25 Classy High And Tight Haircut Ideas – The Modern Gentleman’s Look

The high and tight haircut is probably the neatest yet trendiest military-inspired look for the sophisticated modern men among us. While it borrows a thing or two from outlandish haircuts such as the Mohawk and the sleek fades we’re used to seeing on haircuts that can best be described as street’ or flamboyant. This look is classy from the top to its crisply faded sides. It is generally characterized by a thicker portion of hair on top framed by sides that have either been buzzed short or shaved bald.

A side part, among other embellishments, can be used to give it a distinguished finish. Herein are 25 sizzling high and tight hairstyle ideas to inspire your look.

# 1 Spiky Fade

While looking effortlessly simple, this haircut lacks nothing in terms of geometric precision, neatness or the edgy fade which has been used to give the spiky, slightly swooped top a more defined finish. A stylish side part has also been used to mark the beginning of the tapering bald fade.

# 2 Flawless Precision

Admittedly, this is one haircut that requires your skills to be on a whole new level. The slightly thicker top has been outlined by an exquisitely crisp line-up that joins the thick side burn before blending into the full, rugged beard. A perfectly executed low fade gradually thins the thick top towards the sides. It is more visible just above the ears and at the nape of the neck.

# 3 Punky High Fade

While it is easier to rock a neat haircut if you keep your hair short, long hair can work too provided you keep it neat and stylish. Here, the evidently long hair at the top has been slicked back neatly and paired with a high taper fade at the sides. It creates a crisp contrast that oozes sophisticated style.

# 4 Simple Low Taper Cut

If you prefer to keep things low-key while staying stylish, this haircut was made for you. Other than the distinct side part and the low tapering bald fade that helps to outline the hairline. The haircut looks standard without being boring.

# 5 Wavy Temple Fade

Spice up your haircut by giving it a bit of unique texture. Despite the short length of the hair in this example, giving it some subtle waves has goes a long way to make it stand out. A tapering temple fade wraps up the edgy yet suave look.

# 6 Fresh Taper Fade

Without looking too outlandish or even juvenile, you can use a simple fade to add some pizzazz to your basic haircut. The moderately thick top in this example benefits from the superb fade. It blends seamlessly with the bald fade that starts about two inches above the ears.

# 7 Bearded Look with Shape Up

A combination of a neatly trimmed and faded top and a perfectly groomed full beard make this look a one of a kind high and tight haircut. It is made even more tasteful thanks to the beard disconnect. It also emphasizes the contrast between the slightly thicker top and the bald sides and back.

# 8 Spiky Buzz Cut

While this style heavily borrows from the military-inspired generic buzz cut, it does boast of a bit more length at the top. Furthermore, it gives the hair a distinctly spiky finish. A high tapering bald fade seamlessly blends the thick top and the bald sides and back to give the look a crisp finish.

# 9 Clean Buzz Cut

First of all, for men in the service, this short buzz cut offers a perfect combination of neatness with a hint of style to go with the uniform. The top features a cropped portion of hair that has been framed using a high tapering fade that ends at the sides in a crisp skin fade.

# 10 Middle Fade with Groomed Beard

Giving this high and tight haircut a crisp tapering middle fade not only serves to define the top better. In addition, it also helps to create a stylish disconnect between the faded sides and the well-groomed full beard that helps to complete the look.

# 11 Vintage Haircut with Razor Fade

If you are not overly confident about how well toned your scalp is, go for a razor fade instead of a bald skin fade. As seen in this example, it offers the same crisp definition to the sophisticated vintage hairdo and also helps to blend the thick top with the stubbly full beard.

# 12 Slicked Back High and Tight Haircut

This look is perfect for men who prefer not to take too much hair off the sides. The classy slicked back hair on top only requires the slight razor fade at the temple to give it a crisper, more stylish finish and also to blend it with the slightly rugged full beard.

# 13 Short Pompadour

For the hipsters among us, this haircut uses the combination of the long top and the cropped sides to result in a look that is effortlessly edgy and neat. Keep the top a bit longer to lock in the style. In addition, you can spice it up by streaking a few bright highlights through it.

# 14 Classy Bald Fade

Oozing sophistication and style, this haircut employs the use of a long, stylishly slicked top and crisply bald-faded sides to create an irresistible texture contrast that amps up the appeal of the look. The taper is minimal and starts out high above the hairline.

# 15 Tousled Copper Fade

For a more outlandish look, leave the top long enough for you to be able to style it into fashionably tousled locks. The sleek bald fade starts out high and helps to define the messy copper-tinted locks that have been slightly swept to the side.

# 16 Asymmetrical Spiky Bald Fade

Stand out from the rest with this effortlessly edgy bald fade haircut. Instead of balancing the length of the sides as with any traditional fade hairstyle, the top starts in the middle of the head on one side to give the look a stylishly asymmetrical finish.

# 17 Cropped Skin Fade

Simple yet urgently manly, this stylish cropped skin fade makes use of a stubbly full beard to ramp up the masculinity of the look. Crisp distinctions are created by the bald fade. Furthermore, it helps to disconnect the hair on top and the full beard.

# 18 Elegant French Crop

If you are working with a bit more length at the top, you can opt for this stylish look and tweak it a little to give it a unique finish. The top features thick, relatively straight locks framed by a blunt cut at the front and a tapering razor fade towards the sides and back.

# 19 Crisp Pompadour

This pompadour haircut has been given a bit more pizzazz towards the front by styling it a bit longer than the rest of the hair. A taper fade blends the buzzed hair on the sides with the skin and helps to frame the hair on top superbly.

# 20 Long Side Sweep with Side Part

Giving the blond locks on top a bit of height has helped to infuse the look with the boldness it deserves while the crisp side part infuses it with the class and distinction of a gentleman’s haircut. A taper fade towards the temples creates a sleek disconnect between the hair and the thick full beard.

# 21 Short and Neat Bald Fade

Keep things simple with this effortlessly stylish short taper fade haircut that features a medium length top that has been framed using sleekly razor-faded sides. You can alter the lengths of the sides to create your own unique look.

# 22 Natural Bald Fade

The distinguishing aspect of this skin fade is its largely unaltered hairline. Instead of a crisp line up on the front and temples, leaving the hairline to grow in naturally is a great way to make your look more mature.

# 23 Thick Curly Top

For a slightly untamed finish, leave the hair on top a bit longer and use curling products to give it wilder texture. The less tame appearance looks even better when paired with the buzzed sides, which blend the hair and the beard nicely through faded sideburns.

# 24 Vintage Hairdo with Hard Part

If you are a fan of crisp lines and smooth, wavy hair, go for a distinct hard part to give your slickly styled hair a more solid definition in order to make it more distinct. A bald fade on the sides will give your look the edgy finish it deserves.

# 25 Short Crop with Bald Fade

This is yet another example of how simple high and tight haircuts can be without looking any less stylish. The top is only slightly thicker than the bald-faded sides which have been used to give it a generally crisper outline.

Experiment with different types of taper fades to create your own unique look. You can also style the hair on top by giving it curls, a bit of color or even leaving it a bit longer to add some distinct character to your look. Join the ranks of the stylishly urban men with your personalized version of the high and tight haircut.

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