25 Cool Stubble Beard Styles – The Trendy Facial Hair Ideas

The ease-of-maintenance provided by a stubble beard has made it the style of choice among most men. This is a beard style that will help you shave some time off your morning grooming session. It’s a versatile style that can be shaved to short, medium or long length. There are many different styles to choose from in a stubble beard. Below, we explore 25 cool ideas for those planning to wear this beard.

# 1 Textured with Soul Patch

Adding a little bit of texture is a great way to achieving that softness in your beard. Combine it with a soul patch and a pyramid mustache to create that sexy look that will make you stand out.

# 2 Sexy Highlight

The blonde tone might look quite monochromatic on your medium stubble. The solution is to add silvery highlights that will grab attention at first sight. Give your pyramid mustache a perfect trim for that perfect blend.

# 3 The Cool Contrast

Texture your beard prior to giving it that medium stubble finish. Let it match the dark shade on your hair and make a light trim on the neck area. Give your normal mustache a blonde tone for that cool, sexy contrast.

# 4 Short Hollywoodian Style

Make it short and simple for that sweet flawless look. Get a razor and shave the sides down to the skin to create a clean and fresh skin fade. The results is a cool and short Hollywoodian style.

# 5 Neat with Short Sides

Go for a medium stubble that sports shorter sides. Let the neckline connect to the sideburns and brush the front to create that preppy look. Add some grey highlights to contrast the blonde tone and the dark shade.

# 6 The Blurry Shave

Start with some texture to the beard. Give the sides a blurry shave to create one sweet look. Give the neck hairs a light trim and let them connect with the sideburns that sport a uniform height.

# 7 Short Stubble with Longer Neck Hairs

Grab the most attention by going for something more classic – a short stubble that sports longer strands on the neck area. Make it more natural by not sporting any outline on the sides.

# 8 Gentleman Style

Here’s a perfect way to upgrade your looks and personality the gentleman style. You can achieve that by giving the sides a tapered shave that makes them shorter in comparison to the front and neck hairs.

# 9 Classic Light Trim

Give your beard a light trim to contrast the height of the hair. Make it uniform on the sides, front and on the neck hairs. Finish in style with a clean razor shave on the neck area.

# 10 Jared Leto Style

Jared Leto goes for a medium stubble that sports uniform height all the way down to the neck area. He leaves the sides to maintain a natural outline that complements his slick, textured hair.

# 11 Lightly Trimmed Sides

Here’s a sexy, long stubble that sports that preppy look. The sides are given a light trim up to the area that connects to the hair. A clean, fresh finish is achieved with a razor shave on the neck.

# 12 Scissored Sides

Create that sweet blurry look on the sides with a scissor trim. Shave off the soul patch at the front and finish with a short and clean trim on the neck area.

# 13 Fine Stubble

Leave the sideburns longer and trim down the rest of the beard to leave behind fine hairs that look sexy. Keep the height and texture of this short, fine stubble uniform all the way to the neck area.

# 14 Perfect Blend

Make the sides and the front shorter in comparison to the jawline, neck hairs and the normal mustache. Make a perfect razor outline on the sides and finish with a razor shave on the neck area.

# 15 Short Razor Shave

Make it sexy and simple with a short stubble that sports a fresh razor shave. Ensure to keep the height uniform and make no outline to keep everything looking clean and natural.

# 16 Coarse and Natural

Adam Gallagher takes his classic look to a whole new level. He achieves that by matching his preppy haircut with a short, coarse stubble. He settles for a natural outline that looks pretty cool and sexy.

# 17 Disconnected Mustache

Add some more sophistication to your medium stubble by incorporating a soul patch and disconnecting the mustache. Make it sit clean and fresh with a razor outline on the sides and a razor shave on the neck area.

# 18 Sexy Taper

Settle for a long stubble that sports slightly trimmed sides and sideburns. Leave the outline natural and finish with a short razor shave on the neck area. Let the mustache connect to the rest of the beard for that flawless look.

# 19 Creative Disconnection

Go for a cool disconnected medium stubble that matches your bald haircut. Keep it simple and uniform and leave a sexy soul patch for that classic touch. Make a nice outline to match your classic outfit.

# 20 Soft and Textured

Stand out in a medium textured stubble that sports that soft look. Brush it a little bit and give the sides a light trim to create one sexy preppy stubble. Let the lightly trimmed beard lineup connect to the hair for that classic finish.

# 21 Classic Summer Look


Settle for slightly trimmed sides that extend up the beard lineup. Make a nice outline and leave the front longer. Finish with a clean razor shave to the neck and add some blonde highlights to complement the dark shade.

# 22 Creative Textured Contrast

Play with the height of your beard to add some more creativity to the overall look. First, texture it to add some extra softness. Make the sides and the neck hairs shorter for a cool contrast with the relatively longer front.

# 23 African Style

Give your natural African beard that classic transformation. Style it into a medium stubble and ensure to make it uniform. Make no outline to give it a more natural look.

# 24 Edgy Outline

Settle for a medium stubble that sports a perfect razor outline to give it more edge. Extend the razor outline to the mustache in such a way that it shapes the mustache into that horseshoe style.

# 25 Short Fresh Trim

Trim your beard short and maintain the uniformity to create a short stubble that looks neat and fresh. Let it conform to the natural beard outline for a more sexy appeal.

A stubble beard is a great way to maintaining that clean and neat look. It’s a cool beard style that complements a variety of outfits and makes a perfect choice for both casual and formal wear. Make up your mind and decide whether it’s the right style for you.

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