25 Inspirational Ideas on Men’s Capri Pants – Stylish and Timeless Wear

Men’s capri pants are a trendy choice that can be styled in many different ways. These mid-length pants have become a culture in the world of fashion. There are many trendy tricks for those that plan to dress them up. Below, we look at 25 inspirational ideas to get you started.

# 1 Relaxed Street Style

Go simple in a relaxed street wear sporting a sage t-shirt that’s designed to fit tight on the arms. Add army green chinos pants and ditch away the socks. Create some sparkle by settling for white sneakers.

# 2 Italian Style

Sport cool Italian casuals that provide a relaxed fit. Sport a blue jersey shirt and pair with white pants. Add brown loafers on the feet and you’ll be good to go.

# 3 Military Style Gym Wear

Sport a military accented outfit for your workouts. Settle for a grey sweatshirt and military style pants. Complete the outfit in grey sneakers.

# 4 Blue and Beige Combination

Settle for a light blue shirt. Leave the top buttons undone and roll up the sleeves to create more swag. Wear with beige pants and finish in dark brown suede shoes.

# 5 New Season Jacket Combo

Go for a classic look sporting a white shirt that’s left unbuttoned at the top. Ditch the tie and top in a grey window pane jacket. Sport grey pants and brown loafers. Complete by sporting a pocket square and printed scarf.

# 6 Layered Gentleman Style

Sport a luxurious winter layering. Start with a crisp white shirt that’s worn with a black knit tie. Top in a black slipover sweater and add a blue patterned jacket. Sport a silver lapel pin and ditch away the pocket square. Add black pants and finish in blue loafers.

# 7 Dapper Street Style

Stand out in a classy street style. Start with a white shirt and add some swag by ditching the tie. Sport a black jacket and add a white pocket square that’s got a purple band. Settle for grey pants and finish in dim grey loafers.

# 8 Reflective Winter Styling

Choose a warm winter layering sporting a black jacket and a grey scarf. Sport dim grey reflective pants and cool striped socks. Complete it tough with brown Chelsea boots.

# 9 Blue Pinstripe Suit Up

Go sleek and modern in a blue pinstripe suit. Wear it with a plain white shirt and add a navy blue scarf for a perfect winter outfit. Sport navy blue socks and glossy navy blue shoes.

# 10 Winter Street Style

Brave the chilling weather in a grey crew neck sweater. Add a black trench coat and sport black jean trousers. Go for grey socks and settle for white sneakers. Add a black knit cap and you’re good to go.

# 11 On-Point Gym Wear

Go for a light gym wear sporting a white t-shirt. Pair with beige sweatpants and go sock-less in white sneakers.

# 12 Grey Autumn Style

Stand out in a white pencil shirt and add a black tie. Sport a light grey sharkskin jacket that’s got a white pocket square with a blue band. Go for dark gray pants and finish in black loafers.

# 13 Window Pane Suit Up

Look cool in a blue window pane suit. Wear it with a plain white shirt and blue tie. Add a light blue pocket square and sport cocoa brown shoes.

# 14 Detailed Beige Suit Up

Stand out in a beige suit that’s got some cool details to give it that killer look. Sport a black pocket square and a sky blue shirt. Wear the shirt with a grey tie and finish the outfit with dark brown shoes.

# 15 Pinstripe with Polka Dot Combo

Sit cool and sleek in a grey pinstripe suit. Sport a red pocket square and wear the suit with a white shirt. Go for a black polka dot tie and complete in black suede loafers sporting golden imprints.

# 16 Window Pane Winter Suit Up

Go for a grey window pane suit sporting a paisley pocket square. Add some layering to it by sporting a grey cardigan on the inside. Settle for a white shirt and a black paisley tie. Finish in grey scaly textured loafers.

# 17 Black and Grey Combo

Settle for a street style wear that comes in black and grey. Start with a grey t-shirt and match with gray pants. Stay warm by topping in a black trench coat. Finish with the sparkle of white sneakers.

# 18 Cool Bespoke Wear

Look fresh and neat in a bespoke outfit. Sport a patterned linen shirt designed to fit slim. Match with white flat front pants to create that exclusive beachwear.

# 19 Slim Fit Gym Wear

Settle for a slim fit in your gym wear. Start with a green short-sleeve shirt and pair with black sweatpants. Complete the outfit in white slip-ons.

# 20 Black Workout Wear

Conceal the sweat in a black gym outfit. Go for a black zippered sweatshirt and let it sit flush with black sweatpants. Sport black slip-ons that have a white accent to add some light to the dark outfit.

# 21 New Classic Balance

Sport a dapper classic wear. Go for a light blue shirt and wear with a navy blue tie. Settle for grey pants and upgrade your style in a brown window pane jacket. Finish in white sneakers sporting brown accents.

# 22 Sharp Glen Suit Up

Go sharp in a blue glen check suit. Wear the suit with a deep green turtle neck sweater and add a scarf to help you brave the chilling weather. Complete with black socks and black shoes.

# 23 Fresh Italian Casuals

Settle for a light blue grandad shirt and give it a slight roll up on the sleeves. Wear with beige roll-up jean pants and finish in cool brown suede loafers.

# 24 Smart Casual Suit Up

Stay sharp and smart in a navy blue suit that’s got that smooth finish. Pair with a light blue shirt and ditch the tie. Complete your style by going sock-less in white sneakers.

# 25 Blue and Grey Italian Casuals

Settle for fresh Italian casuals sporting a sky blue grandad shirt. Pair with grey flat front pants and sport beige loafers on the feet.

Men’s capri pants are a great substitute to shorts owing to their multiplicity and flexibility. Men’s capri pants tend to add that sporty touch to your outfit. Give it a try and experience the transition it has to offer!

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