25 Amazing Ways To Style Long Sleeve Polo Shirt – An Effortless Casual Look

A long sleeve polo shirt can be a great apparel to have in your wardrobe if you do not have one yet. It will help bring that positive change that you need for both your appearance and personality. You can pair it with most of the other outfits you have and it will look great. You do not need to push yourself too much when styling it. The following are 25 great ways that you can use to style a long sleeve polo shirt for a sharp, stunning look.

# 1 Smart Casual Look

If you work in an office, this will be a great look to rock on Friday or Saturday. The blue polo shirt looks absolutely great together with cream pants. You can fold the sleeves a little bit to reinforce the casual look.

# 2 Long Sleeved Polo Shirt with Jeans

For an effortless casual look, you can wear a long sleeved polo shirt and then pair it with jeans. You will look fantastic especially during the weekend. Black jeans and a purple shirt will look great together.

# 3 Elegant Casual Look

Not many people will be confident enough to try this style, but it looks fantastic all in all. The white polo shirt looks perfect with the floral blue shorts and blue jacket.

# 4 Cool Athletic Look

An athletic look does not necessarily need to be so simple. You can try a sophisticated look that features a white polo shirt and gold jacket for a change. A black tie that has gold stripes will look great with this look.

# 5 Perfect Holiday Style

Are you going on a holiday soon? Well, apart from packing your bags and making sure that you have enough money for the vacation, you also need to be concerned about what you will wear. This simple look that features a blue polo shirt, black pants, and black high tops shoes will be perfect for the vacation.

# 6 Polo Shirt with Shorts

Wearing a polo shirt with shorts is a trend that is slowly gaining momentum. A white shirt will go well with a black flowery short. A black blazer will be perfect to finish this look.

# 7 Cool Winter Style

When winter comes, this is one look that you can rock to the office and look absolutely great. When a blue long sleeve polo shirt is worn together with a black suit and a white leather jacket, you will feel warm no matter how cold it is.

# 8 Nice Rugged Look

If you like trying on a rugged style sometimes, this is one awesome style you will need to try. The blue shirt matches well with the white trouser and the old school jacket.

# 9 Tuxedo Jacket with Polo Shirt

When going to a formal event such as a wedding, you will look great if you put on a blue tuxedo jacket to match with a white polo shirt. You do not even need to put on a tie.

# 10 Fantastic Spring Look

A combination that features a purple polo neck, a brown polo shirt, and white pants will make you look really handsome. A brown belt will be perfect to match with this look.

# 11 Cool Vintage Look

This blue Ralph Lauren vintage shirt will look perfect if worn casually together with black jeans. It will give you a nice street look.

# 12 Casual Gentleman Wear

This outfit is very simple but absolutely great. The white polo shirt couldn’t look perfect with the blue jeans and the blue and white colored sneakers. It is the kind of style to rock for a slick casual look if you are a gentleman.

# 13 Polo Shirt with Vest Coat

You will never go wrong with a pink long sleeved polo shirt, a blue jeans vest coat and a white trouser for casual Friday or Saturday. It is an effortless but classy look.

# 14 Classic Men’s Style

This is one of those styles that you can only try if you are willing to try risky fashion. A light green polo shirt, pink shorts, white sneakers, and a gold cap may look like a lot of colors but the end result is amazing.

# 15 Cool Street Look

A checked blue long sleeve polo shirt will look fantastic when combined with pink jeans. A brown belt and brown/black shades will be perfect to finish this look.

# 16 Stylish Official Look

With a body-hugging white polo shirt, black pants, and a black blazer, you will really look nice to the office. This can also double up as a great casual look if you choose not to a wear a tie and go for sneakers instead of official shoes.

# 17 Polished Formal Look

This is that kind of look that will turn heads when you walk into the office or when you are walking on the streets. People will wish they could dress like you. The nice looking pink polo shirt looks awesome with the black tie and black official trouser.

# 18 Polo Shirt with Scarf

A beautiful blue long sleeve Ralph Lauren polo shirt will look great together with a green scarf and navy blue pants. It is a nice casual/official look.

# 19 Polo Shirt with Jeans

This all black look that features a long sleeve polo shirt and jeans will make you look totally handsome. It is a nice street look or office wear during the weekend.

# 20 Cool Weekend Look

An outfit like this one for the weekend will make you feel very relaxed. The light blue shirt is a perfect match for the white jeans and white sneakers.

# 21 Superb Boys Look

Young men will look amazing in this style that features a pink long sleeved polo shirt and black trench coat. A grey beanie hat and multicolored scarf will complete this look well.

# 22 Striped Polo Shirt with Jeans

A polo shirt that features black stripes will look awesome when paired with black jeans. This is a nice weekend look to wear at home or on the street.

# 23 Nice Sunday Style

Sunday is one of those days when you need to give your official apparels a break. You will look great in this black long sleeve polo shirt if you pair it with camouflage pants and black sneakers.

# 24 Dope Street Look

You will look classy if you put on this street look that features a blue striped polo shirt and blue faded jeans. On a sunny day, black sunglasses will be perfect to go with this look.

# 25 Checked Blue Polo Shirt with Blue Jeans

This is a simple but classic casual look for both young and older men. For the shoes, you can go with brown high top shoes.

When it comes to styling polo shirts, it is all about matching colors correctly and knowing whether to wear sneakers or official shoes with the outfit. You should avoid wearing relaxed or baggy jeans with polo shirts because that will not just work. If you wear shorts, do not tuck the polo shirt to avoid looking too preppy.

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