45 Charming Ways to Style Men’s Belts – Make Your Outfit Pop

Generally, men’s belts are used as a means to keep your pants up. They have their function, but that doesn’t mean they have to take away from your outfit or style. It can be used as a way to add a pop of color or pull it together by matching your shoes. Often times, a man’s belt is a necessary piece to his look that can add to his style rather than distracting from it.

#1 Add a Little Bling

The buckle is silver and sharp against the black leather, it rounds out the outfit of this gentleman by going with his black coat that is layered over a white button-down with a patterned black and white tie. The belt itself stands out in his light gray slacks.

#2 Subtle Brown

Brown is a color we often see belts in, this one is light leather brown with a thin silver buckle. It doesn’t take away from the outfit of jeans and goes well with the light blue of his shirt, blue and brown do go so well together.

#3 A Great Way to Accessorize

Belts are an accessory, this one has an interesting belt buckle in the shape of a golden fish. It gives rest of outfit a bit of a humorous look, a white button down and light gray slacks. But, it doesn’t take away from his look.

#4 That Stitching

This belt is thick black and offers a simple buckle which is definitely going to stand out. But, the stitching used on the belt itself is white offers a pop of color. It brings together to look when holding up light tan slacks and paired with a crisp white button down, beautiful blue patterned tie, and a black coat.

#5 Light Brown

The light brown of this belt goes well with the jean shorts that they are in, the gentleman wearing it paired it with a light patterned white shirt and a lovely red coat. Soft colors for a great summer look.

#6 Texture

Alligator leather is a great way to get a different take on things, the embossing on this belt doesn’t distract from the suit the gentleman is wearing, but it gives it that extra bit of style like a good accessory should. He’s wearing it with a beautiful tan suit and white button down.

#7 Simple Black

This belt is a simple solid black leather with a subtle silver buckle. It blends in well with his black jeans and shirt.

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#8 Woven Black

This black leather belt is woven together giving it an interesting look compared to the solid leather belts. It’s texture plus movement. It’s paired with dark blue jeans and a denim button down.

#9 Not All Are Leather

Not all belts have to be leather if you’re looking for an interesting color to make a look there are options outside of your common black and brown leather belts. Here’s a burgundy belt that does have a light strip of leather to it. It’s in black slacks that are paired with a light blue button down layered under a brown wool coat.

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#10 Little Details

More color! Though this one is leather, there’s a strip of blue going through it that gives it a touch of color with the black. The unique part of this belt is the latch that is definitely going to stand out. It’s in a pair of blue jeans with a nice patterned blue button down.

#11 Navy Belt

This is belt nearly blends in with pinstriped pants this fellow is wearing and often when you are trying to maintain a look, that’s what you want. It’s a soft navy belt with a dark brown trim.

#12 More Color!

Green is also an option! This gentleman used this lovely green belt, with its white stitching, as a means to break up the amount of blue he’s wearing. He’s sporting dark blue jeans and a nice slate blue button down, the green definitely gives him that extra bit to stand out in all that blue.

#13 Making a Look Work

This belt is being used to tie his look together, it’s cutting through the deep orange slacks and going with the black button down this gentleman is wearing. This is a great look for the fall.

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#14 Solid Silver

The buckle of this belt is a solid silver, giving it a touch of bling but not taking away from the rest of the outfit. The belt itself is a dark brown in his blue jeans, he’s made the look classy by pairing it with a striped button down and a dark blue patterned tie under his dark green jacket.

#15 Creating Interest

The buckle on this belt has a pattern to it in the metal. The leather is simple, but the pattern in the metal is what creates interest. He has it in simple blue jeans and a nice plaid button down.

#16 Buckles Can Make it Interesting

Another belt with an interesting buckle. It’s set with black leather and the gentleman wearing it has is also wearing blue jeans and a light gray pullover.

#17 In More Colors!

A striped belt in red, white and blue, this fabric belt is a great way to set up your outfit and it’s simple blue buckle doesn’t distract. It’s worn here with blue jeans and a gray shirt under a plaid button down.

#18 White and Silver

The leather band of this belt is a stark white set off with the silver accents of the buckle, it goes well with dark gray slacks and white pullover, with that splash of color.

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#19 Light Brown

This belt is brown and is being used to bright up the outfit this gentleman is wearing. It’s standing out of the dark blue slacks and a crisp white button down.

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#20 Slim Brown

This belt is a slim brown, matching his dark brown shoes. He’s wearing it with light gray slacks in a nice striped black and white sweater.

#21 Golden Buckle

This belt draws interest with its brushed gold buckle. The rest of the belt is a brown canvas that goes nicely with the lighter shade brown slacks and his blue coat.

#22 Woven Blending In

This belt is a dark leather weave that is blending in with his outfit and not distracting from it. He’s wearing a nice white coat over a striped blue button-down with a very interestingly patterned tie and gray slacks.

#23 Brown and Gold

Another belt that looks like it could go incognito if necessary, though it’s worn with white slacks and a white button-down. It goes smashingly with the rust colored blazer.

#24 Simple Black

This is a simple black leather belt that helps set up that professional look you may be going for. It looks good here with gray slacks and a light blue button down.

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#25 Suede

This belt has a softer look to it because it’s suede. It looks good with this fellow’s blue jeans and white button down.

#26 Shades of Brown to Play With

This belt is more of a burnt orange than brown that stands out in the lighter blue if this gentleman’s jeans. He’s paired it with a simple black shirt.

#27 Woven White

Accessories can make an outfit and this is a great example of that. It’s a white woven belt that he’s paired with bright blue slacks and a blue plaid button down. It’s a great summer look!

#28 Patterned Belts

Belts can be patterned, too. This belt has a great golf theme in a light green strap, it’s tied together with brown leather and a silver buckle. The gentleman wearing it is sporting white slacks and a gray shirt for some time on the course.

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#29 Blue and White Stripes

More style with colored belts. This blue belt has two striking white stripes through it, the gentleman wearing went for a blue look with his patterned blue button down and white slacks.

#30 Broad Tan

Lighter colors can work, too. This belt is a light tan and thick, but it doesn’t take away from the khaki’s the gentleman is wearing or the olive button down. If anything, it completes the look.

Wearing a belt for its function is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. It can also be a great means to make your outfit pop. A lot of accessories can give a suit or outfit their own individual flavor.

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45 Charming Ways to Style Men’s Belts – Make Your Outfit Pop

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