45 Authentic Grunge Style – Comfortable and Original Outfits for Men

Grunge style first appeared in late 80’s and early 90’s, following the fashion styles of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The look is working class, all about being non-conformist and comfortable. Staples of this fashion include oversized vests and shirts, high top shoes, distressed or torn denim, scuffed boots, and flannel – lots of flannel! It reflects a “don’t care” attitude and is comfortable and easy to wear. Let’s look at how to style grunge outfits for men.

# 1 Loose and Relaxed

Grunge is all about loose and comfortable – go for a layered look like this by combining an oversized hoodie with a dark colored jacket, relaxed fit black jeans and dark lace-up shoes.

# 2 Flannel Fashion

Red, white, and black are a perfect combination for a grunge outfit. We love the layering with the red flannel shirt against the white t-shirt and the bad boy leather jacket.

# 3 Go Alternative

Flannel shirts can also be worn wrapped around the waist for a laid back grunge look. Team it with dark jeans, a dark leather jacket with a denim sleeveless top to finish off your look.

# 4 Post-Grunge

Tight pants can be used to create a post-grunge type style outfit – just make sure you keep to dark colors and wear it with dark shoes and an oversized hooded jacket.

# 5 90’s Style

This look is so retro – straight out of the nineties! He’s wearing a striped long sleeve under a rock band t-shirt together with ripped black jeans and 90’s style purple shades.

# 6 Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a staple for a grunge style outfit. You can either buy then distressed or do it yourself (more fun!). Just team with a retro oversized hoodie and you’re ready to hit the streets.

# 7 Fade to Black

Black and other dark colors are the hues to stick to with grunge outfits. For a quick outfit pair jet black jeans, scuffed black boots and a black t-shirt.

# 8 Updated Grunge

This a clean looking outfit with a grunge edge – the model has kept to dark colors but added light shoes, a sporty jacket, and a checked scarf.

  • grunge style 2
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# 9 Check My Shoes

Checked loafers like these are all grunge – we love the way they stand out against this guy’s understated street outfit and ripped black jeans.

# 10 Skull Point

Any dark themes are suitable for grunge outfits, especially skulls! Make your t-shirt the focal point of your look by wearing an all black look with a white printed t-shirt.

# 11 Simple Street Style

Make a simple fashion statement by rocking a grunge inspired look – ripped faded black jeans and a plain dark colored t-shirt. Done!

# 12 Layering Tank

Layering tank tops like this were hot in the nineties – perfect for creating layered grunge looks. Team with distressed baggy jeans and if it’s cold just add a flannel top.

# 13 Distress Me

These distressed washed out jeans are just right for a post-grunge look. This model is wearing his checked sneakers and light colored layers on top.

# 14 Denim Bomber

This model is wearing a baggy white t-shirt underneath a retro style denim bomber jacket. He’s combined this with black pants and 90’s inspired round colored glasses.

# 15 Long Flannel

Here we see a red flannel shirt being worn open and loose over a black hoodie with a long grey shirt underneath. He’s also wearing skinny fit black jeans and high tops.

# 16 Think Pink

Grunge is all about non-conformity and comfort so don’t be afraid to rock a little pink (especially a cool sugar skull t-shirt like this one!

  • grunge style 7
  • grunge style 8
  • grunge style 9
  • grunge style 10
  • grunge style 11

# 17 Unisex Styling

One of the best things about grunge style is that it is unisex – both you and your girlfriend can enjoy super comfortable green and brown flannel shirts like this.

# 18 Sheepskin and Hightops

Wrap up warm in a roomy sheepskin lined jacket, with a long t-shirt underneath. Wear it with comfy stone wash jeans and hightops.

# 19 Punk Stripe

Striped black and red long sleeve shirts scream grungy punk style – wear them under a rock band t-shirt with your ripped jeans.

# 20 Be Yourself

Grunge is about individuality – don’t be afraid to mix elements like baggy hoodies with retro hats and shades.

# 21 White Out

This model is wearing a loose fitting white shirt and hoodie combination with black pants – tie together with pristine white sneakers.

# 22 Street Wear

This outfit consists of an oversized white t-shirt, a dark corduroy jacket, black jeans and a red flannel shirt wrapped around the waist.

# 23 Soft Grunge

Dark colored outfits, with jeans and boots, are staples for grunge looks. Soften the look slightly with a supple leather jacket.

# 24 Layered to Perfection

This is how you do grunge style layering! This model is wearing a long plain t-shirt underneath a button up shirt and has added a sheepskin-lined denim bomber on top.

# 25 Easy Urban

This model is wearing a simple round neck long sleeve top over lightweight dark pants – an easy urban outfit.

# 26 Go for Comfort

Be comfortable in an oversized dark hoodie and team with ripped skinnies for a grungy effect.

  • grunge style 16
  • grunge style 15
  • grunge style 14
  • grunge style 13
  • grunge style 12

# 27 V is for Vintage

Step back in time with a retro grunge look like this – start with distressed black jeans and add a cream long sleeve under an olive green top. Finish off with a black jacket and creamy vintage high top boots.

# 28 Serious Grunger

This model is wearing a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve blue knit top. Underneath we can see the bottom of an oversized white vest.

# 29 Hot Leather

Leather pants are always good for those who want to make a fashion statement and this all black outfit is simply hot!

# 30 Don’t Care Wear

Here we see a long sleeve gray top being worn underneath a gray pullover with a Sherpa military style coat on top. The outfit is made even more comfortable with the drawstring sweat pants.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum when it comes to this type of style. You should never mix lots of jewelry in with this look as this a “garage band” type of styling. Keep to baggy fit oversized tops in dark colors, striped long sleeve tops, torn jeans, flannel and dark colored boots for an authentic feel. Just be as comfortable as possible and you’ll nail this awesome style.


45 Authentic Grunge Style – Comfortable and Original Outfits for Men

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