50 Wildly Popular Hairstyles for Men – Incredible Looks To Get You On Trend Today

Your hair is probably one of the first things that people notice about you – so don’t you want to make a great first impression? Choosing the right look requires a little thought and planning. Firstly, you need to consider your face shape and see what hairstyles would best flatter you. Secondly, you need to consider your lifestyle and how much time you have for grooming – the last thing you need is a hairstyle that frustrates you. And last, but most importantly? Find a barber with magic in their fingers! If you need some ideas about what looks are trendy right now then look no further – we’ve collected 50 examples of all the freshest, most popular hairstyles for men:

# 1 Shape Up

This look is a take on the classic bowl or mushroom haircut but instead of sharp transitions this model’s hair has been carefully tapered into razor cut sides. The topmost hair has a choppy, texturized feel and is styled in a messy look.

# 2 Crescent Fade

We love how this hairstyle balances the model’s well-established beard perfectly. His hair is long and layered on top – brushed up and forward, with a rounded off fade undercut above the ear.

# 3 Hard Side Line

Hard lines bring balance to a style and add to the polished feel. This model is wearing a curved hard line low on the side of his head with short locks underneath and a long taper cut on top. The chunky cut gives his look volume and the spiky styling adds an edgy feel.

# 4 Undercut with Color

Think men can’t rock pink hair? You’re so wrong. Check out this model’s sleek long black hair with streaks of pure and true purple. His locks have been straightened and neatly combed back with a smooth undercut on the sides.

# 5 Pompadour Fade

This classic old school look has the hair longest in front which is brushed up, without a parting. Instead, the sides and back are sharply tapered – leaving a clean look around the sides with a volume on top.

# 6 Braided Look with Undercut

Undercuts are a great way for men to keep their long hair manageable. This model has a high undercut with long dark hair in the center. These locks have been braided and collected in a messy man bun just above the crown.

# 7 Summer Sweep

Flowing haircuts are all the rage – they make take a little more time in the morning but they are certainly worth it. This model is wearing a sectioned brushed back look (fixed gently with product to still allow for movement) with a subtle low undercut.

# 8 Graded Fade

Here we see a hairstyle that features a low fade combined with a descending fade into the shapely beard below. The top hair is longer with a messy parting and has been gently brushed back.

# 9 Front Flip

We love this open, fresh look that comes in to frame the model’s face perfectly. The stylist has kept the length in front while the sides are neat with a low undercut. To style, the hair was blow dried to have volume and a sexy flip over the side.

# 10 Modern Cut With Hair Art

In this picture, the model has a disconnected bald fade on the sides and at the back with a little bit of hair art toward the nape of the neck. Here the stylist has neatly fashioned a cross with longer strands. The top hair is long and brushed forward with a splash of rose gold color.

# 11 Faint Fade with Structured Waves

This model has neat structured waves above the forehead alongside an off center parting. The sides have a faint fade just above the ears, with the rest of the locks sleeked back.

# 12 Texturised Short Look

The stylist has used choppy scissor cuts to create this model’s awesome look. The center portion of hair is texturized and styled in a messy look while the sides feature a tapered fade.

# 13 Long and Layered

Wear your hair long? Why not! This model is rocking a popular hairstyle for men – the stylist has cut his hair into layers to provide movement and he’s wearing it windswept with a deep side parting.

# 14 Popular Hairstyle With Precision Lines

Love the neat lines of this look? Why not ask your stylist for a haircut like this model? There’s a neatly graded bald fade on the sides, a high side parting and hair brushed over and up on the other side.

# 15 Blonde Brush Back

Leo Messi has all the right looks! Here’s he’s rocking platinum blonde hair, long on top with a fade on the sides together with a dark full beard and clipped moustache.

# 16 Pompadour With Side Detail

We love the detail on the side of this model’s pompadour look – the fade on the side feeds neatly into the beard in a pleasing rounded off shape over the temples. The uppermost hair has been brushed up creating lift over the forehead.

# 17 Disconnected Sides With Curls

This look starts with a bald fade over the ears and above the neck, gradually tapering longer into a disconnected parting. The hair on top is long and thick with curls, which have been brushed forward from the crown.

# 18 Smooth Lines

The best feature of this hairstyle is the smooth lines over the forehead and around the temples. There’s a low fade above the ears with a short, neat crop in the center.

# 19 Bald Fade with Defined Parting

The hard parting seen here stretches back to the crown – creating definition for this model’s bald fade. The locks are tapered on the side and under the crown with the longer hair brushed over on the other side.

# 20 Sectioned Coif

This is a laidback look that at first seems like a messy look but it’s actually not. To create this look the stylist has sectioned and curled thick sections of the model’s hair and set them into a neatly folded coif in the center.

# 21 Long Fade

If you want to keep your hair slightly longer – you could opt for a long fade such as this one. The hair is shorter at the back and along the sides, subtly faded shorter above the ears. The hair on top is layered and brushed forward from the crown.

# 22 Medium Length Layered Look

This model is sporting a fresh brushed back look – the stylist has cut this hair into layers; leaving length on top with the side slightly shorter. The front is brushed up and back, creating a pompadour style rise.

# 23 Old School Glamour

This model is wearing an old school look – his hair has been clipped into a smooth fade on the side and has a low side parting. The locks on the other side are slicked and combed to the sides apart from a section in front which is combed up and back.

# 24 Loose Tapered Style

Pompadour hairstyles are excellent for those with thin or fine hair – as they can create the illusion of volume. This model is wearing a side fade with his blonde hair brushed up and back in front.

