40 Elegant Ways to Style Trilby Hat – Keeping a Lid on It

The trilby hat is one fashion accessory that has never been so much in demand. It has seen a widespread use, from showbiz stars to the celebrity personnel. The trilby hat has almost become an integral part of many outfits in today’s fashion conscious world. There are lots of cool styling ideas that will make you stand out. Below, we look at 40 ways of styling this classic piece of fashion.

# 1 Party Style

Settle for a brown hat that sports a light band. Give the crown that double dented look at the sides and sport a crease at the top. Finish with a slight roll at the brim for that cool party style.

# 2 Classic Taper

Stand out in a dark liver hat that sports a brown band. Wear it tapered in such a way that it dips towards the back. Create a dent at each side for that classic twist.

# 3 Summer Style

Go for a beige hat sporting a brown band. Give the brim that slight curve to create one sexy look for summer wear.

# 4 Cool Tie Style

Sport a vintage look in a brown hat. Go for creased front and sport a dent at the top of the crown. Sport a colorful tie band and let the brim dip down towards the front.

# 5 Perfect Suit-Up

Choose a navy blue hat that matches your classic blue suit. Make the band slightly lighter and sport dents on each side. Let the brim curve slightly at the back and finish the gentleman style with a dent at the top.

# 6 Fashionable Dip

Go for a jungle green hat that sports white pin-dots and a black band. Roll the brim more at the back and wear it angled to expose the forehead.

# 7 Casual Style

Make it a little bit natural with a sisal hat that has a charcoal grey band sporting a buckle closure. Give it that cool crease at the top of the crown for that sexy finish.

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# 8 Bohemian Swag

Rock the Bohemian style with a beige hat. Match it with a black band and give the crown that cool taper. Sport a crease at the top and roll the sides of the brim for that extra Bohemian flair.

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# 9 Cool Navy Wear

Settle for a navy hat that sports that slight dip towards the back. Pinch the crown a little bit and go for a creased top. Roll up the brim all way round to add to your casual style.

# 10 Rock-Style Wear

Go for a textured hat and make it black on the band. Create a batch that sits shallow at the tips and sport a slight taper on the crown. Finish in style with a slight roll to the edges of the brim.

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# 11 Natural Blend

Blend with nature by sporting a green hat that has that textured look. Give it the cool contrast of a black band and sport a double dent at the front part of the crown. Dip the brim at the front and roll it up at the back.

# 12 Classic African Style

Sport a brown hat that provides a perfect match for the dark African skin. Give it some extra flair with a light brown band. Go for a slight curve to the sides of the brim and finish with double dents to the crown.

# 13 Red and Black Combo

Settle for a cool color contrast – a red hat that sports a black band. Add to the cool look with a curve to the back of the brim. Sport a creased top and wear it in such a way that it dips towards the front.

# 14 Classic Roll

Look cool in a brown hat and give it the perfect contrast of a black band. Sport a dent at the front and roll up the brim with the exception of the front that’s left flat. Wear it dipped towards the back.

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# 15 Semi Formal

Rock the mafia boss look of the 20’s with a navy hat. Give the brim a roll to the sides for that cool semi-formal style.

# 16 Cool Crease

Stand out in a white hat that features a black band. Give it that creased look to the sides and the top. Settle for a classic brim that’s rolled up on the sides and back.

# 17 Angled Rock Style

Dance the night away with a rock-style hat that sports double dents with a creased top. Roll up the brim on one side and leave the other side flat to create that cool angled wear.

# 18 Gentleman Style

Dress the gentleman style with Stetson Richmond hat that comes in brown. Give it the cool contrast of a black band that sports a buckle system. Settle for a double dent to the front and a creased top. Finish with a slight curve to the sides of the brim.

# 19 Narrow Pinch

Grab the most attention in a black hat that sports a pinched crown that sits narrow at the top. Wear it dipped towards the back for that classic finish.

# 20 Cuban Street Style

Settle for a traditional-style hat that sports a beige look with a blue band. Give it that double creased look at the top with a slight curve to the sides of the brim. Let the front dip downwards for a dramatic finish.

# 21 Cool Designer Wear

Add to your gentleman look with a designer hat that comes in white and black with red stripes to the band. Let it sit flat on top and keep it edgy with a slight curve to the brim.

  • Trilby Hat 39
  • Trilby Hat 40

# 22 Multi-Dented

Make three dents to the crown to create that cool edgy top. Sport a ribbon and add a classic twist by rolling up the sides and back of the brim.

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# 23 Dashing Feathered Look

Rock in a brown hat that sports a closure band. Make the crown dented at the front. Stick some feathers into the closure for extra swag.

# 24 Wedding Style

Embrace the wedding events in style with a black hat that sports deep dents to the crown. Ensure to let the brim sit flat for that sharp look.

# 25 Digital Nomad

Travel the world in a brown textured hat that sports a red band and dark brim. Sports shallow dents at the front and a light crease to the top. Let the brim sit tapered at the front and give the rest a roll-up.

A trilby hat is a great way to making a bold fashion statement. It provides a versatile wear that matches both formal and informal outfits. Unlike most hats, it sports that cool less menacing look – something that you might just be looking for.

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40 Elegant Ways to Style Trilby Hat – Keeping a Lid on It

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