45 Trendy Ways to Style Monk Strap Shoes – Choose Your Elegant Pair

If you ask someone what adds to the charm in a style quotient of a man, the answer will always be the same, and that would be a “noticeable pair of shoes he wears.” While styling, men usually pay attention to the clothes they would wear. However, what often helps make a real change, is an elegant pair of shoes. And the “Monk Strap Shoe” is one of its kind, that can add to your charms. What is a monk shoe? It’s one which has no laces, closed by a buckle and strap. A monk strap shoe has even been described as the “most sophisticated” form of a dress shoe and is today one of the main categories of men’s shoes. You can wear it anywhere you like – you will look equally elegant and sharp whether it’s a formal or informal occasion.

# 1 Tying Up With Jeans

Just put in a jeans and leather, and you will wear a deadly combination of double strapped monk shoes giving a rocking look to an informal occasion. You can experiment with the color of jeans you would like to wear, blue and black can go the best.

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# 2 Combination of Trends and Formals

Be in the trend, while having a formal look that people will adore. It’s different from the usual and gives a touch of the trend. The double strapped monk pairs can look awesome.

# 3 A Formal Wear

Worried about the dressing up for an interview in a big MNC? You can have a look at this guy. Is it the combo that can help you look elegant and vibrant? Try it out. It’s elegant and simple. Plus, nobody minds acing the interview they are going to, do they?

# 4 Have Fun

Is it formal, informal, partying or just having fun? It seems that guy is having it all. Nothing is better than this pair for a fun day. Strapless monk pair is going fine with hat and coat plus that pair of eyeglasses. You could sport it when you are going to a party or when you are just going out – it really doesn’t matter.

# 5 Changing the Trends

This man wears  jeans, a long jacket and has the elegance of wearing a strapless monk pair. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is – formal or informal – you can try it out nonetheless. Try it once and decide yourself.

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# 6 Retro Checks Or Modern Gaze

Retro but modern; the check is from the past, glasses from the trends and shoes are nothing but adding the elegance. It’s a wow look and one that is made to impress. What do you say? Want to try? Then go ahead.

# 7 A Perfect Formal Wear

Nothing could be better than this attire for any formal meeting. Those monks shoes with that fabric and tie combo are going awesome.

# 8 Dapper Style

A black pair of double strap monk goes fine with that three piece, adding class and elegance to the person in a perfect way. Definitely an option for a party or formal occasions.

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# 9 Just Casual

Not in a mood and want to dress up as quickly as you can? Go for this. It’s simple; it’s casual and it has got the style you need. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time to wear this. The brown pair of double straps with white pants and vertical line shirt with a vest gives a complete casual look. Is it not awesome?

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# 10 Be Colorful

This one is a colorful dressing. With that mustard-brownish monk shoes, reddish-magenta pants, a floral tie and a dark blue coat it makes the person completely colorful, yet influential. Have that look.

# 11 Reviving the Trends

This man has the awesome combination of merino wool waistcoat and trousers with hemp and silk mix jacket. Not to mention the awesome pair of monk double strapped shoes in black. You can try it out the next party you’re going to.

# 12 Fashion & Style

Round glasses, bow tie, black shirt, gray denim and a monk pair are perfect for a Gala concert. But you can wear it to any party you want, and even that music concert show you have been waiting to attend. Try it whenever you have such invites. It will suit you a lot.

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# 13 Your Fashion & Your Style

You’ll want everything here from polka dots suit, retro glasses, fitting hairstyle to monk strap shoes. What more one can ask for? This is a style statement, go for it.

# 14 Suiting Up

The perfect style for you if you are wearing a suit. On another business day, have this look with gray-black check suit with a turtleneck. It seems like a well-prepared man is waiting to work hard in a most elegant manner.

# 15 The Rusty Look

This one can have the girls swooning over you and the charm you will have. Sport that tough look with Rishton tan and navy solid suit along with a fine pair of strap dark brown monk shoes. Surely a fashion statement.

# 16 Carry the Street Style

Want to spend a day rough looking, try this out. Brown monk pair of shoes with a brown belt, white shirt with blue pants and blue jacket. Looks rough and tough look.

  • monk strap shoes 7
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  • monk strap shoes 11

# 17 Make Your Own Style

Bright blue with a sockless pair of leather monk shoes, what a combination! You certainly would like to try it. Go ahead!

# 18 I am Trendy

Those rough jeans, beige jacket and black monk strap shoes are a wonderful casual combo! You must go for it.

# 19 A Daily Dapper Look

If you look for ways to create a different style every time yet casual, try this match. The man is in royal blue striped socks, and wearing a pair of black leather monks.

# 20 Recreational Work

Dark green Gaberdine fabric and a suit with a light blue tie and black monk shoes are giving the perfect impact of royal attitude. Do not wait and go for it.

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# 21 The Killing Blue

No matter how many shades of suits you have, if your wardrobe is deprived of dark blue, you certainly are missing something. Have this royal look with strap monk in dark reddish brown. It’s simply outstanding, and honestly, who doesn’t like blue?

# 22 Another Business Day

A gray suit with a yellow tie and dark maroon strap monk pair shoes make a splash when it comes to making a style statement. Do not wait, try this out. It’s perfect to wear to your workplace  – just don’t worry about all those eyes staring at you throughout the day.

# 23 Style Statement

You have a charcoal black suit with grayish-brown monk shoes highlighting the personality. This one is good for any occasion formal or informal. Keep one ready in your wardrobe.

# 24 Trendy & Casual

This one’s a great look, complete it with white collar T-shirt and dark blue pants with light check lining. And not to forget the pair of monks in tan leather. Go for this for an awesome style and a perfect look.

# 25 Make Your Own Style

All you need is a light purple T-shirt with a dark greenish-blue jacket and check pants. The person is showing a perfect example of being yourself. This complete attire might give you a definition. You must try it.

# 26 A Casual Day

Sport a multicolor bow tie with white pants and beige suit. It will definitely make you feel free and relaxed. Perfect attire for a day out. As well as the perfect holiday attire.

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  • monk strap shoes 15
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  • monk strap shoes 12

# 27 Your Attire, Your Style

You can make your own style. Blend the creamish yellow shirt with a sky blue bottoms and a brown monk pair. This style could be yours – and you need to try it out.

# 28 Another fine day

A complete blue suit with white shirt and maroon-brown monk pair is giving the right charm to his personality. A complete add-on to your wardrobe.

# 29 Go Funky

Gray checks with multicolor socks and a leather monk pair shoes look fresh. That attire is making that man complete trendy and he has innovated his own style. You can innovate your own as well. Do not wait for others, go ahead and find your own style.

# 30 Black is All Over

Everybody loves black – you can wear it on any occasion. This is a perfect combination of style and trend. It works for day and night and never goes out of fashion, be it a suit, shirt or leather monk shoes. It’s quite catchy and more importantly, anyone can try this.

The style you sport is not only about fashion, but also about how comfortable you’re with your attire and personality. However, little add-on never harms. Try out something new – monk strap shoes are that kind of add-on that can enhance your personality and comfort level.  Make your own style and be a style statement – it’s all possible with the right pair of shoes.

Monk Strap Shoes Guide

45 Trendy Ways to Style Monk Strap Shoes – Choose Your Elegant Pair

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