks on the crown.

# 26 Tapered and Side Parted Comb-Over

The hold of the comb over style at the top of this haircut can only be possible with high-quality pomade or gel. Apart from this, the funky headdress also has a lovely cut with a side part and tapering.

# 27 Romantic Sweep Back

hair could not look better than this because everything from the cut to styling is top notch. This hairdo involves tapering the sides and leaving a long mane at the top. You should then style it with pomade and with a lift at the front and a sweep back.

# 28 Full Brush Back

This hairdo has elements of the pompadour, but it is not necessarily one. To create it you will need some uniform trim throughout and then style with a brush back using pomade.

# 29 Pretty Front and Side Swept Bangs

Any gentleman that wants to stand out from the rest should try this cut. To form it you should taper the sides form a side part and leave some long and smooth strands on the crown. You should then use some gel to style the soft top strands into a front and side sweep.

# 30 Taper Faded Blondie Pomp

Blonde always makes a lovely hair color, but in this design it makes the traditional pomp look extra-funky. The headdress also has a beautiful taper cut on the sides, and you only need to make it neat for a polished appearance.

# 31 Flawless Cut and Styling

Most greaser hair designs are about creating a pompadour because it is what men would have in the 50’s. However, if you make yours with an extra height and volume at the top and a skin taper on the sides, you will look glamorous.

# 32 Hard Part and Trendy Pomp

Hard side parts will always give your headdress an excellent flow, and in this design, the part also creates some disconnection between the taper fade sides and smooth pompadour at the top.

# 33 Stylish Greaser Taper Cut

The styling of these strands with a lift and comb-over at the top is fantastic. It also has a hard razor side part and a nice taper cut on the sides and back. But, the design would not look this glamorous without the generous use of pomade.

# 34 Clean Faded Waves

Wavy hair is adorable, and you only need to know how to spice it up. In this design, the brushed back waves are only at the top, and the sides have clean zero fade and a line-up at the front.

# 35 Army Style Pomp with Double Razor Part

Army style haircuts like this one are very attractive and easy to replicate. This design involves leaving a thin and high pomp-like design on the crown, forming two razor lines on the sides and finishing with a skin fade.

Greaser hair might be a style of the 50’s, but its popularity has been on a steady rise over the last few years. Whether you like formal hairdos or casual ones, it’s hard to say no to one or more of the 35 hairstyles above as they will always make you stand out. Go through the gallery and choose the style that will look best on your hair.

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