# 25 Shapely Skin Fade

For this look, the stylist performed a skin fade on the sides and at the back leaving longer naturally textured hair on top. The line above the forehead is straight with neatly cornered edges.

# 26 Bald Fade with Layering

This taper fade hairstyle dips neatly over the crown allowing for the layered hair down the center to glide smoothly back. The sides and back of his models head end with a bald fade around the edges.

# 27 Fade To Zero

This model’s parting runs sharply down the side to the crown, where the hair fans out. To the side, the hair is step tapered with well-defined layers and ends in a bald fade. On the other side, the hair is brushed up slightly in the front.

# 28 Neo Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles do not generally have a parting, but in this take on the classic look the stylist has added a low hard side parting. This line runs between a skillful taper fade. There is another disconnected parting above and then longer hair brushed up and back .

# 29 Bald Fade With Smooth Edges

This model has a bald fade around the edges of this look with a chunky textured cut in the center. We love the smoothed out edges in front and the fact that this cut can be worn messy like this or neat.

# 30 Fold In Fade

This model’s hair has almost a jelly roll style created with the longer hair down the center. The locks have been brushed up and sectioned on either side and then folded down into each other.

# 31 Easy Fade

This model is wearing a side taper fade look, with no parting and the thickest volume of hair over the forehead. This is a great way to draw the eye up which is perfect for angular or square faces.

# 32 Blunt Cut Step Taper

The blunt cut of this model’s locks is accentuated by the coloring – the stylist has colored the hair a platinum shade over his dark brown natural color. There’s a graded step fade on the one side, a hard parting and the locks are brushed over and styled to stand to the side.

# 33 Wave Dip

This model’s look is defined by a deep off center parting. To the one side we see a sharply tapered fade and to the other side, the stylist has worked with the model’s natural texture, creating waves that dip to the side and onto the forehead.

# 34 Edgy Undercut

Wow, look at that line! The stylist has created a side part look for this model, but without the parting. The hair has a high undercut that tapers into a bald fade with the long hair in the center brushed up and forward.

# 35 Balanced Bald Fade

Here we see another well-balanced look with voluminous curls on top. This model’s locks are thickest over the forehead and gradually fade shorter towards the crown and down the sides, ending in a bald fade around the edges.

# 36 Trendy Pompadour

For this look the model’s long front hair is brushed straight up, gradually shortening to either side. The stylist has skillfully blended this length into a medium fade above the ears.

# 37 Short Metallic Locks

This model is wearing short choppy locks in the center with a simple fade on either side. We love the metallic color of this popular hairstyle and the fantastic texture the stylist created.

# 38 Style for Thick Hair

This dynamic look was designed with a high curved side parting, with the locks brushed neatly down on the left-hand side. The bulk of the hair on the other side has been trimmed and brushed over, apart from the hair over the forehead which is combed back.

# 39 Faint Fade with Wavy Texture

This model is sporting a look with a very slight fade above the ears and hair that gradually tapers shorter from front to back. The stylist kept length in front for the model to show off this natural wavy texture.

# 40 Versatile Look for Curly Hair

Here we see a bald fade on the sides which dips under the crown and toward the back. The topmost hair is decidedly longer, creating excellent contrast. This style could be worn messy like you see here or slicked back for a neater look.

# 41 Kinky Curls With Beard

For this look, the model has allowed his hair to grow to a medium length and is rocking his own naturally textured locks. The stylist has cut the hair to open up his face, which prevents this look from being too heavy.

# 42 Medium Length Style for Straight Hair

Medium length styles like this look amazing, but it does take slightly more maintenance and time to style, especially if your hair is not naturally straight. We love how this model’s silky hair is contrasted by the thick texture of the beard.

# 43 Neat Texturised Look

This model is wearing a low temple fade with a smooth brushed over look that dips slightly forward. We love the smart lines of this hairstyle combined with the rounded front section.

# 44 Faux Hawk

This trendy faux hawk style has a sharp side parting that blends into a disconnected parting down into the neck. There’s a bald fade along the side with the longer curly hair styled up with natural movement.

# 45 Neat Natural Look

This model’s locks have been brushed over to the side alongside a deep parting that curves toward the crown. There’s a neat medium fade to one side with the longer hair falling in natural looking waves.

# 46 Sleeked Back Style

Here the stylist used scissor cutting to create a stylish sleeked back look. The model’s hair is parted along the side with the locks slicked back, but with a little lift over the forehead.

# 47 Temple and Nape Fade

This model is wearing a tidy temple and nape fade which squares off neatly at the neck. From just under the crown upward the hair is medium length and dense with natural kinky curls.

# 48 Elegant Taper

An old school cut with a new school spin! Here we see a defined step fade hairstyle with longer hair fanning out from the high sharp parting.

# 49 Messy Look With Man Bun

For this look, the stylist created lift in front by blow drying and then gathered the model’s wavy hair into a fold over a messy look bun. For interest, they kept the style very loose and also added a small braid along the side.

# 50 Punk Feel Pompadour

We love the edgy feel of this defined taper fade! There’s a bald fade along the sides and nape of the neck, with thick pompadour style lift in the top section.

Having a great haircut is more about helping yourself to feel clean and confident than impressing anyone else. Whatever style you choose to go with make sure it’s something that you feel reflects your personality and helps you feel comfortable. Popular hairstyles should be used as a guide, but a good barber will always be able to tailor a haircut that works for you.

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