25 Trendy Necklaces for Men – Reflection of Your Own Style & Sensation

If you’re actively looking for trendy necklaces for men, then look no further as you’ve landed to the right page. Needless to mention, a trendy necklace, being an incredibly classy & elegant men’s accessory, reflects your unique style and sensation. In fact, an exclusive necklace is something that you’ll never want to take off !

So, now discover a wide selection of men’s necklaces that efficiently combines both masculinity and style. Starting from cross pendants to chains in stainless steel and gold – here’s a solid collection of 25 exquisite necklaces for men which you’ll definitely love to wear!

# 1 Men’s Cuban Pendant in Stainless Steel

This is a classic lion head Cuban pendant perfectly paired with a stainless steel chain. This necklace features a royal and sophisticated outlook that goes pretty well with any urban or trendy outfit.

# 2 Chic Golden Necklace

This necklace has a classic golden color which can provide you a visually stunning & impeccably polished look. It’s not similar to any bulky golden jewelry. Rather, this golden necklace is ultra-sleek, chic, and stylish.

# 3 Multi-Layered Men’s Jewelry in Black

In this picture, as you can see, the model has worn a multi-layered men’s necklace with matching pendants. The chain has a classic black color (that gives a vintage look) which is beautifully paired with a traditional cross pendant and a stylish battery-shaped unique pendant.

# 4 Turquoise Necklace for Men

If you love this color, then this turquoise necklace will be just apt for you. It looks so trendy and cool. The necklace is designed with vintage crystals, colorful beads, and stylish stones.

# 5 Classic Men’s Necklace in Black

This is another beautiful men’s necklace that comes with the royal & vibrant black color. The chain has a perfect length and it’s paired up with small pendants. The entire jewelry looks so amazingly & incredibly hot!

# 6 Pure Silver Droplet Necklace

Here, the model is wearing three beautiful silver droplet necklace (but, you can also wear just one of them). This is a sterling silver jewelry design that represents both unprecedented quality and flawless style.

# 7 Beads Necklace for Men

This is a classic beads necklace for men. This stunning jewelry comes with a brownish black color. It blends perfectly well with rugged jeans and trendy hoodie. For more stylish look, pair this necklace with a matching beads bracelet.

# 8 Perfect Gunmetal Necklace for Vintage Look

This particular piece of gunmetal necklace features an absolutely stunning mix of chains & metals while offering the ultimate versatility. This jewelry will surely elevate your style when paired up with matching apparels. Also, you can wear a single necklace or you can even wear 2-3 of them to get a fashionable hipster look.

# 9 Sleek Basic Necklace with Pendant

In this look, you can see a sleek and trendy basic men’s necklace that comes with a small pendant. It’s a perfect accessory that combines both masculinity and so-called manhood. Wear it on any trendy t-shirt & present yourself a stunning masculine look.

# 10 Elite Pendant in Stainless Steel Chain

This trendy men’s accessory comes with a pendant (similar to cross pendants) and a long chain that is made of stainless steel. This jewelry certainly gives a funky and masculine outlook. The chain looks quite stylish and the pendant carries a classic vintage look.

# 11 Cylindrical Onyx Necklace in Silver & Black

This handsome onyx men’s necklace is designed with well-polished black onyx gemstone and antique silver chain. This traditional combination of silver and black clearly accentuates the overall look of this trendy fashion accessory.

# 12 Traditional Cross Pendant with Chain

This men’s necklace with a cross pendant has a high polished and exquisite finish. It’s something that is traditional yet completely unique in design, The chain seems to be pretty strong and rigid. Plus, this necklace has the perfect length for any man.

# 13 Golden Yellow Tiger Eye Necklace

This necklace is completely unique, stunningly beautiful, and absolutely stylish. This golden yellow tiger eye necklace comes with many powerful crystal stones. This accessory brings energy, brightness, and optimism to any situation while offering a fascinating look.

# 14 Easy Summer Look with Silver Necklace

This men’s accessory will give you an easy summer look. It comes with a long sterling silver chain and a matching round-shaped silver pendant. Pair this exclusive jewelry with a rugged jeans, black & red check shirt – you’ll eventually have a mesmerizing look!

# 15 Cuban Chain Necklace for Men

This is another fine and fashion men’s jewelry that comes with a flat and thick chain. It has a silver matte finish (instead of shiny or sterling silver finish). This chain has a perfect thickness and it won’t need to be paired up with any pendant.

# 16 Unisex Beaded Necklace

This is a unisex short beaded necklace that is designed with multiple brown and yellow beads. It features a short length which gives a smart and chic look.

# 17 Beaded Necklace with Contrast Colors

This is an awesome neck piece that features contrast colored beads (elegantly crafted on all over this accessory). This is a beautiful adult necklace that comes with knots & screw clasp.

# 18 Gold Necklace with Matching Gold Pendant

It’s a lavish golden men’s necklace that is paired up with matching gold pendants of various unconventional shapes. The model has worn three different exquisite gold necklaces. But, it can be worn single as well.

# 19 Multiple Layered Men’s Necklace with Stylish Pendants

This necklace has multiple layers. The necklaces come with unique pendants and chains with multiple lengths.

# 20 Mexican Jewelry For Men

Here, the model is wearing two separate necklaces. The silver finished chains are paired up with the round-shaped pendant. This accessory goes perfectly well with a black scarf, leather jacket, and a sunglass.

# 21 Sleek Chain with Matching Pendant

This model is wearing an ultra-sleek & silver finished antique chain with an eye-catching pendant. It’s not a fanciful and bulky jewelry. Rather, this accessory is designed to give a smart, simple, and sophisticated look.

# 22 Men’s Necklace in Stainless Steel

This is another attractive and stunning men’s necklace that is made of stainless steel. It’s sleek enough to be properly matched up with any urban men’s apparel.

# 23 Vintage Looking Royal Men’s Necklace

Here, the model is wearing a long yet royal necklace (a stainless steel chain & an antique pendant). Undoubtedly, this necklace gives a sheer vintage look.

# 24 Vitaly Designed Men’s Necklace

This is an ultimate accessory for any man who wants to have a trendy and hipster look. This awesome neck piece comes with a long silver chain and a beautiful pendant.

# 25 Layered Necklace Look

This layered neck piece is one of the best necklaces for men. This accessory comes with multiple sterling silver chains and pendants with smoky quartz.

Whether you want a polished look or you simply wish to look at your best – these sumptuous necklaces for men are the perfect accessory for you.

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