30 Adorable Purple Suit Ideas – Classy and Unique Attire

The purple suit is clean and sexy which makes it perfect for guys who want to brighten up their appearance. Purple might not be one of the traditional suit colors, but the fact that its popularity has been on a steady rise shows that more and more men are embracing the beauty that comes with shiny suits. There are also various shades of purple, and so you will still have enough color options to choose from for your suit. Here is a picture gallery that will give you 30 different ideas on how to rock this sharp suit.

# 1 Clever Color Combo

The clever color combination for this outfit makes it a unique way of wearing an unstructured suit. It pairs a purple jacket with navy blue pants and spices up the look with a floral print tie.

# 2 Bright and Clean Look

This suit has a bright purple shade, and this is what gives it the brilliant and clean appearance. It is a modern fitting suit that the man pairs with a matching tie over a white shirt.

# 3 Elegant Plum Suit

Here is a shade of purple that will work for guys that prefer to wear dark toned suits. It is a two button slim fit and the man pairs it with a black shirt to maintain an overall dark toned appearance.

# 4 Light Lilac and Blue Combination

The lilac shade on this jacket is dazzling, and it almost looks like pink. It combines with light blue dress pants and bright black dress shoes to create an excellent appearance that can work for both formal and semi-casual looks.

# 5 Shinny Violet Suit

Violet can also make an amazing suit, and this one proves this. The suit has an excellent fit, and it pairs perfectly with the bright violet tie and a cute black shirt.

# 6 Dark and Sexy Three-Piece

This slim fit suit will also work for men that prefer dark colors. It is a three piece dark purple outfit that goes well with a dotted pocket square and a bright white shirt.

# 7 Classy Wine Suit

The wine shade of this suit is magnificent, and it will draw attention everywhere a man goes. But, the slim fit and two-button design of the suit and how it pairs with the black tie also enhance its beauty.

# 8 Glamorous Purple

The brightness of these purple suits is almost blinding, but their elegance is a class higher than most others. They have a regular fit and are perfect for wearing with black shirts and dark toned or patterned ties.

# 9 Pretty and Colorful

The shade of this suit is wine, but it has a fantastic gloss. It pairs with a floral pattern tie and a polka dotted shirt to give the man an excellent appearance.

# 10 Sweet Grape Purple

It is almost improbable to go wrong with a purple suit as you only need to choose a good shade like this grape hue, give it a slim fit and pair it with a nice shirt and tie to create a fabulous outfit.

# 11 Elegant Gentleman

A modern gentleman should always look classy, and this suit is perfect for ensuring this. It is a shiny purple suit with two buttons and a slim fit, and the guy wears it with a dotted shirt and a purple tie with tiny dots.

# 12 Sharp Three-Piece

Every modern man needs to have a sharp suit like this one. Apart from the unique color, it is a three-piece with a slim fit. The man wears it with a black shirt and patterned tie. He then complements the look with a pink pocket square.

# 13 Sassy Purple Velvet

You will hardly find a velvet suit that looks better than this one. It has everything that a man could ever wish for in a suit including an excellent color and fantastic fit. And to take the outfit a notch higher, the man wears it with an attractive bowtie.

# 14 Cute Orchid Outfit

Orchid purple is an excellent shade, and few others can match its brightness and elegance. It makes all the difference for this suit, and the man only needs to wear it with a cool turtleneck t-shirt and white sneakers for an appealing semi-formal appearance.

# 15 Upscale Purple Outfit

You can tell that this is a high-end suit just from its look. It has a perfect color with a subtle shine and a slim fit. The man wears it with a blue tie and a white shirt that matches the pocket square.

# 16 Classic Fit Purple Suit

A classic fit is comfortable and easy to wear, and this is why many men still love it. It is what makes this three-piece suit unique, but the man also dresses it well with some cool shoes and a hat.

# 17 Luxurious and Sweet Suit

The dark shade of this suit is just one of the things that give it the chic and sweet appearance. It is also a slim fit, and it pairs with the striped shirt, floral tie, and cute pocket square to make the guy look classy.

# 18 Adorable Lilac

There are countless shades of purple that you can choose for your suit but most men seem to prefer lilac, and this is because it is one of the brightest. The one in this outfit has a modern fit, and the man wears it with a matching tie and black shirt.

# 19 Eggplant Suit with Mandarin Collar Shirt

Three things make this an interesting outfit. The first one is the eggplant shade while the second is the slim fit and the third is the design of the trousers that make them a little shorter than usual. Besides from this, the mandarin collar style shirt also adds a unique element to the appearance.

# 20 Simple Elegance

A simple three-piece suit design with a slim fit and a perfect color is all that it takes to create this cute appearance. The man also styles it well with a white button down shirt, pocket square and black dress shoes.

# 21 Flawless Double Breast

This shade of purple is darker than most others, and it almost looks navy blue. But, the double breast design of this suit and its slim fit gives it the perfect appearance. And with such a perfect suit you only need a white shirt, black tie and cute pocket square for a classy appearance.

# 22 Extra-Chic Mauve Suit

The paleness of the mauve shade is what gives this outfit its distinct appearance. But, the design is also unique, and it entails giving it a modern fit and a waistcoat that is larger than the traditional ones. The wearer pairs it with a tie that matches the pocket square and a light blue shirt.

# 23 Charming Velvet Tuxedo

Purple velvet material can also create an adorable tuxedo, and this one proves it. It has a slim fit but combining it with the pleated shirt and bowtie also gives it some extra cuteness. Also, the accessories that include a gold watch and a cute lapel flower add to the elegance.

# 24 Classic Purple Three-Piece

A purple suit like this one will never go out of trend and so having one will help ensure that you will always look classy. The fabric is bright and clean, and the design is a modern fit. This gentleman wears it with a white shirt, patterned tie, and a fancy pocket square.

# 25 The Dazzling Look

This look is all about the shine, and it is perfect for a man that likes to look clean and stylish. The suit has a dark purple shade, and it pairs with a metallic blue shirt that the wearer spices up with some gold chains.

# 26 Cute Suit and Sneakers

This semi-formal look entails matching a double breasted suit with a black shirt and some cute white sneakers. The suit has a modern fit that is not very constricting, and it is a perfect wear for a weekend business meeting.

# 27 Cool Semi-Formal Look

There is nothing fancy about this suit but the color manages to make it look fantastic. It has a classic fit that makes it comfortable and perfect for wearing with a t-shirt to create a fancy semi-formal appearance.

# 28 Bespoke Two-Button

Bespoke suits will always give you a perfect fit because the tailor makes them with your particular measurement. This purple suit is bespoke, and it looks fabulous. Its most outstanding features are the peak lapel and extra large pockets. The slim tie, white shirt and the shiny brown dress shoes also add some glamor to the outfit.

# 29 Smart Purple Man

High-class and stylish are the two words that come close to describing this outfit. The shade of purple is just breathtaking, and the suit also has an excellent fit. Accessorizing the suit with a wool waistcoat, a patterned tie, black shirt and black dress shoes also contributes to enhancing the smart look.

# 30 Pure Class and Elegance

Although this outfit has a straightforward design and a regular slim fit, it still gives the wearer an elegant look thanks to the striking color. The suit pairs with a matching purple tie and a clean white shirt to complete the exclusive appearance.

The purple suit has all the elegance that a modern gentleman can ever wish for in a suit. And the good thing is that there are many shades to choose from that range from bright ones like lilac to dark hues like plum. Look through the gallery above and pick a shade and style that works best for you.

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