55 Flattering Asian Hairstyles for Men – The Looks That Will Get You Noticed

There are different hairstyles to suit men of different ethnicities. Today we’ll look at the best looks for Asian men with straight, wavy or curly hair. We’ve included looks suitable for the office and also some more contemporary styles and colors. Asian men typically have angular faces, which means they look great in well-defined styles. Whatever you are looking for we’re sure you’re going to find it here – in our collection of the top Asian hairstyles.

# 1 Asian Flair

For a unique look that will make you stand out don’t go for mainstream flat hairstyles. Instead, why not try adding some height in front, like the model in this picture did. His locks are a medium length around the sides and back, with no partings. The front section is brushed up, styled to have natural movement.

# 2 Slicked Back with Edge Up

Here the model is wearing a smooth fade hairstyle which has an angular edge up along the sides. The center portion of hair is slightly longer – allowing him to show off the soft texture. These locks have been slicked to the back and side with finger combing for a rugged finish to this neat style.

# 3 Seriously Trendy

This is an amazing Asian hairstyle for the business man who wants a professional look with just a touch of trendiness. It features a short fade on the sides, a line up over the temples with layered shaped locks on top.

# 4 Rough Sleeked Back Look

In this look, the model has a defined fade on the sides with a high disconnected parting and a clean shape up over the temples. The center portion of hair is a medium length and has been roughly slicked back.

# 5 Layered Cut With Fringe

This look will work really well for men with thick, straight hair. The model’s hair was cut in layers and thinned out along the sides. He’s wearing his locks brushed forward from the crown, neatly shaped to cover the forehead, just brushing the brows.

# 6 Deep Comb Over with Side Fade

This model is wearing his hair combed to the side alongside a high parting. The sides have a graded fade with a smart edge up over the temples. This is a put together look that is not too severe.

# 7 Colored Style

Asian men usually have dark colored hair, but with their defined features they can easily pull off colorful hairstyles. This young model is wearing a chunky cut messy do colored a vibrant red, with an undercut.

# 8 Bald Fade with Thick Hair

Men with thicker, curlier hair will love this great low maintenance haircut. The stylist has kept the natural kinky texture on top with a smooth bald fade along the sides. We love how this creates volume on top, neatly balancing the model’s face.

# 9 Defined Short Crop

This model’s hair is styled forward from the crown with a faint temple fade on the side. The stylist neatened the edges with a shape up and cut the fringe into a short, rounded shape.

# 10 Texturised Look With Faint Fade

If your hair is quite thick why not mix it up a little with a style like this. The longer portion of hair in the center is layered, showing off natural texture, while the back is short and manageable. To add interest to the look the stylist also took the sides short with a smooth fade.

# 11 Handsome Quiff

The defined waves of this hairstyle make it soft and romantic, while still being tidy. There’s an edge up along the sides with a medium fade and the front section was styled into a wavy rise.

# 12 Line Up Look with Spikes

Some Asian men have wonderfully straight hair which is perfect for a spiky look. This model is wearing a side fade with a high parting and the stylist has left the hair on the other side at a medium length. This hair has been styled messy with spikes and sits slightly forward.

# 13 Funky Side Fade

There’s so much to love about this look. Firstly, the smart, slightly curved high parting which gives the look definition. Secondly, the incredible step fade to the side that blends into a bald fade above the ears. Last, but not least, the silky texture of the longer locks which have some height and have been brushed to the side.

# 14 Layered Look with Disconnected Parting

This model is wearing his hair slightly longer, but this is still a style suitable for work or school. His straight hair was cut in layers with a subtle undercut and styled with a disconnected parting. There’s a sexy lock of hair in front, which brushes against his eyebrow.

# 15 Brushed Back Look With Natural Volume

Here we see a defined fade that dips at the neckline. The upper section of hair is graded long to short with natural volume. His hair has been gently sleeked down and brushed back.

# 16 Choppy Cut

This look would be more suited to younger men, however an older guy with the right attitude could also pull it off. This model’s hair is a medium length and features a choppy cut, brushed forward to just touch the brows.

# 17 Medium Length Layered Look with Subtle Undercut

This model has lovely hair, much too nice to cut short. He’s keeping his locks neat with a subtle undercut along the sides and a layered medium length style on top. He’s wearing it with a short parting and a little lift to one side.

