50 Ways to Style Brown Dress Shoes – Ultimate Outfits for Men

Brown dress shoes are a great way to getting an entirely new identity. They have become increasingly popular, making them an essential part of a closet. Brown dress shoes are now the new black and come in many styles ranging from contemporary, casual to classic. They come in many shades and can be paired with different outfits to make them stand out. Below are 50 examples for those researching their options regarding cool ideas for brown dress shoes.

# 1 Bespoke Patina Gideon

Add a classic touch to your blue space cadet suit with leather, Patina Gideon shoes that sport bright cocoa brown color. Pair the suit with a pinstripe white shirt and match with navy blue tie and navy blue pocket square. Finish with a brown leather belt to complement the shoes.

# 2 Cognac Double Sole Plain Toe Blucher

Get the smoothness of Cognac Double Toe Blucher that comes in cocoa brown. Pair this tanned, calf leather shoes with dark navy socks and grey cuff pants. Travel in style with a waxed canvas utility briefcase.

# 3 Bespoke Derby Smith Wear

Get that perfect casual look with quality, handcrafted leather shoes designed by Derby and Smith. Pair this chocolate brown shoes with a blue-purple navy jean shirt and blue jean pants. Ditch the tie for a more casual look.

# 4 Dapper Outfit

Go for a cocoa brown shoes that sports beautiful black accents. Pair it with a checkered trench coat and khaki brown flat-front pants. Add a chocolate brown, woolen waistcoat and a checkered tie to your white shirt.

# 5 Classic Shade Combo

Look unique by ditching the traditional brown shoes. Go for something classic – cocoa brown with chocolate accents. Enjoy the comfort of its perforated seams and pair it with white laces to match your blue pin dot socks.

# 6 Navy Blue Suit-Up Combo

Get a pair of slim, leather shoes that sport chocolate brown color. Give it the perfect suit-up of navy blue for that perfect classic touch. Ditch the tie and pair the suit with a white shirt and white pocket square.

# 7 Bow Tie Outfit

Look good in any event with a raw umber brown shoes. Match it with raw umber alligator bow tie worn with a white long-sleeve shirt. Finish with flat-front pants that come in blue space cadet color.

# 8 Red Brown Elegance

Give your leather shoes the classic look of red-brown color sporting a buckle closure. Go the Italian style with a blue pinstripe suit that sports a modern fit. Pair it with a patterned tie and finish in electric blue shirt.

# 9 Classic Wingtip

Get that classic business look in a khaki brown wingtip shoes that sports a plain toe cap. Pair it with with a patterned sock and navy blue flat-front pants.

# 10 Cool Contrast

Add a solid color to your suit-up. go for a beaver brown leather shoes that sports a classic buckle design. Ditch the socks and pair the shoes with a black, modern-fit suit. Go the Italian style by adding a checkered waistcoat and a sky blue shirt. Finish with a matching black tie and you’re good to go.

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# 11 Handcrafted Oxfords

Enjoy the classic look of handcrafted chocolate shoes that sports an elegant Oxford closure. This shoes make you stand out in its perforated design, both on the toe cap and the seams. Pair it with black cotton socks and black jean pants for that cool contrast.

# 12 Multi-Colored Combo

Get brown brogues for that cool, classic look. Pair it with a bird printed shirt that sports that cool, multicolored look. Match the shoes with taupe brown pants. Finish in a brown clutch for that classic, traveler look.

# 13 Classic Brogues

Get an instant outfit update with chocolate brown brogues that sports dark shades. Upgrade its classic, double buckle design in striped socks. Complete the whole look in pin dot brown flat-front pants.

# 14 Sharp Modern Outfit

Beat the hustle and bustle in dark brown leather shoes that sport that classic, plain look. Pair it with a charcoal gray suit that sports a waistcoat and a pocket square. Finish in style with a white shirt and a classic tie.

# 15 Loafer Elegance

Embrace the spring season in style with dark brown loafers. Ditch the socks and pair it with blue flat-front pants. Match the loafers with a brown jacket that contrasts well with the white shirt. Wear the shirt with a striped tie for that cool, semi-formal look.

# 16 Fashion Inspiration

A slim-fit suit looks great for those that desire a modern, sharp look. Go for a classic blue color and give it the elegance of chocolate brown brogues. Go sockless, add a white shirt and wear it with a blue tie. Finish in a red pocket square and walk the streets in style.

# 17 Tanger’ Oxfords

Walk the streets in style with Tanger’ Oxfords that sport that fine cognac hue. Add some socks and pair with black jean pants. Adorn the top in a checkered gray jacket that blends harmoniously with a black waistcoat. Finish in a crisp white shirt worn with a brown pin dot tie.

