50 Delightful Fade Haircut Ideas – Good Looking Styles For Every Guy

Fade haircuts are similar to taper haircuts; a gradual shortening in the length of the hair towards the back and sides. The main difference between a taper and a fade is that with a fade the hair is radically shorter and usually ends with no hair around the back and sides, known as a bald fade. There are also more subtle versions like the temple and nape fade as well as edgier looks like the disconnected undercut and the faux hawk style. Today we’re looking at some of the best examples of these fade haircuts:

# 1 Low Fade with Shape Up

In this picture, we see a medium taper cut ending with a bald fade. The model’s hair is thicker around crown level, allowing the model to show off the soft natural texture of his hair. The stylist finished this neat look off with a sharp shape up in front.

# 2 Skin Fade With Top Texture

This model has a neat skin fade along the sides with long hair in the upper section. This hair was given a slightly choppy cut and brushed forward in front creating texture and a little cheeky lift.

# 3 Textured Quiff with Taper

For this look, the model’s hair tapers shorter from the crown ending in a bald layer along the edges. A section of hair down the center was brushed forward into a textured quiff.

# 4 Forward Thinking

Brushed forward looks like this are great for creating balance. This model is wearing his hair messy and layered on top with a tidy taper on the sides.

# 5 Thick and Wavy

This model’s hair is quite thick and wavy but the hairstyle that he’s chosen allows him to wear a manageable style while still retaining his natural texture.

# 6 Expert Shaping

Here is an example of just how talented some barbers are – this shape is outstanding! Check the mild fade on the side and that volume – a wonderful retro look.

# 7 Amazing Edges

This model is wearing a shaped high-top look with smooth sides. The stylist straightened the models hairline, over the forehead, then continued into a hard line down the side.

# 8 Vintage Style Comb Over

In this look, the model sports a faint fade just above the ears with a high hard part. He’s wearing the locks combed over on the other side with a little flip in front to soften the look.

# 9 Faded with Color

Fade hairstyles can also work well with colored hair, like this pumpkin orange shade. For this look, the stylist combined a bald fade and a hard straight parting along the side together with longer kinky hair on top.

# 10 Pattern Perfection

Razor line art like this is trendy at the moment, but it requires steady hands and skill. This model is wearing spiky line work on the side, a shape up in front, and a high fade.

# 11 Metro Look with Blonde Highlights

This model is wearing a clean metrosexual look with brushed back hair down the center and a graded fade on the sides. To add structure to the style they also added a high hard parting.

# 12 High Rise with Blended Sides

We love the lift created here! The stylist layered the hair longer to shorter front to back down the center and performed a skillful fade down the sides.

# 13 Faux Hawk Style

The faux hawk style features high faded sides with longer hair down the center up to the nape of the neck. This is a slightly edgier fade look, well suited to younger men who enjoy wearing a spiky style.

# 14 Side Part Style

This hard side parting runs straight back to the crown with the hair thick at the part. It gradually thins downwards towards the ears. A side part taper is a popular look for professionals and businessmen.

# 15 Love Those Lines

This model has naturally thick and curly hair which is sometimes difficult for men to manage. This taper cut keeps the edges clean, while still have natural volume on top. At the nape of the neck, the stylist fashioned an inverted V-shape using a razor.

# 16 Curls with Side Part

This model is wearing a sleek side fade look that blends into a bald fade around the edges. On the other side of the parting, the model’s hair is thick and curly, layered longer towards the front.

# 17 Edge Up With Blend

A fade haircut looks amazing when combined with edge up detail. Here we see a great example of how the stylist complimented this model’s faded style with smart edging over the forehead and temples.

# 18 Classic Style With Edgy Twist

This designs starts on the temple but makes a zigzag turn where it dips down and then back up and backward. This is neat detail that draws attention to the smooth classic taper fade hairstyle.

# 19 High Pomp Side Part

To balance a well-established beard such as this you really need a polished hairstyle. This model is wearing a side parting with the hair layered alongside the fade. This hair has a structured rise in the pompadour style.

# 20 Wavy Parting with Taper

Drawing attention to your short taper has never been easier for this model. He sports an eye-catching detail along the sides: a wavy hard line that begins at the temples and weaves towards the back.

# 21 High Top with Partial Fade

This style is called a high top fade and it was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. If you want to try a retro look this one is definitely a stylish choice. It features a box cut on top with a partial fade around the bottom.

# 22 Shaped Bald Fade

In this look, we can see a clean gradual fade on the sides with the mid section of hair texturized and styled forward. This hair protrudes just over the forehead, emphasized by the shape up in front.

# 23 Nape and Temple Style

Here the stylist kept the fade isolated to the nape of the model’s neck and his temples. From the crown outwards we see a medium taper with the locks slightly longer and brushed up in front.

# 24 Trendy Voluminous Haircut

To create this epic hairstyle the barber worked carefully to cut a fade at the temples, the nape of the neck and across the brow. This creates a base for the longer top section of hair, which is curly and has been styled up.

