40 Cool Ways to Style Polo Jacket – Look More Stylish and Classy

Polo jacket can play an important role in bringing that positive change, both to your personality and appearance. It’s an apparel that can be paired with other outfits to match the taste and choice of fashionable men. And you don’t need to push yourself too much when styling this outfit. Below are 40 simple yet cool tips to help you rock in a polo jacket.

# 1 Adventurous Utility Wear

Explore what nature has to offer and do it in style with a heavy down utility jacket sporting a green shade. Pair this hooded jacket with a sweatshirt and black pants.

# 2 Spring Combination

Settle for a spring-friendly wear that sports a navy DB jacket featuring the glow of a yellow pocket square. Wear with a black crew neck t-shirt and finish with green chinos pants.

# 3 Motorcycle Optional

Make your motorcycling experience more momentous by going for a suede café racer jacket. Wear this dark brown jacket with navy green pants and sport ankle high boots. Finish with a green woollen scarf on the neck.

# 4 Suit Season

Stand out in a brown sharkskin suit sporting a colored paisley pocket square. Match the suit with a brown waistcoat. Sport a dark blue printed tie and wear with a sky blue shirt. Take along a beige trench coat and you’ll be good to go.

# 5 Rugged Racer Wear

Michiel Huisman goes rugged in a black leather café racer jacket. He wears it with a grey herringbone waistcoat and white shirt. He keeps it casual by ditching the tie.

# 6 Moto-Inspired with White Combo

Look great in a plaid Tartan jacket sporting black and green checks. Pair this zippered jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and white pants.

# 7 Modern Attitude

Settle for a semi-formal style sporting a black modern fit jacket. Give it the cool match of a classic pinstripe suit that includes a waistcoat and pants. Make it semi-formal by ditching the shirt for a black t-shirt.

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# 8 Ripped Denim Wear

Go tough in a denim winter jacket sporting woollen collars. Sport a printed US flag on the upper section of the sleeve. Pair this ripped style jacket with a navy green long-sleeve shirt to add some military look to your style.

# 9 Winter Jacket with Semi-Formal Suit Up

Go colorful in a red winter jacket sporting black accents. Pair this US flag printed jacket with a semi-formal suit up. Sport a black jacket and wear with a white shirt and black bow tie. Make it casual by sporting black jean pants.

# 10 Tough Denim Combination

Go tough and rugged by sporting a zippered multi-pocketed denim jacket. Pair it with tough denim pants and sport a snow white crew neck t-shirt.

# 11 Plaid Suit Up

Make it modern and sleek with a plaid suit up sporting brown and grey checks. Ditch the pocket square and settle for a black and white pin dot tie. Wear the tie with a white long-sleeve shirt.

# 12 Timeless Autumn Wear

Welcome the autumn season in a timeless casual wear. Achieve it by sporting a beige John Craig zippered jacket and polo shirt sporting horizontal stripes. Pair with a tough roll-up denim pants and finish in black and white sneakers.

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# 13 White Blue Polo Wear

Sport a flashy wear by settling for a snow white polo jacket that has blue bands. Pair this zippered jacket with a white polo shirt and let everything sit flush by finishing with white pants.

# 14 Green Velvet Suit Up

Go for the ever-stylish green velvet suit. Sport a white pocket square to this classic-fit suit. Match the pocket square with a snow white long-sleeve shirt. Finish in style by sporting a blue gabardine tie.

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# 15 Blended Spring Casuals

Take your spring casual wear to a whole new level. Settle for a navy jacket sporting a red pocket square that has white checks. Wear with a light blue shirt sporting white vertical stripes. Pair your shirt with a navy tie that has blue diagonal stripes. Complete the outfit in snow white jean pants.

# 16 Three-Piece Suede Suit Up

Make heads turn by sporting a brown three-piece suit that has a suede finish. Let it sit layered by settling for a matching suede waistcoat. Sport a black pocket square and go tough in a long-sleeve denim shirt. Wear the shirt with a black printed tie.

# 17 Leather Layering

Stay warm in the freezing weather with a hooded grey jacket sporting a drawstring closure on the hood. Top it in a tough black leather jacket and finish in black jean pants for that perfect winter wear.

# 18 Casual Season

Go casual in style with a blue jacket that has a white pocket square. Go tie-less in a snow white shirt that’s rolled up on the sleeves. Add more fun to this casual style by sporting blue and white paisley shorts.

# 19 Texture Game

Go retro in a brown suit and pair it with a textured and printed slipover sweater. Settle for a blue denim shirt and wear with a navy blue textured tie sporting red bands. You can sport the perfect traveller look by settling for a brown leather luggage.

# 20 Fall Wardrobe

Settle for a grey polo cardigan sporting a hood. Top it in a knit blazer and settle for a white shirt sporting blue pinstripes. Wear with a navy polka dot tie and finish in light grey pants.

# 21 Traditional Tailored Wear

Stand out in a versatile outfit sporting a traditional tailored polo cardigan. Pair this lightweight woolen cardigan with a knit blazer. Finish with light grey sweatpants and dark grey watch cap.

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# 22 Quintessential Summer Wear

Sport a perfect summer outfit by settling for a slim-fit white blazer sporting straight collars. Wear with a striped blue and white sweatshirt. Complete the outfit with beige pants.

# 23 Sport Wear

Steal the show in a revolutionary sport wear sporting a navy hopsack sport coat and blue polo shirt. Match the outfit with white pants.

# 24 Linen Suit Up

Go classic in a linen grey suit sporting that cool sharkskin texture. Go tie-less in a white pinstripe shirt and ditch the belt. Sport a white pocket square that has a blue band.

# 25 Modern Classic

Some things never go out of style. Ralph Lauren, in his iconic navy double breasted blazer. Check the Master of the true style!

Polo jacket is a great option for men. It’s a stylish apparel that’s got a high conformability and quality factor. Give it a try and get that cool upgrade to your outfit!

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40 Cool Ways to Style Polo Jacket – Look More Stylish and Classy

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