40 Classy Bucket Hat Ideas for Men – Inspired by Fishermen

A bucket hat is a rounded headwear design with a downward sloping brim that may be wide or medium sized. It is also called a fisherman’s hat. There has been an alternating hate- love relationship for the hats with the vast majority taking on the hate side since the 1960s. However, people have embraced the hats lately both as protective attire from direct sunlight and as a fashion statement. Some of the ways that you can wear the hats include:

#1 The Classic Bucket Hat

The black hat with a brown brim adds a sense of style to anyone looking to have a vintage look to his outfit. It is has a durable corduroy material making it an ideal for any casual daywear. The solid colors of the material fall so well with almost any attire.

#2 Flowered Summer Hat

Summer is coming, and you do not know what to wear to that holiday in one of the Panama beaches. This is the hat wear while spending your days outdoors without getting your nose sunburnt.

#3 Wide Brimmed Hat with Drawstrings

Schoolboy Q rapper is renowned for a wide variety of this hat. The hat brings out the bad boy look in a person while still maintaining his cool. The multicolored band combined with the drawstrings adds style to the hat.

#4 The Ripstop Denim Hat

The all-seasons hat is the go-to hat for anyone with long and medium length straight hair or curly ends. The smooth look on the crown that tapers off to a perfect flare on the brim adds more style to the monotone look on the hair.

#5 Ralph Lauren Hat Camo

The military inspired hats are not going anywhere. You can wear them to the hunting, or while attending one of the hip-hop events. The hat is ideal for both warm and facial complexions.

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#6 Black Leather Hat

Leather bucket hats scream style and class. The black hat usually contains cotton sweatband on the inside and eyelets to keep the fresh air flowing on the inside. An insignia at the front or on the sides would add an exquisite detail to the classy headwear.

#7 The Boonie Indigo Hat

It is the ideal lightweight hat to wear whether you are on a daily stroll on the streets or as protective gear. This type of hats is usually made of the heavy-duty cotton mainly canvas or denim.

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  • Bucket Hat 30

#8 Fila Game on Top

The different methods of embroidery used on the hat make it outstanding in a crowd. As much as the company’s logo stand out alone, the wavy line below the name and stitching on the brim show a high creativity level. The eyelets on the hats facilitate good airflow.

#9 Polo Vintage Look

You will never go wrong on polo hats no matter what type it is when it comes to style. The polo vintage bucket hat compliments the bomber jackets’ 80s look. You can pair the hat with either a casual look or a formal look except for a wedding or work day.

#10 Graphic Print Hat

A plaid shirt and graphic print hat are an all time wear. Match the attractive colors and prints on the hat with any other outfit that you are wearing to bring out the street-inspired look.

#11 Cool Street Hat

The leash is off in the case of solid colors since they easily match. The reversible hat is made of a sturdy material, therefore, ideal for use in a prolonged period. Pair it with a garment of the same color for a more stylish look.

#12 Denim Bucket Hat with Side Eyed Eyelets

The simple hat is the perfect fisherman hat for the protection against sun rays during summer or out in the ocean. The eyelets allow for proper ventilation on the head leaving you no worries about the heat.

#13 Wide-Brimmed Casual Marq Hat

You will always kill it when it comes to a black designer Marq hat paired with a t-shirt. The simple, stylish look is achievable by anyone willing to go a notch higher and get a bucket hat. You also do not want to ruin your look by getting sunburn.

#14 The British Camo Hat

I like calling this the “loyalist hat.” The jungle green and military prints are enough to make you acquire one of this camouflage hats.

  • Bucket Hat 31
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  • Bucket Hat 35

#15 TF Golfer Official Hat

Who wants to play golf under scorching sunlight without any protection for their heads and eyes? The hat has eyelets to allow free circulation of air on the hair making it the best alternative to the golf caps and hats.

#16 Bob Indigo Hat

The color of the hat complements the one of the jacket and the scarf making it look more stylish and classy. The hat consists of lightweight material and medium sized brim making it ideal for summer time.

#17 Light Blue Denim Bucket Hat

The hat consists of premium cotton denim, stitched together along the crown leaving the solid color on the brim. The hat acts as an accessory to the 90’s blue denim cargo pants and vest. The hat, in this case, completes the style of the outfit.

#18 The Bad Boy Indigo Hat

The unfussy design of the hat would complement the curled hair very well. Go for a solid and a dull color to retain your attention on the curly hair and facial complexions rather than on the hair.

#19 Boby on Chambray Hat

The hat is made up of a durable mesh fabric which extends all the way to the under brim. The stitching on the hat breaks the monotonous flow of the heart giving it a visual partitioning. The hat gives more of a style statement than a protective gear.

#20 The Pleated Crown

Pleats on a hat make it unique. It is one of the ways to bring the variation of style on the solid color of the headwear. Go for one with subtle pleats that add more taste to the circular crown shape.

#21 Bright Blue Bob Hat

The designer hat represents style and elegance. They may not only be fashionable, but you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire one. However, the stunning look after wearing one is worth the price.

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#22 The Khaki-Green Apparel

Adventurous people associate themselves with jungle green color and it becomes an eye candy when it complements the handsome looks. Keep the embossed words at a minimum to give attention to the color.

#23 The Clean Solid White

You can wear the unisex hat to all casual events (indoors and outdoors). The hat serves more as a protective headgear, especially during the sunny days. The bright color reflects back the heat hence the absence of the eyelets.

#24 The Reversible Indigo

This is an all-protective hat for both the summer and winter times. The long brim covers the ears during the winter and acts as a protective layer during summer. It mostly suits people with long and curly hair.

#25 Dazzling Graffiti on Bucket Hat

Having a good piece of art on your hat is the best way to make the eyes turn. Creative and original work awes many people making your hat unique. Graffiti works best on dark colored hats with solid colors such as black, brown, or maroon.

It is, therefore, clear that fisherman’s hats are not the old boring headwear of the past, but entirely different stylish attire. Remember to consider certain factors such as your face shape and the color of your outfit before settling for one. As much as the bucket hats look incredible on the photos, a wrong choice may give you an unpleasant look, hence the need to shop wisely.

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40 Classy Bucket Hat Ideas for Men – Inspired by Fishermen

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