65 Hot Short Black Hairstyles – Cuts that Raise the Bar

Short black hairstyles come in many forms, but in most instances, their key features entail fading or tapering on the sides. African Americans have a voluminous and textured, and this is what makes it possible to where varying designs regardless of how short they keep their strands. Whereas some prefer to have some funky short hairdos, others will go for smart and formal ones. However, regardless of what you choose, you can always be confident of a refined design provided you cut and style it well. Here is a gallery of some stylish and attention-grabbing short hairdos for black men.

# 1 Disconnected Zero Fade

This cut maintains a tiny and uniform hair throughout the head. But, the zero fade above the ear and the line-up at the front make it look distinct. The fading also helps to form a disconnection with the full and neat facial hair.

# 2 Neat Shaped-Up Curls

Whether you have some natural coils or cute sponge curls, you can still wear this look. It is a simple design that involves maintaining some uniform curls throughout the head, fading a small section on the sides and finishing with a clean shape-up.

# 3 Intricate Waves and Part

Some short and elegant waves at the top of the head are what you need for this look. But, the sides are also short but with a smooth fade and you should complete the design with a curved razor line on the crown.

# 4 Clean Cut with Geometric Line-Up

The neat strands on the upper section make this an excellent hairstyle for men that prefer formal looks. But, the design also has an impressive geometric line-up at the front and sharp side part, and it finishes with a skin fade on the sides.

# 5 Skillful Faded Waves

The waves on the crown of this haircut will require some skill to create, but they are only possible with short hair. This beautiful hairstyle also has a skin fade on the sides, and it finishes with a shape-up on the face and hairline.

# 6 Messy Skin Faded Afro

A short afro like this one will always make an adorable haircut, and if you spice it up by making it rugged and finishing with a skin fade on the sides, you will look stunning.

# 7 Taper Faded Waves

Here is another design that entails leaving some cute waves on the crown and taper fading the rest of your head. It is a sexy design that will give you a look that is a class above the rest.

# 8 Side Parted Sponge Curls

A sharp razor line on the sides is very effective in adding some detail to your look. In this design, it disconnects the thick sponge curls in the middle from the skin faded section to create a unique Mohawk.

# 9 Simple Elegance

Although there is nothing fancy about this cut, it still manages to create an adorable look. It involves maintaining some short and neat natural strands at the top and forming a side part to disconnect them from the skin fade on the sides.

# 10 Uniform Shape-Up

There are endless possibilities when it comes to short black hairstyles, and this is a simple but very adorable one. The design entails keeping your hair short and uniform throughout the head and finishing it with a nice line-up.

# 11 Low and Uniform

Fades are beautiful, but they are not always necessary. This design keeps a uniform short hair with some subtle waves and it manages to create a beautiful design without any fading.

# 12 Fresh and Sassy Waves

This haircut is about keeping some short waves, but it also has a nice taper fade on a small section above the ears that makes it look unique.

# 13 Sharp and Shaped-Up Cut

As simple as this cut might look it still needs some skill to achieve the uniformity and the fade on the sides. Apart from this you also need a shape-up on the face and hairline.

# 14 Blended Bald Fade

It is amazing how the bald fade on the sides and back blends into the small patch of hair on the crown. This blending is the highlight of the look because a line-up is the only other thing you need for this style.

# 15 Effortlessly Perfect

The natural volume and texture of these strands do all the magic, and they make this cut effortless to wear. It has some high and tight strands at the top and smooth bald fading on the rest of the head that create a polished modern look.

# 16 Faded Faux Hawk

Faux hawks can also create some elegant short black hairstyles, and this particular design proves this. It is a sexy style that involves leaving some beautiful and thick strands in the middle and shaving the sides short before giving them a smooth fade.

# 17 Flawless Skin Fade

The line-up at the front of this haircut is a perfect addition as it helps to draw attention away from the receding hairline. It combines with the skin fade on the sides to create a decent cut that is perfect for a clean formal look.

# 18 Clean Geometric Cut

This hairdo is way much easier to form than it may look and it is another one that is perfect for men that prefer to wear formal looks. It is about keeping a short and uniform hair length throughout the head and spicing it up with a geometric shape-up.

# 19 Curly and Colored V Shape Mohawk

Guys that are more comfortable with fashionable casual looks will be best suited for this one. It keeps some sponge curls in the middle of the head with a V-shape at the back. The design spices them with some color at the back and intricate razor patterns on the short sides.

# 20 Disconnection and Fading

Sometimes you might want to show off both your haircut and beard and so this style will work well for you. It is quite a straightforward design that keeps some high and tight strands at the top and skin fades the sides to form a disconnection with thick and neat facial whiskers.

# 21 The Intricate Shape-Up

Some short black hairstyles like this one can only be possible with the services of a skilled and experienced barber. The style is about leaving some neat side-parted strands at the top, skin fading the sides and finishing with an intricate shape-up.

