25 Spectacular Black Suit and Blue Tie Ideas – Splendid and Unique Color Combination

When we think of men and styling, we pick some essentials that every man’s wardrobe should have. You may have all colors of clothing in the world ranging from khaki chinos to classic military fashions. However, if your wardrobe doesn’t have a black suit hanging somewhere, be sure that you are missing the king of the closet. You don’t stop there. You very well know that you can’t wear a well-fitted black suit on its own. That’s where a tie and classic shirts come in. In this case, this article covers classic black suit and blue tie ideas that you can use to complete your closet.

# 1 Sophisticated Street Style

This style features a perfect casual outfit for those men who want to look stylish and keep warm on cold days. You can wear this suit with a pink shirt and a navy-blue tie. Pair the black jacket with gray pants to make a great color combo.

# 2 Daily Look

This elegant black suit is ideal when you want to look stylish, striking and unique. Get a jacket with two buttons for a more formal look. Go on and match it with either a white or a pink shirt. Pull out the exact look with a dotted blue tie to get lots of compliments.

# 3 Men’s Physique

On that a day that you want to look bold and expensive, settle on a linen black fitted suit. When choosing a shirt, get a blue shirt with white collar. That selection will create a killing style with a Navy blue tie

# 4 Clean and Sharp

This casual suit will come out elegantly when you pair it with a white shirt sporting blue stripes. The suit matches perfectly with a slim blue tie in a tight knot. The jacket features two buttons and notched lapels.

# 5 Beautiful Soho Suit

Any man out there and want to look suitably turned-out and bold can go for this look. Your holidays will be fantastic if you wear a black suit. Match your suit with a black tie featuring blue stripes. Let all these go with a white shirt. You will turn uncountable heads.

# 6 Classic Custom Suit

When your time comes to walk on that red carpet, only your checked black suit and a blue tie will take you from one end to the next one. Make sure you match your suit with a white shirt to rock this classic combo.

# 7 Three Piece Suit

Sporting this checked suit with a classic dotted blue tie will turn all heads. Go on and pair the jacket with a matching waistcoat. Wear a white shirt to make the style dazzle with elegance.

# 8 Splendid Suit

This look is just a demonstration of how a black suit comes out beautifully when worn with white shirt and completed with a blue tie. This style is guaranteed to keep you at the top. Be careful because it will make your friends jealous!

# 9 Impressive Combo

Whether it’s your wedding or your friend’s wedding, this outfit will make a statement for uncountable days or months. Expect no one to look away from a black jacket on top of a bright blue waistcoat. You also need to know that the bright blue hues of this tie will make the design look unique.

# 10 High-Class Black Suit and Blue Tie Style

Keep this style for your summers or for attending important occasions. The outfit is a fresh blend of a black striped suit with white shirt shining with elegance. Then a blue dotted shirt oozes an inner feeling of sophistication.

# 11 Classy Suits

Make your events colorful by taking black suits matched with white shirts. Then adding super fabulous blue ties to burn the entire occasion into a classy event. Expect all heads to turn in your direction.

# 12 Suit of The Day

In a situation where you want to look chic, hot, and then pick up lots of attention, this black suit and a light blue tie will surprisingly do the job. Make sure you wear it with a white shirt to stand out even more.

# 13 Black Slim Fitting Suit

This one is a combination of a fabulous summer suit for men who fancy clashing suits. The black slim-fit blazer is double buttoned with flap pockets and spiced with peak lapels. The outfit comes out splendidly when worn with a white shirt and a dotted blue tie.

# 14 Classic Black Striped Tie

While thinking of styling, don’t forget to pull off that gentleman look with a suit and flashy blue ties sporting black stripes. Settle on a pink shirt because such a combination will keep all attention on your side.

# 15 Exceptional Black Attire

You just got it right! A navy-blue tie, black shirt, and a black jacket. This combination will keep people talking for a couple of months. Be ready for a stream of compliments because no one looks away from a black suit and blue tie.

# 16 Smart Striped Suit

In this style, you choose to go fancy by rocking a black suit with a flashy blue tie. The jacket has two buttons with notched lapels. Wearing this suit with a pink shirt makes a classy gent.

# 17 Three Piece with a Blue Tie

Some days or events will call for a three-piece. In such a situation, get into your wardrobe and pick a gray suit. Combine your notched lapel jacket with a matching waistcoat. All this should go well with a blue shirt with white collar. Everything pulled off with a self-releasing navy blue tie.

# 18 Great Blue Stripes

Settle on a great tie combination worn with a super cool fitting suit. The tie looks neat with proportional blue and brown stripes. To correctly pull out this outfit, settle on a white shirt with blue stripes.

# 19 Wedding Suit

The outfit favors those men who are craving to look trendy and expensive during their wedding day. It’s unmistakable that a black suit and blue will make the whole event memorable. Get a jacket with jetted pockets and white shirt to make it look fancy and extraordinary.

# 20 Black and Gray

Black and gray, is that you? A black suit will not only make you look classy on your casual occasions, but it also takes it further by keeping you warm on a chilly day. Make the suit a top notch by wearing a white shirt and dotted blue tie.

# 21 Semi-Official Outfit

You won’t go wrong by wearing a black suit fitted with a pink shirt. Not only that, try wearing it with a blue striped tie and check out how that comes out altogether. Don’t be surprised by the semi-official outfit that you just pulled.

# 22 Exceptional Attire

Your outfit can ooze a feeling happiness when you know that you have an outstanding attire. Bring out your happy face by wearing a black suit with flashy blue tie. All these will come out well if you grab with a white shirt.

# 23 Blues and Black Hues

This one is an excellent suit selection for weekends or any other casual outings. The jacket has notched lapels making it a modern outfit. Wear it with a blue shirt and a striped blue tie. No one will match your high-class style.

# 24 Black and Blue Fitted Suit of the Fall

A white dotted tie with a dark blue suit is all what you need to have all eyes glued to your outfit. Pair this with a black jacket with notched lapels to make a fabulous finishing that will make a statement for a whole year!

# 25 Gentleman Style

Give your style an accent by wearing an elegant black suit. Furnish the suit with a touch of elegance by wearing an electric blue shirt and a matching navy blue dotted tie.

As we can see, black suit and blue tie make a real statement for anyone who wants to fit in the trend. You just need to get the right size to pull off your perfect outfit. If you want to make an elegant look, remember you must pick a shirt that will also match with the suit. You can go for light blue, navy blue or a dotted color combo.

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