# 18 Rugged Asian Hairstyle

This model is wearing an edgy hairstyle styled to be messy. The sides look short and tidy while the hair on top was scissor cut and texturized for a sexy “bad boy” look.

# 19 Wavy Pastel Hair

Pastels are among the hottest shades for hair color right now and can be worn by just about anyone. This model is wearing layered medium length hair brushed forward from the crown in shades of pastel purple and light pink with a few lavender streaks.

# 20 Golden Crop

This is a take on the mushroom cut, with a smooth undercut underneath covered by layers of longer locks. The color of this look is quite striking as well, with golden brown shades on top, with darker brown on the edges.

# 21 Salty Brush Back

We love the salty, beach wave texture of this model’s hair and the rugged comb back. The sloping undercut provides great contrast for the upper locks and makes the style manageable.

# 22 Smart Side Sweep

This model is wearing a slightly angular hairstyle with layered locks in the upper section that grade shorter on the sides. He’s wearing it with a trendy off-center parting and a quiff to the side.

# 23 Fancy Fade

Here the stylist used the model’s natural hairline to create a parting. This allows the hair to fan out naturally, adding to the elegance of the smooth side fade. The longer center portion of hair was styled to the side and slightly forward in front.

# 24 Tapered Neckline and Long Fringe

This model’s hair has been carefully tapered at the neck, with medium length layered locks in the front and over the crown. He’s wearing it brushed forward from the crown with a long fringe that covers the eyebrows.

# 25 Dynamic Choppy Cut

For this dynamic look, the stylist cut the sides short and then layered the top section of hair, adding choppy scissor cuts to create texture. These locks are being worn brushed forward, just reaching over the model’s brows.

# 26 Curly Crop

This hair was layer cut to fall naturally from the models crown. His hair has a curly texture and this style, with the short undercut on the sides, is well suited to his natural texture. This texture could also be achieved by blow-drying or the style could be worn with straight hair.

# 27 No Nonsense Slicked Back Look

If you are looking for an Asian hairstyle that is simple and doesn’t require a lot of fuss, then look no further. This model shows off a smart dapper style slicked back look with a slight fade above the ears. Simple is sometimes the best way to go!

# 28 Shapely Medium Length Hairstyle

This look allows the model to wear his hair slightly longer and still look on trend. The stylist has trimmed the hair so that it brushes his face, but still has defined shape. He’s wearing a messy parting and a slight curl in front.

# 29 Copper Layered Cut

Just look at that color! Striking, isn’t it? This model has chosen an excellent hairstyle to compliment the rich copper color of his locks. He’s wearing a long fringe with layer cut hair, styled to fall forward from the crown.

# 30 Choppy Coral Cut

Here we see another on-trend color choice: coral. Coral is a hot shade for both guys and girls and looks wonderful with shorter hairstyles like this one. His medium length hair is neatly layered and brushed to the back and side.

# 31 Texture and Lift

This model’s locks are short on the side with neatly layered sections through the upper portion. His hair is combed forward with a messy look at the crown. It’s been styled to have a slight rise over the forehead with a finger combed texture throughout.

# 32 Mid Length Glamour Style

This model is wearing a layered cut with a smooth undercut just above the ears. He’s wearing his hair roughly sleeked back with some locks falling to the side. Ask your stylist about the best products to use to maintain this kind of look.

# 33 Arty Asian Hairstyle

For those wanting a more offbeat style, this could work well. Here we see a style where the hair falls just past the ears on the sides and touches the collar at the neckline. This model is wearing his cut with straight locks on top with texturized edges along the sides.

# 34 Angular Texturised Cut

Here this model shows off a smart style with an undercut just visible on the sides and at the back. The hair is sharply angled over the crown with plenty of length on top. These locks are a lighter shade that the back and sides in warm chestnut brown.

# 35 Smooth Sides with Choppy Fringe

For this look, the stylist has used choppy scissor cuts along the fringe to soften up the hairstyle. The hair is worn brushed forward with a smooth undercut along the sides.

# 36 Shiny Crown Style

In this look the hair fans out from around the models crown and it’s been trimmed into a neatly rounded shape on top. This is an excellent choice for men with ruler straight hair and also those with fine hair.