# 22 Faded High and Tight Haircut

The high and tight haircut is a chic hairdo that is perfect for men that prefer to keep some length at the top. But, this one also includes a smooth fade of the sides that gives it an impressive and unique appearance.

# 23 Hard Parted and Sharp Faded Waves

It is very common to see short black hairstyles that entail leaving some short and neat waves on the crown. However, this one spices up the look with a hard side part line and by giving the rest of the head a skin fade.

# 24 Faux Hawk Sponge Curls

If you are looking for something new to try with your sponge curls, this is the style for you. It is a beautiful headdress that maintains some thick curls in the middle and fades the sides to form a beautiful faux hawk.

# 25 Two-Toned Faded Faux Hawk

This faux hawk design also keeps some thick and natural curls in the middle of the head. But, it has a distinct look that comes from coloring the curls and giving them a uniform fade on the sides to create the faux hawk design.

# 26 Icy Blend and Fade

The combination of the bald faded sides and the wavy strands at the top is magnificent. This headdress also has a cute line-up that enhances the overall appearance.

# 27 Elaborate Razor Patterns and Sponge Curls

Sponge curls will always guarantee you a polished look, and the best thing about them is that they are easy to form with African American hair. The ones on this hairdo are at the top of the head, and they have an excellent height and some shaved razor patterns on the short and faded sides.

# 28 Curved Razor Line and Zero Fade Combo

The sharp and curved line in this design makes a significant difference for the cut and it is one of the elements that make this an impressive headdress. This line combines with the zero skin fade on the sides to make the short haircut look chic.

# 29 Classy Coils

This design is all about keeping some curly strands on the upper section of the head, and this makes it an excellent design for men with natural coils. However, you can still form them with a curl sponge and enhance their appearance with a taper fade.

# 30 Razor Fade and Pattern

A razor on the hands of an experienced barber can give you some impressive designs like this one. This style keeps some short wavy strands at the top with the sides being short and faded. But, the introduction of the intricate razor patterns on the sides is what makes this a unique headdress.

# 31 High Afro Fade

You only need to give your natural afro hair a slight lift at the top to form this look. The sides are short, but they also have a high fade that helps to spice up the overall appearance.

# 32 Sweet Cornrows and Fade

Cornrows can also work as short black hairstyles, and this design is a perfect example of this. The headdress entails knitting the strands at the top into a few neat braids that end in the middle of the head and giving the sides a fade.

# 33 Clean and Easy

It is possible to create an outstanding short haircut without doing much, and this style is enough proof of this. It is a clean and easy design that requires one to chop the strands short and uniform and give them a zero fade before finishing with a curved razor line.

# 34 Impeccable Zero Faded Waves

The adorable waves that are the highlight of this haircut will require some extra effort and a good quality hair product to create. You will also need to enhance the overall look by giving the side a zero fade.

# 35 Smooth and Sexy

The uniformity of the short strands in this hairdo is fantastic, and it is one of the elements that make this a glamorous haircut. But, the style also has a sharp side part and a nice blurry fade that also enhance the design.

# 36 Untouched Sponge Curls

Any man with a few inches of hair can form this haircut. It is a simple design that only requires creating some uniform sponge curls throughout the head and giving them a slight fade just above the ears.

# 37 Messy and Tapered Natural Coils

Some thick natural curls at the top that you should style by making messy are what you need for this look. The back has a simple tapering while the sides are faded and spiced up with an intricate razor line.

# 38 Skin Tapered Waves

Waves are one of the most popular short black hairstyles, and the elegance and beauty of these explain why African American men love them. They are throughout the head, but the wearer enhances them with a skin taper.

# 39 Tapered and Shaped-Up Curls

The smooth taper cut at the back and the sides are what makes these curls look unique. This beautiful short haircut also has a shape-up at the front and three short razor lines at the back that make it look very charming.

# 40 Blurry and Patterned

This beautiful design maintains some uniform and neat strands on the upper section and a blurry fade on the rest of the head. However, the intricate razor patterns at the back are the outstanding element for this cut.

# 41 Chic Zero Fade Hairdo

A zero fade allows men to maintain some hair in most parts of their head and this is why many love it. In this design, it combines with a short and uniform wavy cut and a shape-up to create a chic design for a modern gentleman.

# 42 Simple But Effective Look

Simplicity is always the key to getting some awesome haircuts. This particular one if very straightforward as it only entails forming some short waves at the top and skin fading the sides before finishing with a simple razor pattern.

# 43 Cute Hard Parted Hawk

Sponge curls create some very distinct mohawk designs, and they are ideal for men that want to stand out. These curls are only at the top while the sides have a skin fade and a sharp, hard part line.

