25 Traditional Graduation Outfits – Celebrating Your Achievements in Style

Traditional graduation outfits come in varying styles, designs and colors. There’s a whole lot of ideas for the traditional outfit. However, the list is quite long to fit this article. It’s for that reason that I’ve narrowed down the search to some of the most popular styles of this academic regalia. Below, we look at 25 trendy styles in traditional graduation outfits.

# 1 Vibrant Style

This University of Education, Winneba gown comes in blue and sports two red stripes onto which is imprinted the university’s logo. The hood comes in yellow featuring a white band. The gown is given the perfect match of a blue mortarboard with a blue tassel to it.

# 2 Black and Yellow Combo

The University of Melbourne, Australia sports an academic dress with some cool contrast to it. The gown comes in black with a black velvet hood. The hood sports a yellow band that creates that warm look. The square cap comes in black.

# 3 Islamic Imprints

This dress is from the University of Malaysia. The gown sports that navy color imprinted with Islamic patterns along the folds and the bottom of the sleeves. The mortarboard sports a black color with a yellow tassel attached to it.

# 4 Pink and Blue

Rangsit University academic dress sports the delicate look of a pink hood that contrasts well with the black gown. The lining to the hood sports a blue color that adds a more vibrant look to the outfit.

# 5 Sweet Blend

Look your best with a black gown that’s topped in an elegant hood sporting that red color with green accents. The mortarboard comes in black.

# 6 Green and Blue Combo

This academic regalia is for the school of nursing at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. The gown is given that cool dark shade of black. The velvet hood comes in blue and has a light green band. The mortarboard is black and sports a velvet rim on the scalp cap.

# 7 Green and Yellow

Jakarta State University academic dress sports a black gown and a velvet hood that comes in green with a yellow band. The black academic cap comes in a unique pentagonal shape and sports the vibrant look of a green tassel.

# 8 Yellow and Red Flair

Here, you get that dark shade sported on the gown and the mortarboard. The whole look is given some flair with a striped hood that comes in yellow and red to creates that vibrant finish.

# 9 RMIT Style

RMIT University, Australia sports a black gown with a multicolored hood that sports the vibrant look of red, green, gold and white.

# 10 Black and Electric Blue

The university of Melbourne, Doctor of Optometry sports a cool blend that features a black gown and a velvet hood that comes in black with an electric blue lining. The mortarboard comes in black and sports an electric blue tassel.

# 11 Black with Blue Accents

The Queensland University of Technology sports a black gown with beautiful blue accents just below the shoulders. The square cap and the tassel come in black sporting that cool velvet rim at the base.

# 12 Navy and White Combo

Stand out in a navy gown that’s pale on the inside. Match it with a navy hood that sports a white band. This academic dress looks great when paired with a white shirt.

# 13 Classic Black and White

The university of Queensland gives you the chance to look great in a black and white academic dress. The gown comes in black and sports white accents just below the shoulders. Ditch the hood and settle for a black mortarboard.

# 14 Black with Snow White Hood

The university of Leeds sports a cool contrast that will make you stand out from the crowd. Go classic in a black gown and snow white hood. You can upgrade the looks further by sporting a grey modern-fit suit and white shirt.

# 15 Arizona Style

Arizona state University lets you grab the most attention in a maroon gown matched with a maroon square cap. Look great in its gold and maroon tassel. Complete the look with a pure gold hood that has the University of Arizona logo imprinted on it.

# 16 Vibrant Blue

The university of Wollongong lets you go blue in all areas from the gown, hood to the square cap. This graduation dress looks great when matched with a dark blue tie and white shirt.

# 17 Light Purple and White Combo

The university of Melbourne sports a vibrant hood that contrasts well with a black gown. Let it sport that light purple color that creates a sparkle in the velvet material. Let it stand out in a white band that runs along the edges. Add a black square cap and you’re good to go.

# 18 Silver Highlight

University of Melbourne School of Law lets you go dark in all areas with the exception of the black hood that sports the silvery sparkle of a white band. Pair it with a dark outfit for that perfect match.

# 19 Black and Green

Add some natural look to your black gown by going for a light green hood. Go greener in a jungle green band that stretches to the inner lining.

# 20 Red and Gold Flair

There are many ways that you can add some flair to your black gown. But one of the most ideal ways to do it is match with a red hood that sports a gold band. This academic dressed is finished with a navy square cap.

# 21 Blue and Maroon

Arizona State University lets you look great in a maroon gown that sports a zippered closure. Match it with a maroon mortarboard sporting a light blue tassel with gold accents. Finish in a light blue hood that sports a black band.

# 22 Extra Flair

Go the Florida International University style in a blue gown topped with a gold hood that sports the university’s logo. Top everything in a blue mortarboard that sports a red tassel to add some flair to the academic dress.

# 23 Marsala with Golden Glow

Arizona State University settles for a marsala gown and adds a glow to it with a golden hood. Add a mortarboard and sport a tassel that has golden accents to it.

# 24 Blue and Black Combo

Make heads turn in a black gown that sports a light blue hood with a black band to it. Give it the perfect match of a black mortarboard and make it dark to the tassel.

# 25 Suit-Up Style

Ditch the gown and settle for a black modern-fit suit. Match it with a black hexagonal cap and add some sparkle with a golden medal attached to a snow white band.

These are one of the coolest traditional graduation outfits sported by colleges and universities around the world. They provide one of the coolest ways of celebrating your academic achievement in style.

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