55 Trendy Taper Fade Haircut Styles — Clean and Crisp Looks for Men

What is a taper fade hairstyle? These are best described as styles where the hair is longer on top and gradually tapers shorter down the sides and the back. This ends in a fade which is either a very short layer or where the head has been shaved bald. There are a wide variety of such hairstyles including looks with a side parting or a faint fade, which is just shorter around the temples and ears. The classic taper fade is longest around the front of the head and crown which gradually blends shorter and shorter.

There’s a wide range of looks for men with short to medium hair – here are 55 of the best ones!

# 1 Graded Locks with Tapered Sides

Tapered hairstyles look great when combined with a neatly shaped line up beard like the one this model is wearing. Adding to the suave feel of this look is also the sharp high parting and the brushed over locks on the other side. These locks are also tapered, gently graded shorter at the back to longer in front.

# 2 Terrific Taper

This haircut featured a bald fade from the nape of the neck up around the sides gradually becoming longer on top. These locks have been given a layered choppy cut, which provides fantastic texture. The longest hair, just over the forehead, was gently finger-combed back.

# 3 Curls with Razor Fade Sides

Have you got curls? Don’t cut your hair short – embrace them! The tapered look allows men with curls to show off their natural hair texture while still having a structured hairstyle. This model has a mass of sexy soft curls on top, which brush against the forehead together with razor faded sides.

# 4 Back and to the Side

This model shows off a look with crisp graded sides and longer locks on top. These locks cover the transition between the shorn layer and the top hair. The hair was blow-dried and parted with a short off center parting. The locks on either side were then combed back and to the side.

# 5 Gentle Slicked Back Layers

We love the neat layers of this look – the stylist has created an excellent short hairstyle that still has body, texture, and movement. To style the locks have been slicked back (but too severely) allowing us to see the gradual taper on the sides and the neat lines on top.

# 6 Polished Brush Back

By tapering the hair and allowing length in front you create a hairstyle that can be worn in a number of ways. For a professional look, try blow drying and combing all the hair back – just like this model has done. This allows the natural texture to be admired while still looking polished.

# 7 Head-Turning Taper Fade

This guy is sure to be the envy of his friends – and turn a few heads. He’s wearing a short hairstyle with carefully tapered back and sides that slowly lengthen on top. The hair has been brushed forward from the crown, falling in natural looking waves.

# 8 Edgy Height

If you are looking for a style that’s just a bit edgier this could be the look for you. Here we see a smooth taper on the back and sides, but with a bit more length under the crown and medium length hair on top. The hair was styled with a deep side part and brushed up on the other side which creates height.

# 9 Polished Style

Dark locks and a polished cut? Yes, this look is definitely a winner. This model sports a two-step taper fade on the sides, with a long, sharp parting and longer locks brushed up on the other side. Great shape and excellent lines!

# 10 Messy Look

Tapered cuts are perfect for men with thicker hair – they allow you to retain your natural volume without the hair looking too unruly. In this look, the stylist gradually lengthened the hair from the sides and the back – giving him a look that can be slicked back or worn messy like this.

# 11 Low Taper with Waves

Laidback looks are easy with a professionally tapered cut. Here the model is wearing a long off center parting with gently graded sides and longer locks on the other side. These have been combed up and back; showing off his natural texture.

# 12 Bald Fade

Bald fades are a great look for young men – especially those with thick hair. This model started with very thick locks that the stylist tamed by using a razor fade up from the back and sides, thinning the hair on top and finally slicking it back for a polished look.

# 13 Short and Sweet

This model shows off a look with a rounded section over the forehead with neatly angled lines on either side. His locks have been trimmed short with a subtly graded fade over the back and sides. This is a good look for busy men who want a style that is very easy to manage.

# 14 King of Clean

Clean sharp looks are what every guy wants – and this is a look that is definitely worth trying. The stylist has given this model’s locks a smooth fade along the back and sides with a sharp transition to the longer locks on top, which have been gently smoothed back, allowing for lift.

# 15 Quick Step

We love the raised transition between the bald fade and the graded locks on top. The model is wearing this together with a thick side parting and longer locks on the other side that have been brushed up and back in smooth sections.

# 16 Trick of The Eye

Fades are also a good way to draw attention away from thinning hairlines. In this example, the hair is graded from longer to short, front to back, with a deep, almost diagonal parting that helps to draw the eye up and away from the temples.

# 17 Straight Back

The steps between the tapered sides are so smooth they are barely noticeable. They lead up to the model’s longer locks on top which have been carefully snipped into shape and sleeked back. This is a professional looking hairstyle that could suit almost anyone. It’s even better if you have straight hair like this model.

# 18 Line Up

This hairstyle features a sharp line up with the hair to the left short and faded down the side. On the other side, the hair is longer and combed over to the side, all the way to the crown where it meets with the edge of the parting and fans out. The back has also been kept razor short.