# 44 Funky Short Cut

Short black hairstyles can also be funky if you cut them intricately. This design is an example of this, and it entails leaving some short wavy strands on the crown and giving the sides a blurry fade and some decorative patterns.

# 45 Full and Faded Curls

The thick and natural sponge curls at the top of this haircut can create limitless short black hairstyles. For this particular one, they have a soft razor line on one side and a smooth taper fade below it that creates an attractive design.

# 46 Bald Fade Disconnection

A disconnected cut ensures that both your facial hair and haircut stand out. In this design a short and clean hairdo pairs with a skin fade to form an impressive disconnected appearance.

# 47 Innovative Razor Trim

There is nothing unusual or sophisticated about this hairdo as it is just a short wavy top with skin fade sides but the introduction of the innovative razor line pattern is what makes it an excellent cut.

# 48 Cute and Curly Hawk

The curls sponge is what a man needs to create this charming look. This headdress maintains some thick sponge curls throughout the head but with a cute and neat fade on the sides to form a mohawk design.

# 49 Smooth Zero Skin Taper

Here is another beautiful design that maintains an excellent and uniform hair size throughout the head. This simple style also has a zero skin taper on the sides and the back that adds some style to the look.

# 50 Sassy Sponge Curls

Once you have some cute medium size sponge curls like these, there are countless things that you can do to spice them up. Here their styling involves coloring them with a brown hue and then chopping the sides short before skin tapering them.

# 51 Low and Lined-Up Coils

This headdress also maintains some sponge curls, but they are shorter than the traditional ones and uniform throughout the head. They also have soft razor line and a smooth line-up that makes them look extra-cute.

# 52 Mid Fade with a Parting

A mid-fade on the sides and back that combines with a straight side part are what make this a beautiful haircut. This hairdo also maintains some thick and neat coils at the top that form an edgy and modern appearance.

# 53 Classic and Sharp Fading

Short black hairstyles like this one might be classic, but they will still make guys look and feel refined. It is a straightforward design that only entails chopping the strands extra-short at the top and giving the rest of the head a bald fade.

# 54 Inventive Sponge Mohawk

Sponge spirals never seem to go out of trend, and this is because there are many ways of styling them. The ones in this hairdo are medium size and with a slight mess but the skin fade and the patterns on the sides that create the unique mohawk are what makes this hairstyle extraordinary.

# 55 Adorable and Classy Skin Fade

Short haircuts require almost no maintenance at all, and this is why many African American men love them. Most are also very elegant, and this one that keeps some short and uniform hair at the top with a skin fade on the sides is a good example of this.

# 56 Creative Wavy Razor Line

Only an experienced and skilled barber can transform a simple hairdo like this one into a grand design. The cut has some short strands on the top part and skin taper on the sides, but the line-up and curved razor line make it look unique.

# 57 Waves with a Blended Fade

The short and impeccable waves at the top of this hairdo look fantastic, but the blend between the skin fade on the rest of the head and the waves is the distinctive element in this style.

# 58 Top Notch Skin

What you do on the long locks at the top does not always matter if you get the fade on the rest of the head right. This design has some simple short strands at the top that do not require any intricate styling but the skin fade on the sides is as perfect as it can get and this is what makes this an excellent haircut.

# 59 V-Back Faux Hawk

Few other hair designs can give you more styling options than sponge curls. The ones in this headdress might be short, but they have an unusual V-shape at the back and a zero taper on the sides that creates a glamorous faux hawk.

# 60 Artistic Pattern

It is not always about the cut when it comes to short black hairstyles because the styling is also important. In this design the style is about forming some artistic circles all over the head and for this you will need a lot of gel and a skillful barber or hairstylist.

# 61 Amazing Part and Fade

A subtle brown coloring of the long textured strands at the top is the first things that you need for this look. The next step is to give the sides a skin fade and finish the look with a curvy razor line at the top.

# 62 Sleek and Smooth Waves

Modern hairdos are more than just keeping the top long and the sides short. In this design, the longer strands at the top have some sleek waves while the sides also have a smooth skin taper fade.

# 63 Fresh Sponge Twists with Temp Fade

The uniform sponge twists on this style have a beautiful shade that comes from highlighting them with a brown shade and a temp fade above the ears is the only other things that you need to complete the design.

# 64 Edgy Twists

This hairdo also maintains some small and uniform sponge twists throughout the head. However, the temp fade and the curved line-up are what give it the edgy and distinct appearance.

# 65 Hipster Waves and Fade

You can never get enough of the short wavy haircut as it always looks adorable. This beautiful one maintains the waves on the upper part and combines them with a skin fade on the sides that forms a disconnection with the full beard.

Short black hairstyles come in many forms, but their neatness, simplicity, and elegance are the three things that make them stand out. Whether you are one of the many men that prefer to keep some short sponge curls or you are among those that are comfortable with some gentle waves, the gallery above provides you with more than enough options for your next haircut.

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