35 Snappy Men’s Medium Hairstyles – The Looks That Work

Some men worry about growing their hair out – and with good reason. It can be difficult to maintain a neat, stylish look when your hair is at an in-between length. You may want just a little length to give you more options or you may be looking for styles to wear while you grow your hair long. Whatever it is that you need we’ve lined up 35 awesome men’s medium hairstyles to give you ideas!

# 1 Natural Brush Back

Comb cuts like the one seen here follow the natural shape of the head, making for a distinguished but still relaxed men’s medium hairstyle. In this picture the hair is gently sleeked back, still allowing for volume and movement.

# 2 Effortless Swag

In this classic picture featuring a young Hugh Grant we seem him sporting one of his trademark puppy dog looks, with long curls along the sides that dip to his eyes. The rest of the hair was finger combed backed, creating a sexy laid back look.

# 3 Messy Comb Over

Comb overs are definitely not all about straight, sleek lines. In this picture, we see a model with medium length locks showing off longer hair on top of razor cut sides. The hair has a disconnected parting and a tousled, messy brush over that touches his face.

# 4 High Undercut and Contrast

We love the contrast of this model’s look – provided by the high undercut combined with medium long corkscrew curls. It’s young and vibrant and easy to take from day to night.

# 5 Wave Hello

For this look, the model’s hair was blow dried to have a brushed up wave in front and a deep side parting. The locks along the side are shorter, but carefully graded into the longer hair on top.

# 6 Sun Kissed Sweep

This model’s locks reach to just under the chin and are cut in layers which allows the hair to gently sweep down. To style, the hair has just been loosely combed back, and the stylist has also added a few sun-kissed highlights.

# 7 Taper Cut With Disconnected Parting

This hairstyle features a high disconnected parting which starts just above the crown with long locks in front that gently taper shorter at the neck. The front fringe section has been brushed over creating a stylish coif.

# 8 Caramel Curls With Tapered Fade

Two tone hair color for men is a great way to show off high street hair fashions. For this look, the hair is dark rosewood brown at the base followed by bright caramel highlights. There’s a tapered fade on the side with longer curled locks set on top.

# 9 Brushed Up Textured Cut

We love the amazing texture that the stylist created here using a skilled scissor cut. This model’s hair is short at the back and on the sides becoming longer (and brushed up) towards the front.

# 10 Edgy Medium Haircut

Medium length hair is easy to look after and you can definitely achieve edgy looks like this. Here the model’s hair is layered with choppy scissor cuts on the edges. It looks like there could also be an undercut along the sides.

# 11 Messy Beach Locks

This medium length hairstyle takes a choppy cut to the next level. In this picture, the model’s locks not only have sexy beach blonde color, but also a multilayer cut that gradually lengthens towards the front. The hair has been styled to have a messy look with a disconnected parting.

# 12 Lift Off

In this look, the hair is long in front gently blending shorter towards the back and sides. The stylist used finger blow drying and product to create the lift seen here, but the hair is still able to move naturally.

# 13 Brushed Back Waves

Growing out your hair can be painful, but a tapered cut can really help with that. This model has naturally wavy hair that has been neatly tamed by taper cut and gently brushed back creating a look that is simple yet stylish.

# 14 Up and Over Fringe

This model has lovely golden blonde hair color with dark shadow roots that have been trimmed on top with an undercut on the sides. Using a little product the fringe was brushed up and over alongside a disconnected side parting.

# 15 Neckline Detail

If you just want a little length at your neckline why not try this look? Here the stylist tapered the hair from longer in front to shorter at the back, but then also added some scissor cut layers along the neckline.

# 16 Golden Dimension

Light ginger brown hair like this has lots of natural dimension and in this example the stylist worked with this, accentuating the depth by adding graded layers from front to back. This means the hair at the neck still has length for the wavy texture and there is height on top.

# 17 Island Style

Thick hair often needs a little more attention to keep it from becoming unruly. This model shows off sensual two tone ringlet curls that fall just below the ears with a disconnected parting off to the side. The stylist may have also used an undercut to keep the volume in check.

