25 Ways to Style Gold Chain for Men – Your Individual Spin on a Look

Accessories are the way to put your own individual spin on a look. Style can be made with even the little details from belts, to shoes, and jewelry. Jewelry isn’t something that’s just for women. Subtle details can make a look and put a different spin on it. You can use a gold chain to break up a color, if you’re feeling like wearing all black. Gold chains are very easy to blend in with your style.

# 1 Red Stone

This gentleman is wearing a grey shirt with a grey cap, ripped blue jeans. He also has a gold chain with a pendant with a red stone. It’s a casual look and in this instance the jewelry is used to add a splash of color in what might be a subdued look.

# 2 Simple Gold

Here’s another pop of color, this gentleman is wearing a black pullover with black pants. A dark look that has a simple and subtle accent with his gold chain. It’s a little detail that doesn’t take away from the look he’s wearing, but it gives it just bit of bling.

# 3 Pendants Can Talk

The pendant on this chain is making a statement. Details can do that. He’s wearing a white pullover and the chain of his necklace is longer so the pendant is hanging down just below his chest. It will catch the eye because it’s definitely making a statement.

# 4 Little Detail

Subtle details can make style and help you add things to your look, they’re subtle so they’re not likely to take away from your look. Here’s a gentleman wearing a black shirt with grey shorts, patterned sneakers and black socks. The chain he’s wearing is simple a little detail it’s a longer chain so it’s going to draw attention down, but it’s not distracting from the rest of what he’s wearing.

# 5 Shorter Chain

This gentleman is wearing a black band shirt and maroon pair of shorts. He’s adding a mix of accessories. He’s got a tan hat and a simple, short chain. It’s adding bling but not taking away from his casual, laid-back look.

# 6 Splashes of Color in Black

Here is another gentleman using details to add pops of color to an otherwise black outfit. He is wearing black ripped pants, a deep v-neck shirt, and a black coat. He’s got light tan boots and he’s got the bling of his chains. One is a simple long chain and another with a pendant that has a red stone.

# 7 Large Pendant

Another large pendant that is making a statement. He is wearing a gray shirt and light tan jacket over ripped jeans.

# 8 More Bling

Here is a gentleman rocking his jewelry. He is sporting two longer chains, both with pendants. He is using them to make a statement, they’re standing out on his black pullover and definitely going to draw attention.

# 9 Long Chain

Here is a simple look, this gentleman has a light maroon shirt, under a plaid shirt, and he’s wearing a necklace that has a longer chain so that pendant falls about mid chest. It’s a casual, comfortable look.

# 10 Thicker Chain

This chain is thicker and flat edged, it makes a statement standing out in the black shirt the gentleman is wearing. The thickness allows you to see the details of the links in it, it’s unique and sure to draw the eye.

# 11 Clean Look

This gentleman is wearing a white shirt with blue jeans and letting his accessories do the talking. He’s wearing red boots and tan hat with a simple gold chain for a clean, casual look.

# 12 Getting Attention

Another long chain to draw the eye down, he’s wearing a simple pendant with it over a white shirt. It draws eye to the logo on it and even emphasis to his physique.

# 13 Accessorizing and Rocking It

This gentleman is wearing a white pullover with logos that are in gold, his jewelry is going with that theme. He’s wearing a longer chain with an interesting pendant and he also has the gold of his watch setting it off.

# 14 Layering

This gentleman has brown shirt over a striped tank top and ripped jeans. Then he added in the little details with his accessories. He has a small pendant on a shorter chain with his light brown hat.

# 15 Mixing Textures

There is a difference in textures when it comes to gold chains. There are several that this gentleman is wearing with his black pullover. He has a thicker rope chain and a thinner one with a large pendant.

# 16 Classy Casual

Here’s a good casual look that’s including two thick chains. This gentleman is wearing a print shirt with black slacks. He’s styling a camouflaged jacket and looking sharp even dressed casual.

# 17 Putting it Together

This gentleman looks well put together in this casual look, he’s sporting dark blue jeans with a patterned shirt and a black jacket on top. He’s, also, wearing a chain that has a large pendant. It’s not distracting or pulling away what he’s wearing, but he’s pieced together this look very nicely and is looking well put together.

# 18 Couple Up

Multiple men have been seen sporting multiple chains, here’s a good example of coordinating lengths. This gentleman’s combined a shorter chain with a longer one, the chains are similar style and the longer one has a pendant. They look good with his black shirt,  white and blue jacket that is layered over white jeans.

# 19 Overlapping

Here’s another look with multiple chains, two having pendants attached to them. He’s sporting three that are of similar length and the pendant do overlap each other but the style looks good. He’s also wearing a black printed pullover with ripped blue jeans.

# 20 Urban Flare

A simple chain at a generous length is adding to this gentleman’s style. He’s sporting a white shirt with it and letting the accessories that he’s paired it with, do a lot of talking about his style. He’s also got a nice pair of mirrored sunglasses and his black cap helping him pull off the look.

# 21 Sharp Shine

Here’s a thick wheat chain with a pendant, it’s coordinated with a long white shirt and ripped blue jeans. He’s topped it off with a nice light brown hat. The broadness of the chain shows the details of the woven gold and makes it a great accessory for his look.

# 22 Subtle Bling

This gentleman is wearing a light brown jacket with a similar colored hat over a black shirt. He has a simple thin chain with a small pendant that doesn’t distract or mess up with his style he’s created with this look. If anything its blending with his outfit and giving it an extra bit of bling.

# 23 Make it Big

This gentleman is wearing a long gray pullover with a pair of ripped white jeans. He’s paired it with a light blue pair of patterned sneakers and a gray hat. The chain he is wearing is a thick cut, showing the details of the woven gold. It’s a pop of color, like with his sneakers, that’s really standing out.

# 24 Doubled Up

This gentleman has two chains that are different textures, one is roped and the other flat. The differences make so that both chains are going to stand down, they not quite similar in length but different just so that one pendant of the shorter one is over the pendant on the longer one. They’re staggered so you can see both of them. He’s also wearing a white shirt so both necklaces are standing out and easy to see.

# 25 Snake Chain

There are many different styles of chains and we have seen a few shown. The snake chain is different with the way the links are put together giving a similarity to that of a snake. It’s an interesting looking chain in that it’s unique. Here this gentleman is just wearing the chain itself, but it can also support a pendant. He’s wearing it with a black shirt, making the gold stand out.

Gold chains, as with any piece you choose to add to your look, have a great way of adding focus and shine to a look. They can be used to express yourself by adding a pendant of your choice, or they can be a simple chain that you use to add color or bling to what you’re wearing. Gold is great and it can be mixed with a lot of different colors.

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