# 25 Faint Tape with Shape Up

This is called a faint taper. The effect is not as dramatic as a regular fade with the tapered effect just around the temples and ears. In this example, the stylist has combined it with a smart shape up in front.

# 26 Taper with Hair Art

This model is wearing a taper hairstyle with longer locks on top in front of the crown. The hair shortens at the back before ending in a bald layer around the edges. The stylist skillfully created a leaf style pattern on the side.

# 27 Vintage Pomp

The pompadour is the ultimate in classy looks for gentlemen. This model shows off a combed back rise in front with the hair shortening to a fade on the sides and back.

# 28 Disconnected High Fade

For this look, the stylist performed a high fade on the sides. The center section of hair is long and separated from the shorn sides by a disconnected parting. The model is wearing his locks slightly texturized and sleeked back.

# 29 Pompadour Wave

We love this trendy take on the pompadour – the stylist created wavy texture throughout the model’s top portion of hair creating a subtle rise.

# 30 Textured Fade

This model shows off a neat look with cleaning shaved edges and a tidy shape up in front. This hair around the top is slightly longer, with springy natural texture.

# 31 Choppy Brush Back

Choppy cuts are edgy and can add a whole new dimension to your look. Why not try this medium fade haircut and ask your barber to create texture this like? Sleek it all back for a cool everyday style.

# 32 Blend with Waves

This smooth blend carefully tapered down the sides is a perfect match for the model’s naturally wavy hair. He’s wearing it gently brushed back from the forehead.

# 33 Faded Faux Hawk With Design

If you want a look like this, ask your stylist to perform a high fade on the sides, leaving the hair mid length all the way down the center. This model has extra eye-catching detail with a jagged pattern on one side.

# 34 Short Fade

For the ultimate easy to manage style, try a short fade like this one. He’s wearing a bald faded style on the edges with sharp line up detail in front.

# 35 Line Detail

For this look, the stylist created a type of forked section at the crown – allowing the hard parting to end while another line runs further back. This is a fun detail that makes his side part comb over look a little more exciting.

# 36 Gradual Fade

This hairstyle has no partings; the hair has just been graded shorter out along the sides and back. He’s wearing the longer hair down the center highly texturized with scissor cuts and swept back.

# 37 Clean Cut Taper

This model is wearing a clean looking style with a tidy shape up in front, feeding into the tapered sides. The hair is longest in front, brushed smoothly back with a little height in front.

# 38 Sharp Fade

In this tapered style, the fade begins around the crown radiating down the sides and back with only a small section of longer locks in front. He’s wearing a combed back look with neat edging in front.

# 39 Kinky Center With Tapered Sides

This models hair has loads of volume with its kinky texture so a style like this is perfect for showing that off. He’s wearing this natural length around the center tapered into a bald fade.

# 40 Fade Haircut With Shape Up

Here the model’s hair is an equal length from the crown to the forehead, sharply tapering into a skin layer on the sides and at the back. The stylist added a shape up in front to add to the professional feel of this fade hairstyle.

# 41 Balanced Faint Fade

For this edgy look, the stylist performed a faint fade over the temples but also along the forehead, with a neat straight line. This provides balance for the long hair in the center.

# 42 Brushed Forward Fade

In this disconnected fade look, the sides are dramatically short than the hair on top. The sides end with a rounded off skin fade while the top hair is brushed up and forward from the back.

# 43 High Side Part Style

This is a more classic style of fade haircut, suitable for guys of all ages who need a smart look. This model went for a high side parting, with the hair smoothed back.

# 44 Bold Hard Line and Spikes

To create this hairstyle the stylist initially cut a smooth bald fade, leaving the hair medium length in the upper portion. This longer hair has been styled up with spiked edges. Along the side we see a bold, hard line, stretching sharply back.

# 45 Blended with Center Texture

Here we can see that the stylist neatly blended the hair shorter from the top down, ending in a clean fade along the sides. The top locks were scissor cut for volume and brushed back.

# 46 Starter Taper

If you haven’t tried a fade before and you’re worried about it suiting you then you could try this style to start with. Here the model just has a taper fade over the temples and neat edging at the back.

# 47 Elegant Pomp Hairstyle

Nothing says classy like a pompadour hairstyle! This model is wearing a brushed back pomp style rise in front with cleanly tapered sides.

# 48 Soft and Messy

The stylist cut this model’s hair so that it is medium length down the center with a subtle fade towards the sides and edges. The longer hair is curly and styled to be soft and messy.

# 49 Defining Line

A hard line like this one compliments a fade hairstyle well. This model is wearing his locks with a pompadour style rise down the center, separated from the taper by a thick hard line.

# 50 Skin Fade Style

This model is wearing a short faded look with clean cut edges. The stylist left a little length just over the brow to comb back and tidied the sides with an edge up.

Although tapers and fades are trendy remember that you should always go for looks that not only suit your personality but also your lifestyle. Faded styles take more maintenance to keep up so consider this when choosing a style. Edgier styles are awesome for young guys and pompadour looks suit older men, but don’t think that you can’t mix it up a little – choose a fade hairstyle that you love!

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