30 Appealing Johnny Depp Long Hair Ideas – Getting the Perfect Long Haircut

The Johnny Depp long hair is one that’s worn long, at least at the chin level. The celebrity has endlessly transitioned between different hairstyles, which always maintain that flawless finish. These hairstyles have been a great inspiration to the fashion industry and a favorite among many stylists and celebrities at large. Below, we look at 30 cool ways to style Johnny Depp long hair.

#1 Messy Side Part Bob

This is a textured bob that sports a side part. The hair is given a slight lift to the roots and a few strands are pulled loose to create a messy look.

#2 Soft Long Bob

Here’s a haircut that sports light waves and some texture that gives it that soft look. The hair is pulled over the ears to create one sweet shoulder-length bob cut.

#3 Wavy Slick Back

The hair is given some texture and styled into natural waves to create more visual volume. It’s pulled back starting from the front and swept over the ears for that classic look.

#4 Textured Curls

This is a shoulder-length haircut that sports the cool look of dry textured curls. The curls are styled on the bottom to create more volume that makes the locks to spread out at the bottom.

#5 Flirty Center Part with Undercut

This chin-length hair is given some texture and a classic center part. An undercut is created on the sides and the top made to flip over them. Some loose strands are pulled loose at the front to create that flirty face-framing piece.

#6 Classic Bob Cut

This chin-length bob sports a center part that is made to stretch to the crown. The hair is textured and styled into light natural curls for that cool look.

#7 Classic Separation with Temple Buzz

Here’s a shoulder-length hair that sports a light texture. The front part is separated and let to flip to one side. The top is pulled back and one side teased to loop over the ear. This cut is finished with a short buzz to the temple.

#8 Voluptuous Bouncy Curls

This style sports light curls that increases visual volume while adding that bouncy feel within the locks. A loose strand is teased towards the front for that flirty finish.

#9 Textured Messy Curls

Johnny Depp sports dark textured locks that are styled into cool messy curls. He gives the sides a sweep to the back to expose the cool mutton chops. He finishes off with a silver streak to the locks.

#10 Curly Orange Flare

This is a dramatic style that sports bouncy curls that are given that warm orange highlight to create some flare. It’s given the perfect complement of thick orange eyebrows and everything topped with a hat.

#11 Freckled Center Part

This shoulder-length haircut is given a center comb part followed with some texture. Light curls are created into the locks and a blonde highlight added to the dark brown shade for that freckled look.

#12 Classic Side Sweep

A side sweep is given to this chin-length hair that’s styled into natural waves from mid-shaft downwards. The exposed temple is given an undercut for that classic upgrade.

#13 Short Balayage Ombre

A balayage ombre doesn’t always require that you have long locks. This short chin-length dark brown hair is give a center part and a smooth color melt to balayage highlights of blonde.

#14 Bandanna Style

Here, Johnny Depp styles the locks into light curls. He pulls the top up and wraps the sides in a bandanna for that classic finish.

#15 Cool Asymmetric Center Part

This textured center part is given a crop at the the ear level with the exception of some loose strands at the front that are styled to double as cool fringes.

#16 Cool Two-Tone

Johnny Depp gives his shoulder-length dark brown locks an upgrade by adding that blonde streak to one side. He creates a center part to spice up the whole look.

#17 Creative Asymmetric Cut

This chin-length hair is chopped to the ear level on one side. Some texture is added and a center part created. Some strands are left at the front and let to flip over the center part for that creative finish.

#18 Cool Contrast

Johnny Depp settles for two different tones on each side of his center part shoulder-length locks. He gives one side a dark brown tone while the other sports a reddish brown. More volume is added to the base by styling into curls.

#19 Flirty Asymmetric Cut

This chin-length hair is given some texture and a center part. One side is left to fall straight down while the other is swept back to create that cool asymmetrical finish.

#20 Fluffy Bang-Style

This layered chin-length hair is given some extra volume at the bottom by styling into fluffy curls. A center part is made and some strands teased at the front section to double as flirty bangs.

#21 Dark to Blonde Ombre

Johnny Depp pulls off that classic ombre in his side-parted bob. He lets the natural dark brown tone melt into a warm blonde tone from the mid-shaft down.

#22 Cool Balayage

This dark brown chin-length curly hair is given that extra flair by adding balayage highlights of blonde. The cut looks cool when topped with a hat.

#23 Bleached Effect

Here, the textured dark brown locks are given a center part and let to fall over the shoulders. A silvery patch is added in the dark shade to create that cool bleached look.

#24 Twisted Pirate Dreadlocks

Johnny Depp goes the pirate style by sporting long twisted dreadlocks. Some strands are styled into braids and the whole look wrapped in a headscarf.

#25 Soft and Dry Side Part

Here’s a soft center part bob cut that is lightly textured and applied with hair drying products. The ends are slightly curved to create a cool swing at the bottom.

#26 Silky Smooth Bob

Johnny Depp goes for some texture and applies matte cream to the center part chin-length bob. He styles it into that silky smooth look and teases a few strands to create a little bit of cool mess in the cut.

#27 Sexy Flip

Here, the sides are brushed downwards and cut at the ear level with the exception of a few strands at the front that are left to create the perfect face-framing pieces. The front part of the top is left longer and flipped to one side for that sexy finish.

#28 Creative Blend

This medium hair is given some texture with a center part that runs diagonally over the top. The temple is given a light undercut and the hair styled into curls applied with some layrite cement for that classic look.

#29 Cool Side Display

Here, Johnny Depp styles his blonde locks into light natural curls at the bottom and lets them fall down naturally. His tops the haircut in a trilby hat to display the sides in style.

#30 Messy Side Part

Here, the hair is textured and given a comb part to one side. It’s styled into thick curls and the top made to flip to one side. The curls are given that disheveled look that makes them look messy yet cool.

There are lots of new ideas to be learned from Johnny Depp long hairstyles. And in case you have a love for them, then it’s time to consult your stylist and try to give this cool classic hairstyle a try.

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