25 Ideas for Grey Jacket and Black Pants – Easy and Trendy

Grey jacket and black pants make an amazing combo, and throughout this post, we will go over some fine examples of this fashion trend pulled right. Get some new fashion ideas and find out what to wear by looking at these sexy examples.

# 1 The Classical Look

This combination of black pants with black shoes, along with the grey checkered jacket, allow the model to have a natural and classical look while still having a very masculine and informal touch.

# 2 Navy Tie Fresh Style

A light checkered jacket contrasting with a bright navy blue tie and handkerchief. Elegant, simple and sophisticated, the belt adds the finishing touch, as well as the neutral colored pants.

# 3 Grey Jacket Black Pants Punk Style

Since we’ve been showing classical looks, we thought it would be good to spice it up with a more rebellious wardrobe option. Worn out jeans and a sturdy belt complement the laid back look the black t-shirt and open jacket gives the model, some accessories can be used here as well.

# 4 Light Grey Sophistication

A sober look that tackles light tones just right. The bright grey jacket is complemented with a white handkerchief with black contour, and the tie and shirt match both tones. The buttons help distribute visual weight, and there’s little risk on what shoe style to pick, as long as the color is right.

# 5 The Summer Classic

A powerful choice of clothes that represents sophistication at its finest level. This style has a warm jacket, but the suit itself is fresh and ideal for hot weather. If it’s cold you dress the warm jacket, while if it’s hot you just take it off and you’re ready to go.

# 6 Trendy Sports Look

A formal meets sports look that has fashion enthusiasts delighted. The pants and shoes make for a good combination, while the open white shirt revealed by the jacket makes a powerful statement.

# 7 The Checkered Muffler

It is examples like these that show how powerful some accessories can be. This gray jacket black pants look is extremely enriched by the use of a checkered scarf to balance the neck and chest area. The collars are also framed by it, which allows their shape to have extra-impact.

# 8 Hipster Classic

A variance from the last item we mentioned on this list. You simply replace the denim shirt with a classical one or invest in a shirt with a pattern matching that of the jacket for added points. The rebellious look is maintained by the pattern combination as well as red handkerchief contour.

# 9 The Business Man Approach

This is a very traditional look that is masterfully put together with this example of how simple things sometimes work out to be the best.The contoured handkerchief puts the spice on the vanilla look.

# 10 Urban Style

A successful look for the city dweller that wants to look good while doing errands. The brown belt and brown shoes stand out, making you not notice the colored handkerchief, compensating for it and enveloping the whole wardrobe choice in harmony, keeping the levels equal among all pieces.

# 11 The Young Businessman

Like the businessman style, this is a very traditional combination that is spiced up by the use of a handkerchief. If you liked the businessman look but think you’re too young or outgoing to sport that look, then this is the light version we suggest you adopt.

# 12 The Buttoned Up

What are you going to wear on those months where it simply is too cold? Well, what if we told you that you could look great and fresh while sporting a shirt, vest and a heavy jacket on top of it?This set accomplishes just that, and it looks great while doing it.

# 13 Differing Patterns

Once upon a time, there was a sentence in fashion you couldn’t walk around – “Don’t combine different patterns.” Nowadays, people know you can pull it off, as this model demonstrates by sporting these two very different pieces (jacket and tie). The patterns don’t shock with each other, making the look successful.

# 14 Men with Class

A light and discrete shirt, a tweed jacket, classical navy pants and a colored handkerchief make this look classy and easy to attain. You can also top that off with some equally classy sunglasses that match the look’s style and feel.

# 15 Straight Lines

Everything is straight here, and it isn’t a coincidence. The plan worked perfectly as the lines on the jacket go well with its clean cut.The crease on the pants adds to this effect, and even the handkerchief is placed making a horizontal line. Well done!

# 16 The Bold Winter

This look isn’t for everyone as it is circumstantial and demands character, but those who have the personality to wear it can reap the rewards. A light vest contrasts with the dark jacket and tie, as well as the pants. The handkerchief and scarf distract you from one another, and all-in-all we have to say it is a well thought out look.

# 17 Hipster Denim

The item on our list for the classy hipster at heart. This look starts its statement with its curvy denim shirt and its rebellious tie and handkerchief combo. The vest and jacket’s patterns are yet another proof of how that adage is outdated. Pretty well done.

# 18 Light Grey Sophistication II

Let’s take another look at the bright jacket; dark tone tie and light tone shirt combination. Again, the handkerchief is part of the key to successfully combining all of these elements together successfully. The shoes with no socks are an option, but it is trending during the summer months.

# 19 Tweed Versatility

This look is amazing in its versatility. If you take a good look at it, you see you can pull off two successful styles thanks to that jacket. One situation may call a more formal look, in which case you wear the jacket, while others give you space and time to relax, so you can take the jacket off and jump to your casual persona.

# 20 Grey Jacket Black Pants V-Shape

This is all about the V-Shape so make sure that you do have that form naturally on your body. The jacket and the shirt both have the cut to really enhance that shape, while the tight pants give you extra tone. The shoes are classic, but you can also choose a bolder type as long as it is a neutral color.

# 21 Uniformity

This look is intended to give you a uniform style, a style in which each piece has its place, and yet you’re being looked at as a whole. The pieces blend well and take the focus out of them so you can focus on the style itself.

# 22 The Seville

The multi-cultural influence in this look is humbling, and you can notice how many pieces from different origins blend to create this modern look with traditional items. The cloth strap on your waist line adds to the elegance and matches the cut on the jacket’s collar.

# 23 The Dotted Look

The “Grey Jacket Black Pants” look is smartly pulled off in this picture, where the dotted shirt makes its statement and turns a more rectilinear look into a dynamic fashion statement that it’s hard to evade. Marvelous!

# 24 Long Jacket V-Shape

Another look at this trending style evidences that the long jacket really does its job compensating for the tight black pants. The buttons on it are well-spaced, not interfering with the pattern’s feel.

# 25 The Office Hours Style

A formal and yet laid back look that can be used while you’re in the office or the go, getting your routine done.Checkered jackets always look good with solid pants.

Here are some of our recommendations on the best grey jacket and black pants combinations. If you follow our guidelines, you will never go wrong, but don’t forget to make your own fashion statements.

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