# 19 Fade to Blue

Want to jazz up a fade? Try some amazing color like this dark turquoise made from shades in the Pravana Vivids range. This model has curly locks which the stylist has made ultra manageable by tapering the length down the sides and back but allowing longer curly locks on top.

# 20 Balanced Look

For an incredibly balanced look why not try this guy’s style? He’s wearing a hairstyle that gradually blends shorter down the sides before lengthening again into his neatly shaped beard? It’s a great way to tie your look together. He’s wearing his locks longer on top, smartly brushed forward from the crown.

# 21 Smooth Glide

Here we see a very smooth look with the model’s hair starting in a bald fade at the back and sides and slowly tapering longer. The hair above the forehead is the longest and it’s been slicked back. We love the rounded shaping over the ears feeding into the squared off neckline.

# 22 Pompadour Lite

This is a great look – neat faded back and sides which are easy to maintain and style with a slight pompadour lift in front. This lift has been created by leaving this section of hair slightly longer and using product to lift and hold it in place.

# 23 Cool Contrast

Taper cuts and line ups are good for guys with fine hair too. The hair neatly falls into place plus the look creates the illusion of movement and volume. This is shown off to great effect here – the deep comb-over makes the hair look thicker and the shorter hair on the other side provides contrast.

# 24 Precision Waves and Fade

This style is a little unusual, but definitely seems worth trying. Here the stylist has combined a tapered fade from back to front with a parting that curves back, going under the crown at the back of the model’s head. This creates an interesting wave effect at the back, which is matched by the swept up wave of the hair in front.

# 25 Precision Look

Where to start with this incredible look? Well, the longest hair has been neatly layered and brushed smoothly. There’s a sharp hard line running high in a slight curve and on the sides the hair gradually fades into razor trim. The stylist has also neatly styled the edges with precision shaping.

# 26 Edgy Street Style

For this look the hair gradually lengthens forward from the crown, tapering out into a razor fade on the sides and at the back. The middle section of hair is brushed forward, fanning out at the crown and the foremost locks are brushed straight up – creating an edgy street look.

# 27 Low Fade and Swirl

Here is another example of a wave parting. Here the side parting stretches under the crown and then back up, creating a wave of hair on either side. This model is also wearing a low fade on the sides and at the back with sections of the longer hair in front combed up and back.

# 28 Model Brush Up

This look is a little more daring. The stylist has shaved this model’s locks razor short all around the back and sides, until just under the crown. The rest of the hair is longer and has been cut in layers and given a wash of honey blonde color. To style, the hair was brushed forward with a slight flip in front.

# 29 Sharp but Fun

This stylist has shown off their skills by giving this model’s hair neat, sharply shaped edges. These feed into a smooth fade, with the hair uniformly long on top. This is a good low maintenance look that is great for work or school without being too serious.

# 30 Razor Fade Patterns

Want a look that is very now? Patterns in razor fades are exactly what you’ll want to ask your barber about. In this example, the model has a bald fade with a section of patterned short locks on the side and longer hair on top, which has been styled up straight.

# 31 Beach Wave Fade

In this look the hair is faded shorter and shorter, finally ending in a bald fade along the back and high on the sides. The longer top section of locks are layered and fingered combed back, showing off the beach wave-like texture and creating volume.

# 32 Perfect Edges

Keep yourself looking neat by asking your stylist for a smooth line – like the ones over this model’s forehead. The hair on top has been trimmed just short enough to still be combed forward with a bald fade to the sides and back. This concentrates the volume on top and also helps to elongate the face – bonus!

# 33 Layers of Texture

This model’s hair is carefully graded shorter at the back, with length on top. The stylist has layered these top locks and styled the hair by gently finger combing the hair back with a little product. Blow drying also helps to enhance the texture created by the scissor cut layers.

# 34 Side Detail

This model is wearing a very neat style, suited to African American hair. You can keep the tightly curled texture on top and then ask your stylist to taper the back and sides. This shows off the model’s natural volume and he’s also got two razor cut lines on the side for interest.

# 35 Laid Back Layers

The fade on this model’s sides is the same length as his beard which the hair connects to. The top locks are longer with an undercut. This glossy black hair was then layered and blow dried before being styled to fall forward with a few waves in front. A very fun and laid back look for guys.

# 36 The Gentleman

This model’s hair tapers to a razor fade just above the ears, leaving layers of longer locks on top. The hair was styled with a slightly disconnected parting with the hair brushed back on one side and straight up off the forehead on the other side.

# 37 All-in-One Haircut

This fade hits all the right notes. Firstly the cut accentuates the natural dimensional color of the model’s hair and the wavy texture. Secondly, the cut has tamed this model’s thick locks and created a smooth neat look. The locks have been faded out into the sides, with layering allowing for a smooth transition to the longest hair in front.

