30 Remarkable Ideas for Samurai Hair – Tie It In Style

Samurai hairstyles are making a wave this season with men opting for long hair to sport this ultra modern and chic hairstyles to look fashionable. Samurai styles are the epitome of class and style as they are easy to maintain and carry. Men look very fashionable with these hairstyles but it is important to choose the best style according to your face shape. Try different cuts and wrapping styles to experiment with the bun shape and hair color to make a style statement this season. If you need some inspiration, here are 30 ideas for Samurai styles which will help you get your dream hairstyle easily.

# 1 Gold Highlights With Top Bun

This shaded look is looking very hip and trendy with light brown and gold highlights to accentuate the style. The messy top bun looks easy and effortless.

# 2 Dark Roots With Lighter Ends

The simple samurai bun with light and dark shades is very macho and trendy at the same time. The bun is tied loosely to give the look very rustic feel.

# 3 Blonde Dream Look

This dreamy hairstyle is simple yet fashionable and looks very stylish. The ends are backcombed to give volume to the hairstyle. The style is easy to maintain and the blonde hair color increases its appeal.

# 4 Voluminous Gradient Bun

This gradient hairstyle suits the tanned skin tone very nicely and looks extremely stylish. The lighter honey highlights provide a contrast against the dark roots and make this look even more fashionable.

# 5 Silky Honey Hairstyle

This hairstyle is really sophisticated and urban. It looks smooth without any frizz and is set with a hair gel to keep the loose strands in place.

# 6 High Man Bun

The messy and cool Samurai bun looks elegant despite being messy. It oozes style and suits the honey brown skin. The bun is tied up high to leave some baby hair open which adds to the messiness.

# 7 Dark Brooding Hairstyle

The jet black hairstyle with a tapered cut at the back gives this style a very relaxed look. The sleek hair is adding to the drama of the hairstyle.

# 8 Super Simple Easy Samurai Style

This cool look can be achieved easily with just a few steps. The honey lowlights create a sense of depth in this style.

# 9 French Beard and Bun

Samurai hairstyles look even more appealing when they are combined with a light beard. The french beard is looking very cool with this low bun.

# 10 Grungy Braided Look

This uber chic braided hairstyle in jet black looks manly and tough. Try this hairstyle with other accessories to create a powerful impact.

# 11 Sleek Sophisticated High Bun

Create this easy topknot with just a hair scrunchy. The brown shade of the beard and mustache is adding to the whole look.

# 12 Partial Bun with Open Hair

If you are a style icon, this hairstyle might be just perfect for you. A loose low bun with hair left open is what a dreamy hairstyle is all about.

# 13 Side UnderCut with Voluminous Top

This platinum blonde haircut is easy and stylish. The short side part gives full attention to clean man bun on top.

# 14 The Wolf Style

Channel you inner bohemian spirit with this careless knot.The hair is sectioned into two parts to give a dynamic look to this style.

# 15 Sunglasses and Beach Bun

This hairstyle will become your favorite because of how easy it is. Go to your next vacay with this man bun and be the head turner at every beach party.

# 16 Long Hair Part Bun

This Samurai hairstyle is so hot and hunky. The lower part of the hair is kept open and the top part is tied into a bun. the hair is kept frizz free with a serum.

# 17 Trendy Part Knot

This hairstyle gives very artistic vibes and looks very creative. The blonde hair is suiting the pale skin tone.

# 18 Grey & Black Gypsy Style

Try this hairstyle if you want to go for something fun and casual. Experiment with the hair color to bring out even more drama to this hairstyle.

# 19 Full Beard and High Knot

This hairstyle is drastic and exciting. The beard is suiting the man bun quite well and the sleek high knot is adding to the appeal of this look.

# 20 Open Brown Bun

The ends of this style are teased to make them look big and voluminous. The brown hair suits the light beard on the tanned skin.

# 21 Big Bad Samurai Bun

If you have longer hair, try this mean hairstyle with a really dense bun to create a style statement. The beard adds to the grunge factor of this hairstyle.

# 22 Braids & Buns

The thick top Braided bun makes this style fun and formal at the same time. The brown highlights make this look even more interesting and unique.

# 23 Black Hair with Honey Highlights

Play with color in this shaded look and bring out the inner Samurai in you. Try different highlights to accentuate the style further.

# 24 Small Samurai Knot

For men with shorter hair who want to try a bun, this hairstyle is perfect. The small and easy bun looks elegant and easy.

# 25 Clean Lines with Subtle Side Cut

Create neat lines with a razor to achieve this subtle look. The hair parting looks very edgy and clean and the bun suits the full beard.

# 26 Elegant Hairstyle with Short Hair

This plain and simple hairstyle is very chic and fashionable. Tame the frizz with a serum to avoid the flyaways.

# 27 Side Parted Top Bun

The blonde golden shade of this hairstyle looks classy with the beard and mustache. Use a small comb to neatly part the hair and let the loose ends of the bun open.

# 28 Wavy Scrunched Bun

Create waves at the next vacation with this effortless and voluminous hairstyle. Comb the hair backward to add more volume to the hair.

# 29 Flyaway Loose Bun

This hairstyle looks simple and trendy and the flyaways are teased with a comb to achieve this hairstyle.

# 30 Sleek & Smooth Knot

Add a lot of hair gel to smoothen the hair and make a little bun to make this easy bun. The global blonde color makes it look even shinier and rich.

So these are some of the ideas you can use to make a Samurai hairstyle easily. Choose from these amazing topknots and man buns to find that perfect hairstyle for your hair.

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