25 Ways to Rock Eldredge Tie Knot – Cool Eccentric Styles

Eldredge knot is one of the most elaborate and adventurous ways of doing your tie. It’s a complex knot that appeals to those that are brave enough to attempt it. There are lots of cool ideas for those that want to sport an Eldredge tie knot. Below, we explore 25 cool ideas to keep you inspired.

# 1 Classic Man Wear

Go classic in a soft pink tie worn with a white shirt. Add to the classic look by settling for a blue classic-fit suit sporting a waistcoat. Ditch the lapel pin and finish with a classic timepiece on the wrist.

# 2 Rose Gold and Blue Combo

Sport the vibrant look of a rose gold tie worn with a silver tie bar. Match the tie with a light blue shirt that sports roll-up sleeves. Settle for the classic finish with a sky-blue waistcoat.

# 3 Black Wedding Suit-Up

Go black in a sleek suit sporting that sexy modern-fit style. Let the suit sit flush with a black tie and black shirt. Create some flair in the black shade by sporting a rose red pocket square and white floral lapel pin.

# 4 Grey Debonair Outfit

Stand out in a grey gabardine silk tie sporting a white tie bar. Pair with a white plaid shirt and a grey sharkskin suit. Sport silver metallic lapel pins and add the retro look of a paisley pocket square.

# 5 Dapper Urban Style

Take your urban style to a whole new level by sporting a grey gabardine tie paired with a silver metallic tie bar. Wear it with a navy and white polka dot tie and get the modern look of a charcoal suit. Sport a floral lapel pin and a navy and white polka dot pocket square.

# 6 Blue and White Combo

Go blue and white sporting a blue tie that’s worn with a white button-down shirt. Finish in blue jean pants.

# 7 Gentleman Style

Settle for a plaid tie sporting pink, grey and brown checks. Wear the tie with a pink shirt sporting white speckles. Go classic in a grey sharkskin suit. Ditch the lapel pin and finish in a plaid pocket square that has red and white checks.

# 8 The Golden Glow

Sport the creative glow of a gold serge tie. Give it the sparkling background of a snow-white shirt. Go casual in a jacket sporting grey and white checks. Ditch the lapel pin and finish tough in denim jean pants.

# 9 Plaid Combination

Go for a modern swag sporting a plaid tie that features white and green checks and an arrow-style golden tie bar. Wear with a plain white shirt. Settle for a plaid modern fit grey suit sporting a green and white floral lapel pin. Finish in a white pocket square that has a green band.

# 10 Apostolic Style

Sport a dapper apostolic style comprising a blue and white polka dot tie. Make it white and black at the knot and go for a paisley shirt. Sport a classic grey suit and finish in a paisley pocket square.

# 11 Double White and Black Combo

Go outside the box and settle for a double knot sporting the classic combo of black and white colors. Wear with a white shirt and sport a black suit that’s got a black waistcoat on the inside. Complete with a white pocket square that has a red band.

# 12 Formal Yellow Gold

Give your button down white shirt the glow of a yellow gold tie. Add a dim grey waistcoat and finish in glossy black Nikon tuxedo.

# 13 Scaly Elegance

Settle for a scaly patterned tie that comes in dark and purple. Give it the cool contrast of a white shirt. Finish the Italian style by sporting a black tuxedo and a pocket square.

# 14 Dapper Street Style

Walk the streets in style by sporting a black tie that’s paired with a snow white shirt. Go classic in a blue suit ditching away the lapel pin.

# 15 Cool Contrast

Make it classy with a green silk tie worn with a blue gabardine shirt. Sport a blue jacket that has a black band along the folds. Give it the classic look of a logo imprinted pocket square and finish in black pants.

# 16 The Striped Glow

Settle for the faint glow of a striped tie sporting black, white and blue stripes. Pair with a snow white shirt and add a black and white classic pinstripe suit. Give it the sparkle of a white pocket square.

# 17 Dapper Suit-Up

Go cool and sleek in a glossy black sharkskin tie that sits snug on a snow-white shirt. Pair with a dim grey sharkskin suit sporting the sparkle of a snow white pocket square.

# 18 Tweed Suit with Orange Flair

Go Hindu style sporting that orange flair. Wear your orange tie with a white shirt. Top in a charcoal black tweed suit and add an extra flair with an orange pocket square.

# 19 Formal Layering

Sport a red tie and pair it with a white long-sleeve shirt. Go for the extra sparkle of a white waistcoat. Top in a black sharkskin suit and ditch the lapel pin. Give your suit the flair of a red pocket square.

# 20 Maroon with Black Suit-Up

Stand out in a maroon tie that’s given the perfect match for a white long-sleeve shirt. Finish in a black suit that sports layered lapels.

# 21 Classic Multi-Texture

Settle for a double textured black tie. Match the tie with a white shirt and finish with a grey-brown plaid suit.

# 22 Golden Semi-Formal Wear

Upgrade your semi-formal style and give it the creative glow of a gold tie. Wear with a sky blue shirt that sports roll-up sleeves. Top everything in a dim grey sharkskin waistcoat.

# 23 The Blue Moon Wear

Make heads turn by sporting that cool blue moon tie. Transform it into the ultimate stunner by pairing with a black shirt and black classic suit.

# 24 Cool Classic Blend

Go for a red pindot silk tie that’s paired with a white pinstripe shirt. Go for the smooth and dapper finish of a black sharkskin suit and ditch the lapel pin.

# 25 Classic Designer Wear

Drive your admirers crazy in a plaid Kenneth Cole tie sporting pink, blue and black checkered stripes. Match with a soft pink shirt and top in a grey plaid suit. Finish in a black and white polka dot pocket square.

Eldredge tie knot is a great choice for those that want to ditch away the conventional tie knots. Despite presenting a challenge to tie, it provides that eccentric look that gives you a unique edge. Experiment with one of these cool ideas and stand out from the crowd.

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