# 38 Bald Fade with an Edge

This hairstyle starts with a bald fade at the back and sides which gently tapers longer on top. There is no parting with this look, most of the hair has been neatly combed to the side, apart from a section in front that is brushed up to add an edge to the look.

# 39 Razor Fade Back and Sides

This model sports a look with a straight cut fringe and shorn locks, both of which have been texturized using scissor cutting. These locks taper shorter finally ending in a bald fade just above the ears and dipping down to the neck. To style, the hair was brushed forward from the crown.

# 40 Hard Line Detail

This look has thick, layered locks on top which are rich in texture and volume. The hair has been tapered shorter from high up on the sides, dipping down under the crown and a low hard parting line was added in the fade at temple level.

# 41 Slicked Hairstyle with Fade

What a unique look! Here the model is wearing a fashionable medium length taper fade that has been neatly combed out from the crown and slicked down while a section of hair in front has been combed up and over. This creates a great visual effect.

# 42 Fade to Thick

The taper fade can actually make your hair seem thicker, especially if it is thinning near the temples. In this example, the longer hair above the forehead draws the eyes over the back and sides into the thickest locks. The stylist created a smooth fade and also textured the hair to make it look more voluminous.

# 43 Crowning Glory

Here the stylist used the models natural crown lines to create a neat fanned out effect at the back. They also used scissor cutting to add texture and highlight the natural tones of the model’s hair. On the sides and back the hair tapers into a bald fade.

# 44 Subtle Fade

Wow, look at those lines – so skillful! We love the sleek shape the stylist created in this example by doing a fade just above the neckline. This finishes off the short style perfectly and gives it a polished feeling. Remember, you don’t always have to have a fade on the back and sides – you could try something more subtle this like too.

# 45 Master Cuts

A good stylist will always work with the client’s natural texture and lines to create a look perfectly suited to them. For example, here the model is still able to show off his natural texture despite a short shear and tidy lines have been created over the forehead and temples. At the back, there is a slight fade, which neatens up the neckline.

# 46 Beard Lover Style

Short and neat haircuts compliment bushy beards well, so if you have a beard to show off you should consider a taper fade. In this example, the hair is longest in the front and gradually shortens into a razor fade on the sides and at the back. This provides contrast for the models well established and maintained facial hair.

# 47 Fashion Fade

Here we see quite a trendy look that features short sides that fade shorter towards the ear and temple. The hair down the center is long and in this picture it has been slicked neatly back, creating additional height. This is a good look for guys who want to grow their hair long enough for a fashionable man pony or man bun.

# 48 Feeling Fresh

There’s nothing quite like a good haircut to get you feeling fresh and ready to face the world. If you’re feeling edgy, why not ask your barber for a cut like this? The neat geometric lines in front open up the face and the defined side parting and brush over are right on trend.

# 49 Crisp Contrast

Looking for a professional look that’s not too boring? Look no further. This model shows off a look with amazingly crisp sides that have been gently textured and longer locks on top which have been slicked straight back. Notice how the texturized sides provide contrast for the smooth sleeked hair on top? Outstanding!

# 50 Dapper Style

Dapper looks are so versatile and can be adapted to suit men of all ages. In this example, the stylist has texturized the hair with scissor cuts and done a smooth barely noticeable fade over the sides and temples. As a modern touch, there is a section of slightly longer locks in front which have been brushed up and swept back.

# 51 Clipped to Perfection

Sharp lines, perfect fade, and lift in front? This is one awesome cut! Boxy lines over the temples are a great way to draw attention to smooth fades like this one and we love the choppy texture of the longer hair on top.

# 52 Low Maintenance

If you are looking for a really low maintenance do this is a look for you to try. These super short locks will hardly need any attention at all and look really neat combined with the smooth rounded shape over the forehead. It’s a get up and go look for busy guys!

# 53 Salt Spray Fade

Using a good salt mist product can help you get this beach wave look with short hair. It worked really well for this model, adding interest to his smooth skin fade.

# 54 Go for Definition

If you want to add more definition to a round face then this kind of styling could work for you. Here the stylist has used a squared off shape over the model’s forehead to give more structure. This looks great together with the smooth taper fade.

# 55 Super Shaper

This model’s curls look so neat with this perfect razor fade style. We love the sharp shaping around the ears and neckline and the super lines of the graded hair.

To sum it up, the taper fade is a great look for basically any guy. There are looks to flatter older gentlemen and more trendy styles for young men and there are variations for every lifestyle. The advantages of a style like this are that it is easy to manage and it can be spiced up by adding razor pattern details or choppy texture. Ask your barber about getting a razor fade – trust us, you won’t regret it!

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