# 37 Faux Hawk Look

The faux hawk look is easy to wear and adds a trendy feel to your look. Ask your stylist to copy this models style, but cutting the sides short and allowing a fan of longer hair down the center and into the neck.

# 38 Voluminous Colored Curls

The stylist used this model’s naturally curly hair texture to create a voluminous eye-catching look. The top section of locks was colored a gorgeous copper hue and cut in layers from the crown. The hair falls to just cover the brows.

# 39 Mushroom Cut With Blunt Fringe

Here’s another example of a great hairstyle for Asian men with straight hair. This simple hairstyle is one length all around with a smart, blunt cut fringe in front.

# 40 Candy Coif

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off pink hair, but this guy is getting it right! His locks are a gleaming cotton candy pink layered out from the center. The stylist has used scissor cuts and layering to give his hair texture plus a little volume.

# 41 Spruce Vintage Look

We love the comb back detail along the sides of this spruce haircut, that open up the sheared sides and draw attention to the edge up. The model is wearing a long, defined parting with the hair combed up and to the side.

# 42 Red Flair

This model looks incredible in this sleek layered haircut. The stylist has added texture to the edges with scissor cuts and colored the hair in ruby red, with maroon edges and a splash of cream color in front.

# 43 Fun with Ash Blonde

The light ash blonde color used for the top layers of this model’s hair adds character to his look and helps emphasize the choppy disconnected parting down the center.

# 44 Eclectic Undercut

If you want an undercut but crave something slightly different try this look. The hair is shaved into an undercut along the side with the model’s long hair falling over to the other side and toward the back.

# 45 Electric Blue Dip

Color dipping is a hot new trend and a fun way to create a unique style. This model spiced up his medium length choppy hairstyle by coloring his hair pale gray and using an electric blue on the edges.

# 46 Lush Hairstyle

This model is wearing his hair mid length in front, carefully tapered shorter towards the nape of the neck. He’s got a short disconnected parting with a messy, voluminous finish.

# 47 Layered with Spike Detail

For this look, the stylist kept the hair at a similar length all around, but added plenty of movement and texture with a layered cut. The hair is styled to fall naturally with some tips gelled to be slightly spiky.

# 48 Romantic Medium Long Look

Girls love slightly longer hair, especially when it is neat and styled – like this model. His hair is layered so that it falls smoothly and he’s wearing it brushed back on one side. On the other side, the hair is styled up and over in a sleek cascade.

# 49 Classic Mushroom Cut

This model is wearing a classic mushroom cut with a blunt cut fringe that hugs the brow line. The look is lived in, styled a little messy.

# 50 Layered Look with Wavy Texture

If your hair is a little wavy why not try this model’s look? The layered cut allows the style to still look neat while showing off the hairs natural texture.

# 51 Diamond White Hairstyle

Can Asian guys pull off the ice white hair trend? Definitely! This model has a short curved parting in front which allows the hair to fan naturally out to the side. The hair tapers shorter towards the sides and back and looks on trend in diamond platinum blonde.

# 52 Frame Up

This model’s hair has been cut to fall forward from the crown, but the stylist added extra detail by framing the models face with subtle scissor cuts.

# 53 Tidy Hairstyle With Volume In Front

Here we see a popular haircut with a pushed up section over the brow. This is a good way to wear a little more length, but keep your hair out of your face.

# 54 Scene Style In Yellow

Younger Asian men might want a scene hairstyle and this is good one to try. This model has colored his hair a sunflower yellow shade and allowed the stylist to give him a choppy layered cut. The fade is open and the hair is styled to be messy.

# 55 Side Definition

For this look the stylist shaped the model’s hair along the sides, allowing it to fall just onto the ear. The hair is medium long and ruler straight styled to fall to the sides with a little bit of texture to stop it looking flat.

Whatever type of hair you have there is a style that will suit you. What we’ve seen today is that some on-trend styles like lineups, dapper looks, undercuts, and fades really suit Asian men. We’ve also seen how color can be incorporated – especially with trendy scene or pop hairstyles- to create something quite unique. If you haven’t changed your hairstyle up in a while why not ask your stylist to try one of these amazing Asian hairstyles next?

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