45 Cool Emo Hairstyles for Men – Perfect Combination of Flatter and Creativity

Emo hairstyles are characterized by dark hair that sweeps to the side to create a nice face frame. It is a perfect style for those that have their hair above shoulder length. Despite being a popular trend among girls, men also have the chance to share in the world of emo hairstyles. Below are 45 emo hairstyles for men who want to highlight their personality and achieve that modernistic style.

# 1 High Crown

Give your short hair that thinned look and concentrate more volume at the crown. Let the top flow forward to create pointed, across bangs. The sharpness of the ends gives the bangs a spiky look that’ll draw some attention.

# 2 Short Punk Haircut

Is your personal style a bit eccentric? A short punk is a great way to achieve that different look that will rock your fantasy. Pull the hair to the front and give it that spiked look. Make a side sweep at the forehead to create more drama. And there you have it – an edgy haircut that will make you stand out.

# 3 Classic Side Part

Go longer on your emo hairstyle. Give your hair a classic comb part and make every strand sleek. Create a flipped look at the front and give the hair a layered look. Allow part of the sides to sweep to the front to add some intricate touch to the hairstyle. Give the hair some thin highlights to create that cool, bleached look.

# 4 Face Framer

Give your face a natural frame that will make heads turn your way. Add some texture to your thick hair and flip the top forward to concentrate more volume at the front. Let the flipped hair form a messy front bang and crop the locks at the chin to create one flirty emo haircut.

# 5 Wavy Ends

This emo haircut is your quickest way to a sweet, wavy look with minimal effort. Give the hair a blow dry to create that dimensional flow. Grab two-inch sections at the ends and wrap them over curling iron. Give it a slight roll up for that smooth, wavy finish.

# 6 Metallic Hair

Style your hair in such a way that it points towards the front. Give the sides a thinned, pointed look. Style the top into bundled waves that are side swept to create classic bangs. Add some silver highlights to give your hair that sparkling metallic finish.

# 7 Looped Side Haircut

Let your hair depict the ultimate sophistication. Give your face that unbalanced look by letting the hair create a loop on one side. The result is a dazzling haircut that’s super cute for everyday wear.

# 8 Unicorn Pink

To achieve this iconic look, give your hair a nice blow dry. Style the front into waves that curve upwards to create a flipped-up look. Eliminate that look of  your hair with a vibrant pink tone.

# 9 Classic Rock Inspired Style

Get that bold and daring haircut that’ll rock your imagination. Eliminate that cheap, bombastic look by making the hair spiky at the back. Make the sides narrower towards the ends and add a classic bang at the front.

# 10 Bangy Crop

Save yourself from the hassle of complicated, long hair. Give it the versatile and cool look of a cropped haircut that creates a thick, flirty bang at the front. What you get is a super cute “blanketed” haircut that adds some warmth in the cold weather.

# 11 Pastel Pixie Haircut

Snow white color looks adorable on a short haircut. Add it to the top and sides of your pixie to create a highly coveted shade that looks glamorous and trendy. Leave a dark shade at the nape to create a cool, striking combination.

# 12 Asymmetric Chin-Length Haircut

Create some precise chaos in your hair and further detail it to form that cool, unbalanced look. Give the hair some waxing, gel and styling cream to add gloss and make a well-defined shape. The different volume creates a haircut that is as classy as it is dramatic.

# 13 Sweeping Bangs

Slick back haircuts can create that classy look in medium hair. But doing it the reverse way prove to be much trendier and unique. Sweep the hair forward using a flattening iron and tease it round the front to create a flirty fringe. The sweeping bangs form a perfect frame. Highlight the top to create some contrast in the hair.

# 14 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hair

Messy haircuts are super chic, trendy, convenient and easy to style. Give your textured hair that untamed tousled look to add to its irresistible charm. Crop the hair just above the eyebrows to get a flattering bang. Add a blonde patch at the top to make this chic unkempt hair stand out.

# 15 Sweep to Face-Frame Fringe

Make your bang hairstyle look cool. Give it the elegance of a sweeping fringe that sits low under the eyebrows. Let the fringe literally connect with the sleek, straight sides to create one amazing face-framing haircut.

# 16 Classic Swept Fringe

Go glamorous with a rocking, short fringy haircut. Give the fringe a swing with a curved side sweep that sits leveled with the eyebrows. The side swept fringe adds more interest to the short haircut and works well in covering most part of the forehead.

# 17 Wavy Side Bangs

Bang haircuts look great, especially when they’re wavy and voluptuous. In order to achieve such looks, give your top hair a side flip in such a way that it overlaps the undercut side. Add some texture and style it into long, sexy waves to create that flirty side bang.

# 18 Multi-Dimensional Flow

Give your hair that multi-dimensional flow that looks sassy and cool. Sweep one side to the front and transform it with some flirty side bangs. Side flip the top to overlap the shorter unswept side. And there you have it – a sassy and cute haircut that looks super chic.

# 19 Flippy Hair

Mess your hair up a bit with a spiky asymmetrical look that flows towards the front to create pointed face-framing pieces. Finish with a flippy front that overshadows the cool, side bangs. Highlight the hair to give it a vibrant look.