# 18 The Big Easy

The good news is that you don’t have to be a model to have catwalk ready hair like this! In this photo, the model is wearing a medium length hairstyle with layering and a fringe brushed forward from the crown.

# 19 Structured Windswept Look

Windswept looks are hot right now – and here’s one that simply smolders. This model is wearing a jagged off center parting with layered locks cut to fall at different levels. The locks have been styled to look windswept, with a little height but still structured.

# 20 We Heart Curls

There’s nothing quite as alluring as soft curls – especially if they look ever so wild like this. Here the stylist trimmed the model’s locks open around his face, with a neat rounded shape along the sides.

# 21 Sculpted Height

To create this look the stylist trimmed the models locks shorter along the sides and at the back and allowed for more volume on top. To style, the hair was blow dried and sculpted with product to give it a messy appearance with height.

# 22 Man Bun

Medium length hair definitely allows for a few more styling options than short hair. Here the model has used his medium length wavy locks to fashion a trendy man bun that sits just above the crown. This is a great look for the beach or any other time you want to keep your hair out of your face.

# 23 Natural Movement

While gelled back slick looks have their place the hottest thing right now is hair with movement. For this look, the model’s hair was snipped short on the sides and the top hair was blow dried to give it volume and allow it to fall naturally.

# 24 Pro Taper

We love this side/back fade – so professional and neat! The stylist has carefully tapered this model’s locks shorter towards the back and gently sleeked back the hair from the forehead.

# 25 Long and Layered

Long layered looks like this as hinted as the next big thing so get on trend and try it now. The layers are great for taming medium long hair such as this – especially if you have curly texture like this model.

# 26 Sharp Skin Fade With Structured Top Locks

In this picture, we can see a sharp skin fade on the sides with soft looking layers of sandy blonde hair on top. To get your hair looking like this we suggest blow drying it to get the required shape and not using too much product – this allows for natural lift and height.

# 27 To The Side

This look is all about natural lines and shape and the stylist has used these principles to craft a look that suits the model’s features. The hair has extra length in front and a short side parting, with locks neatly brushed over on either side.

# 28 Sweep Me Off My Feet

Hairstyles don’t need to be symmetrical – just look how awesome this model’s locks look with that sweep of waves to the side! To get this look you’ll need length in front, but you can still keep the back short.

# 29 Talking About Texture

This models hair has incredible texture – that was achieved by using a scissor cutting technique. For this look the hair is brushed back but gently falls to the sides.

# 30 Strong Sectioning

When you want a look that’s a little more formal you could ask your stylist to try something like this. In this look, the hair has been neatly sectioned and folded alongside a structured jagged parting.

# 31 Bandana Nation

In this look the model sports what seems to be an undercut along the sides – this works well with the bandana that he is wearing – which lifts up the longer locks on top and keeps it neat!

# 32 Winning Duo

Want the perfect compliment for your established bushy beard? This is it. A sleeked back look with a clean undercut, and locks that gently cover the transition.

# 33 Easy Living Dreadlocks

Far from being untidy dreads can actually look really neat – especially if you have them fall just past your ears and you add an undercut underneath to stop them looking too bulky.

# 34 Choppy Asymmetrical Look

In this look, we can see that the stylist cut the hair shorter on one side and used scissor cutting to create epic texture and movement. We love the choppy fringe too!

# 35 He’s Got Class

When you want to be taken seriously there’s nothing more effective than a classy haircut – just like this. This model’s medium length locks were blow-dried and fall just onto the ear on one side with an off-center parting and a brush over on the other side.

So as you’ve seen there are plenty of men’s medium hairstyles out there – you can rock any look from laid back to elegant with medium length hair. This length allows for more styling options such as deep comb over’s, man buns and even asymmetrical looks if that’s what you crave. The trick with hair at this length is to go for regular cuts and consider using an undercut to keep your look polished. Men’s hair has never been easier than this!

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