55 Cool Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men – The Elegance in Medium Length Hair

Shoulder length hairstyles are a perfect choice for men who desire a more balanced look. Unlike other hairstyles, they are neither too long nor too short to wear – they fall right at the perfect spot. These mid-length hairstyles help you to achieve multiple looks without sacrificing your masculine appeal. Men have many different options to explore in shoulder length hairstyles. Below are 55 examples worth experimenting with.

# 1 Sectioned Blonde Ombre

Here, the hair is bundled into three different sections and given a discrete side part to bring out that chic look. One side is swept over the ears while the other hangs freely to provide dramatic face-framing pieces. The hair sports a soft ombre that has a blonde top fading into a lighter bottom.

# 2 The Ombre Bun

This hairstyle has the locks pulled back into a high bun that sits at the crown. The style sports a nice ombre that transitions from dark brown to blonde. Loose ends are left at the base of the bun to provide perfect highlights.

# 3 Curly Bob Cut

This bob cut is textured and styled into curls that give it that bouncy and soft feel. The hair rises from shadowy roots and transitions into a golden blonde tone that provides added flair.

# 4 Slicked Back with Wispy Front

The hair is slicked back with the exception of the front locks that are left wild. Long wisps hang way down to frame the face. The hair has a dark brown shade that is given some life with blonde highlights.

# 5 Textured Slicked Back Hair

This hairstyle sports lots of texturing. The hair is pulled back sweeping over the ears. The density and volume decrease gradually resulting into thin, loose ends.

# 6 Braided Bun

This style sports a braided top and sides, creating three chunky braids. The back is pulled up to merge with the braided ends. Together, they are secured into a high bun. The hair has a dark brown hue highlighted in blonde.

# 7 Sleek with Center Part

This blonde hair is given a center part and slightly thinned to reveal the shadowy roots beneath. It is textured and styled into a sleek finish that looks quite effortless.

# 8 Top Bun in Headscarf

This textured hair is styled into slight curls at the ends. It is pulled up and secured into a knot. A bandanna wraps around the head to provide that killer look.

# 9 Low Bun for Long Hair

This blonde has his long hair given a perfect slick back. The sides are left to grace the shoulders while the rest of the hair is secured into a low bun that sits at the nape of the neck.

# 10 Classic Ponytail

This rustic blonde hair is given a classic touch sporting a dramatic quiff at the front. The sides are given a slight lift at the roots. The hair is pulled into a low ponytail that rests gracefully on the back.

# 11 Messy Low Bun

This style sports loose strands that hang in front of the face. The rest of the locks are slicked back and secured into a low bun. The hair is given silvery blonde highlights for that spectacular look.

# 12 Long Blonde Bob Cut

This bob cut has the ends curled to form a dramatic swing at the bottom. The hair is parted halfway at the center disclosing the dark shade at the roots. It transitions from ash blonde top to blonde base.

# 13 Shoulder Length Blonde Ombre

Here, the hair sports a side part that adds some feminine look to it. The top is dark brown and transitions into blonde tone about a third of the length. The top layers and the bottom are given slight curls for that soft touch.

# 14 Sweet Top Knot

This dark brown hair is parted at the center and secured into a pretty cool top knot. A long, loose piece hangs about the face to provide one of the coolest shoulder length hairstyles.

# 15 Long Top with Undercut Sides

The long top of this blonde hair is pulled to the back and given some slight curling to make it stand out. The sides sport an undercut that allows the long hair to form an umbrella over them.

# 16 Frizzy Bun

This hair is given a frizzy look by styling it into a series of curls. A headscarf wraps around to secure the sides. The rest of the hair is pulled up into a high bun. Loose pieces hang from the edge of the scarf to add some fun to this style.

# 17 Top Bun with Undercut Sides

This hairstyle sports an undercut starting from the temple to the back. The long, top hair is pulled up and secured into a bun.

# 18 One-Sided Curly Sweep

This style has the top swept to one side. The other side is given an undercut. Curls are styled into the locks to create a swing at the bottom. The result is a sweet look that stands out in the world of shoulder length hairstyles.

# 19 Curly Mermaid

Here’s a nice way of incorporating a mermaid look into your manly figure. This shoulder length hair is given the elegance of waves and spiral curls that provide more dimension. Flyaways are left to give this blonde hair that soft finish.

# 20 Bearded Hipster

Here’s a hipster hairstyle that will drive your admirers crazy. It sports a wonderful slick back and curled at the ends to give it that modern touch. A bushy beard comes in handy to provide a perfect companion to this shoulder length hairstyle.

# 21 Bangy Bun

This dark brown hair is textured and styled into long waves. A part is made to separate the front strands that create flirty side bangs. The rest of the locks are pulled to the back and secured into a bun.

# 22 Edgy Gentleman Style

Here’s a nice way of going simple in shoulder length hairstyles. This dark brown hair is given some texturing and styled into waves. The hair at the front is pressed to give the crown more visual volume.

# 23 Curly Side Part Hair

This hair is given a glossy touch. A side part is made and the larger portion given a frizzy look to create more volume. The other side is given an undercut at the temple to provide a perfect match with the short beard.

# 24 Messy Bun Game

This shoulder length hair has some sophistication to offer. It sports a part line that originates from the occipital bone to the nape of the neck. The hair above the part line is pulled into a bun that sports a messy yet cool base.

# 25 Shoulder Length Cut Offs

This textured hair is cut short to terminate just above the shoulders. The locks are swept back and given a tapering at the temple. The result is a “wow” profile that gives you that distinguished look.

