25 Winning Newsboy Hat Ideas – Inspired by Peaky Blinders

The newsboy hat means different things to different people, and there is always a debate about its origins but what most men seem to agree about is that it is very fashionable. It is also not very restrictive because you can wear it with almost any outfit and in any season. The modern ones also come from various materials, and this increases the styling options. But the best looks come from simple hats with a traditional design and cute colors. If you are thinking of making this delightful hat part of your wardrobe here are some inspiring ideas that you can try out.

# 1 Smart with Matching Trench Coat

This look is one of those that you can be sure that you will see several men wearing during cold days and winter. It entails pairing a simple newsboy cap with a trench coat from the same material and color.

# 2 Hat, Vest, and Denim Combo

Here the hat has the traditional eight-panel design with a button at the top and a blue shade. The gentleman pairs it with a blue denim shirt, vintage brown vest coat, and spices up things with a cute cravat.

# 3 Wool Hat with Unstructured Suit

A black hat is all that this guy needs to finish his clean and classic appearance. He has an unstructured suit that comprises of a black jacket and a black and white patterned dress trouser. Introducing the cap to the outfit adds a unique element to his attire.

# 4 Brilliant Semi-Formal Attire

Here is a brilliant way to keep the cold in check while still looking fantastic. It is about wearing a waistcoat over a dress shirt and combining it with selvage jeans before capping the look with a brown scarf, long gray jacket, and a woolen beret.

# 5 British Style Cap

The thick material of this cap makes it perfect for winter. It also has some cute patterns that come from combining different wool colors on the material, and you can use it to accessorize any outfit that you want.

# 6 Easy Retro Look

This look is from a few decades ago, but it will still make a man look elegant. The newsboy hat in this design has a retro look, and it matches the color of the jacket.

# 7 Designer Hat and Sweater Combo

This classic hat can also work with a cardigan, and this is more so if they have a similar color. But this designer hat also has an impressive design that ensures that it has a perfect fit and that it hugs the head well.

# 8 The Tweed Cap

The tweed material and the color are what give this cap its impressive and classy appearance. You cannot go wrong with such a beautiful beret, and if you wear it with a cool jacket and bandana, you will look fantastic.

# 9 Classy Black Hat

Black is always the color that you should go for when you want a hat that you can wear with anything. This hat has a simple design with a button at the top, and it looks warm enough even for the winter cold.

# 10 Classy Street Wear

A wool hat with a faded black cap like this one is what you need to transform your formal unstructured suit into a semi-formal look that you can wear over the weekend comfortably

# 11 Patterned Eight-Panel Beret

The bright shade of yellow gives this hat a unique color. But, the eight-panel cap also has some lovely box patterns that give it a cute appearance, and it is perfect for a casual look like this one.

# 12 Classic Style

This classic outfit style is about pairing a newsboy hat with a tweed jacket. The cap has a rounder look than most others and a button at the front to join it to the brim.

# 13 Newsboy and Denim Combo

A classy pair of denim with double monk strap dress shoes, waistcoat and shirt and a long trench coat is what a gentleman needs for a clean and elegant look. But, introducing the fuller newsboy cap manages to take the looks a class higher.

# 14 Brown Hat and Jacket

You can never slip up with a vintage tweed jacket like this one, but this look proves that you can still spice it up. Here the jacket pairs with a matching beret style cap to create an attractive overall appearance.

# 15 Checked Hat with a Cool Suit

The brown check patterns on this hat give it a unique and stylish appearance which makes it a perfect accessory for the unstructured three-piece suit. This suit also has some attractive color combinations that entail wearing a brown waistcoat and dress pants and covering them with a navy blue jacket.

# 16 Cute Cap and Turtleneck Combination

The color, design, and fit of this cap are all fantastic, and it pairs well with the turtleneck. This outfit also entails wearing an unstructured suit and brown dress shoes.

# 17 Kangol Newsboy Hat with T-Shirt

Hats are an excellent addition to your weekend wear. Dressing in a stylish one like this with a cute t-shirt and a leather jacket will give you a polished casual wear.

# 18 Checked Tweed Hat and Jacket

The material of this hat is its most outstanding feature. It is a beautiful tweed fabric with some lovely checked patterns that match with the jacket for a grand appearance.

# 19 Adorable Wool Headgear

You should always choose a good material when it comes to the newsboy cap, but you cannot go wrong with wool. This cap is from light brown wool, and it complements the puffy waistcoat and sweater combo.

# 20 Patterned Cap and Shirt

The patterns on the cap and the retro shirt are what make this an interesting look. This cap is a tweed fabric, and it is an ideal choice when you want a simple but fresh look.

# 21 Multicolored Beret

Checkered caps allow you to have various shades on your headgears. This particular one has a combination of some bright shades that match almost all the colors in the unstructured three-piece suit.

# 22 Elegant in Tweed

You do not have to wait for winter to wear your tweed cap and coat as they will look fashionable in any season. For an appearance like this one, you have to match the hat and jacket colors and wear them with black pants and a scarf.

# 23 Navy Blue Jacket With Cute Beret

The color and design of this jacket that also includes giving it some stylish pockets are just amazing. This jacket is perfect for accessorizing the turtleneck and dress pants, but the cute beret style hair also adds some flavor to the overall appearance.

# 24 Wool Cap and Three-Piece Suit

With such an amazing three-piece you can be confident of a top class gentleman outfit. But, it is still possible to enhance the look with a cute tweed hat like this one.

# 25 The All Tweed Look

Classy, elegant, polished and refined still do not come close to describing this all tweed look as it is just as upscale as any outfit can get. It entails pairing a slim-fitting three piece suit with a tweed cap to give the guy a head-turning appearance.

The newsboy hat works for all men regardless of whether you like caps or not. It is an all season hat that you can wear for both casual and formal looks. You can also use the hat to keep your head warm on cold days. Look through the photos above for ideas on how you can wear it.

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