# 18 Simple and Classic

Stand out in deep brown loafers that sport some dark shades. Go sockless and pair it with white cuff pants. Go cool in a blue cardigan that features green accents. Pair the cardigan with a crisp white shirt worn with a brown tie to match the shoes. Take with you a white strap handbag that has cool brown accents for that perfect traveler look.

# 19 Dark Combination

Make it cool with brown ankle boots that sport that sweet chocolate brown hue. Give it the dark combination of black pants, black t-shirt and a black zip leather jacket. Top everything in a black knit cap for that perfect casual look.

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# 20 Frank Wright Classic

Go classic in brown leather shoes designed by Frank Wright. Add some casual look with ripped jean pants. Adorn the top in a navy green bomber jacket and finish with a high-collar, brown cardigan.

# 21 Clean Look

Get deep brown leather shoes that are handcrafted to match your taste. Ditch the socks and pair it with dark navy ankle pants. Finish in a grey t-shirt and add a timepiece for that classic sparkle.

# 22 Casual Street Style

Go simple yet elegant in chocolate brown leather shoes. Go sockless and roll up your green pants for that classic, cuff look. Add a crisp white long-sleeve shirt and finish in a casual style cap for a cool, street style.

# 23 Tough Adventure Outfit

Get tough, leather brogues to add some fun to your outdoor activities. Make it sock-less and add the toughness of black jean pants. Finish in a navy blue water jacket and a sky blue t-shirt. Top everything in a cool, brown hat.

# 24 Sweet Brown Combo

Go cool in deep brown Belgian loafers made of soft leather sporting elegant crocodile print. Add some classic touch to this handmade loafers with brown cuff pants and brown jacket. Settle for a sky blue shirt and wear it with a dark navy tie. Add a brown waistcoat and finish in a white pocket square.

# 25 Traveler Style Loafers

Go sockless in reddish brown leather loafers. Make it casual with blue jean pants ripped short at the ankles. Pair it with a beige trench coat and finish with a dark brown briefcase for the ultimate traveler look.

# 26 Bow Tie and Wingtip Combo

Be a man of class and go for a brown wingtip shoes that sport perforated toe cap. Wear it with a delicate pink sock. Add blue jeans pants and a navy blue blazer. Settle for a white shirt worn with a patterned bow tie. Finish in a brown pocket square for that classic touch.

# 27 Tan Formals

Take your formal style to a whole new level. Go sockless in tan leather shoes that sport that glossy look. Give it the classic touch of a blue modern-fit suit. Add a white shirt and ditch the tie for more swag.

# 28 The Hat Match

Get that matching look with brown leather shoes and brown hat. Ditch the socks and get the casual look of a blue jean apron. Pair with a white patterned shirt and finish in a sky blue jacket left unbuttoned.

# 29 Gentleman Style

Go for a classic look that gives you an edge over your professional peers – a brown burgundy shoes that makes a perfect office attire. Pair it with navy cuff pants for that cool, formal look.

# 30 Gentleman Style

Go simple, subtle and sophisticated in a brown leather shoes worn with pin dot socks. Give it the modern twist of green cuff pants and pink patterned long-sleeve shirt. Add a timepiece to the wrist for that cool gentleman style.

# 31 Complex Dapper Combo

Make it intricate and cool with brown leather shoes worn with blue socks. Go for beige cuff pants and sport the classic look of a navy blue modern fit jacket. Settle for a white pocket square and a white shirt. Wear the shirt with a striped tie for that sophisticated look.

# 32 Classic Tan Outfit

Look cool and trendy in tan wingtip shoes that sport plain toe cap. Give it the contrasting look of deep brown laces. Wear the leather shoes with socks and finish in beige cuff pants.

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# 33 Summertime Outfit

Embrace the summer season with class. Make it cool in brown suede leather shoes that sport a buckle closure. Wear the shoes with grey pindot socks and beige pants. Go for a navy blue silk jacket to add a modern touch to your looks. Add a pocket square, ditch the tie and finish in a patterned lined shirt.

# 34 Sexy Vibe

Make it sexy and cool in chocolate brown leather shoes that sport a dark shade at the toe cap. Pair it with tough blue jean pants and a black blazer. Add a black shirt for that flirty and sexy finish.

# 35 Semi-Formal Blend

Blend well in any semi-formal event by sporting dark brown leather shoes that have a wide toe cap. Pair it with black gray flat-front pants and a checkered gray jacket that sports a modern fit design. Add a brown scarf around the neck and a dark t-shirt. Top the outfit in a blue hat and finish in black leather gloves.

Brown dress shoes have a unique place in a man’s closet. Their classic and chic look creates a statement that is hard to go unnoticed. Experiment with the above ideas and jazz up your style.

How to Wear Brown Shoes

50 Ways to Style Brown Dress Shoes – Ultimate Outfits for Men

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