25 Trendy Black Dress Shirt Ideas – Sassy Gentleman Looks

Most men have a black dress shirt in their closet, but not all of them know how to wear it. It is a beautiful and very versatile shirt, and once you figure out how to wear it, you can always be sure of stylish and elegant looks. Whether you want to pull a formal or casual look, this shirt makes them all possible. Just like with any other dress shirt you only need to get the fit right and pair it with the right pair of trouser. Here are a few examples of the looks that you can try out.

# 1 Black Shirt and Suit

A black shirt is always a perfect match for a dark suit, and this look proves this. The shirt has an excellent fit that complements the slim fit of the suit and a red pocket square and formal tie over it help to brighten up the appearance.

# 2 Button Down Shirt

Here is a casual look that you can pull effortlessly. The look combines the shirt with a pair of jeans but the button down design, and the folding of the sleeves enhances the sporty appearance.

# 3 Black and Beige

A look like this one may not make you stand out, but it still makes the cut for a relaxed look. It entails pairing the shirt with a beige trouser and some Nike sneakers.

# 4 Chic Gentleman Look

This look proves that it is very easy to pull a gentleman look. It entails combining a black shirt with a two button jacket and tight pants and accessorizing with a floral blue tie and pocket square.

# 5 Custom Black Shirt

The custom design of this dress shirt is what makes it stand out and it entails giving it a unique color design and some fancy buttons. This shirt pairs well with the black dress trouser, and it creates a perfect look for men that want to keep things dark.

# 6 Simple But Glamorous

There is nothing complicated about the dress shirt in this design but the way the man wears it with a bespoke one button blue jacket creates an impressive overall appearance.

# 7 Cool Sweater Over Shirt

Modern looks are more about how you dress than what you wear. This simple shirt has a beautiful color, but the pairing with a clean and neat sweater and buttoning it all the way up is what makes this look unique.

# 8 Classy Slim Fit Look

Your clothes’ fit can also make a huge difference for your outfit. The slim fit of the black dress shirt and trousers is what makes this look unique. But, the bright tie and cute loafers also spice up this classy look.

# 9 Bespoke and Fashionable

Bespoke coats are a must have for a gentleman. But, you still need to dress it well for a chic appearance like this one. Here it spices up a black shirt and suit trousers combination, and its brown shade helps to break the continuity of the dark colors.

# 10 Oxford Shirt and Shorts Combo

As simple as this look might be it still makes the wearer look stylish. It entails pairing a black oxford shirt with some cute white shorts and white sneakers to create a chic and relaxed look.

# 11 Black Semi Formal Suit

This beautiful all black look entails pairing a dress shirt with tight black jeans and some lovely sneakers to create an attractive semi-formal look that is perfect for the weekend.

# 12 Gray Coat Over Black

This outfit demonstrates the endless styles that you can have with a black shirt and pant combination. It keeps the shirt untucked and spices up the look with a white concrete bowtie and a long gray coat.

# 13 Pleated Black Shirt

It is always an exceptional idea to try out something new when it comes to the black dress shirt. This design shows how to do this, and it combines a pleated black shirt with denim jeans, a scarf, and a trench coat.

# 14 Hot and Sexy in Black

You will hardly see any black shirt outfit that is sexier than this one. It combines the shirt with a smart fitting black suit to create a charming and classy outfit.

# 15 Patterned Dress Shirt

Your shirt does not always have to be plain because you can still wear one with some cute box patterns like this one. It pairs well with the tight jeans, and you should spice it up with a concrete bowtie.

# 16 Double Pocket Shirt and Suspenders Look

Few men would say no to a sassy appearance like this one. It is an innovative style that pairs a double pocket shirt with dress trousers and some cute suspenders.

# 17 Classic and Timeless Look

Nothing beats the black suit as it is always classic and timeless. And if you pair it with a nice black shirt with the top buttons undone you will look magnificent.

# 18 Black Dress Shirt with a Jeans Coat

Concrete bowties are in trend and men are using them to enhance both casual and formal looks. The one in this design adds a trendy element to the black shirt and blue jeans coat combination.

# 19 Cool Semi-Casual Look

This beautiful attire is about wearing a black shirt with gray jeans and black leather boots. You should then conclude the look by accessorizing with a black tie and coat.

# 20 Long Trench Coat and Black Shirt

The long trench coat might be the highlight and most prominent element in this look, but the style would not be flawless without the beautiful wool shirt.

# 21 Leather Jacket and Dress Shirt

There are no constraints when it comes to the black dress shirt because the options are endless. The one in this design pair perfectly with the tight black jeans and the concrete bowtie and leather jacket help to enhance the appearance.

# 22 Majestic Black Suit

The modern fit on this two-button black suit gives it a perfect and elegant appearance and pairing it with the dark dress shirt, and dotted pocket square helps to create a majestic look.

# 23 Smart Casual Wear

These skinny pants are perfect for a weekend wear, and you should combine them with a black shirt with the top buttons down and a gray blazer with some nice check patterns.

# 24 Casual Shirt and Gray Coat

This shiny black shirt has an attractive casual look with some cute buttons, and you can pair it with any trouser type and a long gray coat to keep the cold at bay.

# 25 All Black Look

A black suit can go with any shirt color but black is always the first choice for most men, and it is what makes this design impressive. The lapel flower is also an important part of the look as it helps to brighten it.

The black dress shirt is one of those types of clothes that every classy and trendy gentleman should have. This beautiful shirt works for casual and formal looks and so having it can help you wear one of the 25 cute styles above and many others.

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