# 26 Overlapping Side-Parted Hair

This style sports a longer top that overlaps one of the undercut sides creating that unbalanced look. The blonde hair is given a sleek finish and let to hug the shoulders.

# 27 Shoulder Length Thinned Hair

This dark brown hair is textured and thinned to shed off some volume. It sports waxy strands that are swept to the back to provide more swag.

# 28 Asymmetrical Bob Cut

This hair is given a part line on one side. A slight lift is given at the roots to give this bob cut a more bouncy look. The bottom is cut at different lengths creating that shaggy yet cool look.

# 29 Two-Tone Bun Hairstyle

This long hair sports thinned, loose strands along the edges of the forehead. A part line runs halfway from the temple towards the back. The hair is bundled into a top bun. It transitions from a dark shade at the top to lighter ends.

# 30 Medium Hair Pomp

Here, you get the elegance of a long pomp hairstyle. The hair is textured and finished in a shiny blonde tone.

# 31 Samurai Bun

This bun style has loose ends that fall back on the shoulders. A few strands hang at the front to create dramatic side bangs.

# 32 Medium Hair with Fluffy Curly Bottom

The base of this medium length blonde hair is given tons of curls and sport flyaways that give it that soft, fluffy look.

# 33 Sleek Shoulder Length Style

This hair is given a sleek touch that adds to the elegance of the dark to brown ombre. The ends are given a bit of curling to provide that classic, gentleman look.

# 34 Swoopy Side Bangs

This long lob haircut sports a messy look that blends perfectly with the swoopy side bang. It’s among the most stylish shoulder length hairstyles worth giving a try.

# 35 Messy Chin Length Bob Cut

Brad Pitt sports a messy bob cut that has a part line at the center. The waves are kept loose to shed off some volume.

# 36 Highlighted Angled Bob

This bob cut sports a side part that creates a voluptuous and bouncy quiff pomp. The dark brown shade is energized with blonde highlights creating a nice balayage ombre.

# 37 Flirty Bun

This textured, medium length hair is pulled into a high bun. Loose strands are left to hang from the front to create a flirty finish.

# 38 Medium Side-Parted Haircut

This hair sports a side part that displays the different lengths. Swoopy strands hug one side to create the illusion of side swept bangs.

# 39 Medium Length Dreadlocks

Here’s a brilliant way of incorporating those cool dreadlocks in the world of shoulder length hairstyles. The locks sport some blonde highlights to heighten the mood.

# 40 Messy Top for Bun Hairstyle

This hair has a textured messy top that is left loose. The sides are curled at the ends and pulled back into a bun.

# 41 Sleek Bun Hairstyle

This style has a nice center part and sport thinned hair that is pulled to the back to create a low bun. This is a sexy style for those that don’t desire lots of volume in shoulder length hairstyles.

# 42 Knotted Hair with Beard Trim

This medium blonde hair is given a simple slick back and tied into a knot just below the crown. A perfectly trimmed beard comes in handy to provide that cool gentleman profile.

# 43 Soft Ginger Hair

This ginger hair is styled into a long angled bob cut. It sports a feathery touch that provides that fluffy and bouncy finish. The hair is side swept to bring the face into full display.

# 44 Medium Channeled Haircut

This rustic blonde hair has a textured, channeled top that is pulled to the back. The ends are styled into large contoured waves that rest on the shoulders. The sides are cut short to create more contrast in this hairstyle.

# 45 Simple Pirate Style

Here, the mid-length wavy hair is textured and the sides swept over the ears to create that formidable yet classic pirate look. The hair is given some shine to make it stand out.

# 46 Medium Hair with Bangs

This hair is given some waxing that thins it down while providing that glossy finish. It sports a side part with slight curls at the bottom. A few strands are swept to the front to create sweet side bangs.

# 47 Classic Slicked Back Hair

Jared Leto decides to go sleek. He textured his hair and gives it a side part. The whole length of the hair is pulled to the back creating that classic touch.

# 48 Messy Cut Offs

This style creates the illusion of a messy Mohawk. The hair is styled into waves and cut at different lengths to create one messy yet cool finish.

# 49 Highlighted Medium Hair with Bangs

Here’s a messy yet cool take on chin length haircut. The hair is given the flattery touch of side swept bangs. The locks at the back are swept to the front and given the flair of blonde highlights.

# 50 Front Swoop Messy Hair

This hair sports slight curls at the ends creating that spiky look. One side is completely swept to the front creating one messy face-framing finish. The hair transitions from dark roots to lighter ends for that sun-kissed look.

# 51 Flipped Curly Hair

This thick medium hair is given a wavy touch with slight flips at the front to give it that sexy look. The hair is worn with a thick bushy beard that matches the hair’s volume and color.

# 52 Crowned Balayaged Ombre

Jared Leto goes for that kingly figure. He gives his sleek hair a dark to blonde balayaged ombre with elegant beachy waves to add some flavor. The whole look is crowned to give it more sparkle.

# 53 Fun Man Braids

This style sports undercut sides with the top half left sleek. The rest of the locks are parted and woven into two chunky braids that are secured into a short ponytail at the nape of the neck.

# 54 Triplet Braided Hair

This hairstyle has the locks parted into three different sections. Each section is braided from the front to the back to create pretty cool braided cornrows.

# 55 French Braid Bun Hairstyle

This medium length hair is given the elegance of a French braid that is secured into a bun at the back. The dark brown hair is given blonde balayage highlights that add to the coolness of this style.

It’s time to give your medium hair that magical transformation by experimenting with one of these shoulder length hairstyles. They provide the coolest ways of taming that luxurious mane and making it more dynamic.

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