25 Stylish Ways to Style Polo Sweater – Dress to Impress

A polo sweater can be a nice compliment, especially when worn right over your favorite outfit. This is a sweater that comes in many different styles ranging from v-neck, crew neck, turtle neck to cardigans. It suits both formal and informal occasions and can be styled to provide a sense of sophistication that lacks in other forms of wear. Below, we look at 25 cool ideas on how to style your polo sweater.

# 1 Cool Street Style

Settle for a red crew neck sporting that slim-fit design. Pair the sweater with a white shirt. Go street style in black ripped pants that’s rolled up at the cuffs. Finish by going sock-less in white sneakers.

# 2 Black and White Combo

Go cool in a black crew neck sweater sporting white stripes. Top it over in a black sweater and finish cool in white pants.

# 3 The Bear Love

Stand out in a black sweater sporting a crew neck design and a bear imprint. Give it the perfect match of a white t-shirt and go classic by sporting a luxurious timepiece on the wrist.

# 4 Retro with Black Combo

Go stylish in a retro printed grey sweater featuring a crew neck design. Add some classic twist to this isle sweater by wearing with black pants. Top your outfit with a beige baseball cap.

# 5 Black and Red Combo

Settle for some balanced colors in your outfit. Sit cool in a black crew neck sweater that has a textured finish. Pair with a red polo shirt and go tough in black pants. Complete by sporting a black knit cap on the head.

# 6 Traditional Styling

Sport that conventional styling that features a retro printed v-neck pull sweater. Pair this light woolen sweater with a dim grey knit blazer. Go for a charcoal grey knit cap and finish in grey sweatpants.

# 7 Trendy Holiday Wear

Go for a perfect holiday relaxation and do it in style with a white turtle neck sweater. Give it the perfect match of brown pants and finish tough in suede leather shoes. Go for some upgrade by sporting a timepiece on the wrist.

# 8 Matching Outfits

Celebrate the thanksgiving event with your loved ones. Make it a momentous one by sporting matching black sweaters that have a zippered closure. Take pride in its logo imprinted design that adds a red flair to the dark shade.

# 9 Teddy Bear Wear

The teddy bear is quite a cozy animal. Add that coziness to your outfit by sporting a teddy bear imprint on your black crew neck sweater. Pair the sweater with a pink pinstripe shirt for that classic twist.

# 10 Vintage Polo

Let your outfit express your patriotism and do it the vintage way by settling for a black sweater that’s got the US flag imprinted on it. Go tough by pairing the sweater with beige jean pants.

# 11 Gentleman Style

Ditch the unnecessary swag and instead settle for that neat gentleman wear. Achieve that by settling for a light blue v-neck pull sweater. Give it the cool match of a snow white shirt.

# 12 Tough Guy Wear

Let your outfit bring out that tough look in you. Achieve it with a navy v-neck pull sweater and gingham shirt sporting white and red checks. Settle for denim jean pants and sport some cool pair of glasses on the eyes.

# 13 Black and Red Vintage Style

Get the flair of a red v-necked pull sweater. Add some street style look to this vintage sweater by pairing with black ripped pants. Finish in sneakers sporting red, white and black accents.

# 14 Upgraded Daily Wear

Take your regular wear a notch higher by sporting that orange flair in your sweater. Make it look even sexier by pairing with a white long-sleeve shirt. Settle for a red and white polka dot scarf and complete in denim jean pants.

# 15 Crew Neck and Gingham Combo

Go for a navy sweater featuring a crew neck design. Give this sweater the classic match of a gingham shirt sporting black and white checks. Finish it cool in beige pants and bracelets.

# 16 Autumn Outfit

Get the perfect autumn wear. And in case you’re a fan of sweaters then a blue v-necked pull sweater from polo might just be what you’re looking for. Pair the sweater with a white t-shirt and finish in denim jean pants.

# 17 Ghetto Wear

Get lots of attention around the neighborhood with crew neck sweater sporting a teddy bear imprint on it. You can choose to wear the sweater with a t-shirt on the inside and complete with a baseball cap.

# 18 The Casual Upgrade

Settle for an upgraded casual outfit sporting a green crew neck sweater that has a textured finish. Top it in a leather bomber jacket and settle for a white shirt that’s left untucked. Add the denim toughness by going for grey jean pants.

# 19 Retro and Denim Combo

Sport a revolutionary vintage outfit featuring a retro printed crew neck sweater that has red, black and white checks. Wear the sweater with a denim long-sleeve shirt and complete in black pants.

# 20 Trendy Business Wear

A trendy business wear doesn’t have to be that formal. You can achieve it in a casual way by settling for a green sweater sporting a v-neck design. Let it sit neat by matching with a white shirt and finish in blue jean pants.

# 21 Smart Casual

Look smart in a navy knit shirt sweater and pair with a blue and white pinstripe shirt. Give it a classic touch by sporting a tie and finish in beige slim-fit jean pants.

# 22 Winter Style

Stay protected from the winter weather by settling for a layered winter outfit. Start with a white sweater and top in a brown trench coat. Sport grey pants and a grey knit cap.

# 23 The Fashion Clash

Go for a cool clashing outfit. Start it off with a grey sweater paired with a button down gingham shirt that has blue and white checks. Go for a brown trench coat and finish in ripped jean pants.

# 24 Luxury Wear

Sport a luxurious sweater imprinted with the US flag. Wear this black crew neck sweater with a white shirt. Add blue denim pants and finish in dark sunglasses.

# 25 Adventurous Styling

Venture in style with a green knit shirt sweater paired with a button down tartan shirt. Top in a navy quilted jacket and complete in printed grey pants.

Polo sweaters provide an all-season wear when combined with other outfits. They provide a relaxed look that creates a sense of both comfort and style. Give one of these cool ideas a try and stand out from the crowd.

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