# 20 Layered, Light and Fluffy

Wear your hair long and add textured traces to give it a flattery touch. Wrap the ends on a curling iron to create soft, fluffy waves at the base. Give the hair a tease at the front to create a long, dense side bang. Highlight the hair in red to conceal the dark shade underneath.

# 21 Disheveled Mohawk

Get a haircut that lies between the normal and the anonymous – a disheveled Mohawk. Add more charm by coloring the hair in a vibrant pink tone. Give the sides a nice buzz cut for that classy yet sassy finish.

# 22 Super Dense Tapered Haircut

You can still enjoy the look of a side bang in a super dense tapered hair. Pull the back hair towards the front and get them clipped to create a classy, tapered look. Let the top hair sweep to the front and give it a dramatic twist to form a thick, voluptuous side bang.

# 23 Flattened Bang Style

Get a classic and sophisticated look in the world of emo hairstyles. Blow dry your thick hair and give the top that disheveled, messy look. Let the front sweep down to the eyebrows to create cool bangs. Flatten the sides and sweep them towards the front for a sexy face frame.

# 24 Messy Bang Style Haircut

Short hair with side bangs looks eccentric and chic. Give your messy hair the elegance of choppy bangs that sport well-defined pieces. Add some little inspiration with sleek sides cut at the chin. The result is a punk, textured haircut that looks cool and flirty.

# 25 Spiky Front Stretch

An edgy, punk style matches brilliantly with short spiky hair. Give the hair a beautiful front stretch starting from the crown. Let the hair at the nape and one side to fall down naturally. What you get is a cute layered spiky hair that looks quite funky.

# 26 Untamed Emo Haircut

This untamed haircut makes messy look so pretty. It sports a disheveled top that flips to one side creating a sweet, charming look. The sides are pulled straight down and stretch slightly forward to cover one eye. What you get is an intentional messy haircut that looks out of control.

# 27 Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs, especially side swept, adds to the trendy look of any haircut. This glossy, layered hair is given the natural extension of an asymmetrical bang that loops over one eye. The hair is further enriched in vibrant blue streaks to create that sporty finish.

# 28 Tousled Lob Cut

Get a lob haircut that literally hits star status. Give it the elegance of textured waves to create a sweet, effortless look. Create a messy, disheveled top that drops down to straight sides. Style the front into flirty side bangs that add a flirty touch about the face. Chop the sides at different heights to create well-defined layers. Walk proudly out of the door and embrace the day in style.

# 29 Soft Voluptuous Hair

Love sexy, big and voluptuous? Give your hair tons of volume and exaggerated curves that form a capped look. Style the top into loose, messy waves to create a soft, feathery touch. Make the hair stand out by adding platinum blonde highlights.

# 30 Shadowy Side Flip

Grab your blow dryer and toss the top hair to one side creating a shadowy effect over the short side. Sweep the other side towards the front. Grab a few strands on the sides, give them some texture and style into spiky waves. What you get is a dramatic and pretty cool blow dry combo.

# 31 Pastel Pink Wig

Elevate your style with a pastel pink bob-style hair wig. With it, you get a vibrant and delicate look. The wig sports a flirty, side swept asymmetrical bang that will make every eye glued on you. It’s a pretty cool way of going sassy with a wig and some bit of color.

# 32 Bleached Layered Hair

Bleached hair creates that special feature that makes your hair elegant, stylish and unique. Pull it off in your layered, shoulder length hair and finish with cool side bangs that sweep across the forehead.

# 33 Black and Blonde Combo

Give your emo haircut a dramatic and modern look by dyeing one side blonde underneath. Make the dark hair shorter to bring blonde layer into full display. Finish this funky haircut with an asymmetrical bang that loops over one eye.

# 34 Classic Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are all the rage in the fashion industry. Add it to your shoulder length hair for that super edgy and sexy look. Make it denser in such a way that it completely conceals the forehead. Add to the trendiness of this style by sporting sleek sides. And there you have it – a fabulous chic haircut that’s so popular.

# 35 Forehead Concealer

Bangs are usually considered less dense that the rest of the hair. But you can decide to give it a refined, elongated look that totally covers the forehead. Give it a side sweep and a slight lift to add more volume at the front. The result is an impeccable haircut that really rocks.

# 36 Pastel Neon Hair

Pastel hair is one of the latest obsession in the world of emo hairstyles. And we just can’t get enough of pastel hair to create the funky look we so much crave for. The solution is a neon look that sports vibrant blue underneath and lime green on top. You get a wonderful dye romance that is as cool as it is sassy.

# 37 Flippy Side Bangs

Side swept bangs are gorgeous and quite simple to obtain. Therefore you don’t have any reason not to incorporate it in your emo haircut. Give it a slight flip that creates a flattering touch on the face. Using flattening iron, sweep the sides forward in such a way that they completely conceal the ears and the temple. And there you have it – a punk haircut that looks too hot to be true.

# 38 Asymmetrical Emo Haircut

Take that shaggy emo haircut to a whole new level. Give it the unbalanced, asymmetrical look by making one side longer than the other. Finish with thick, choppy bangs that canvass the face from the forehead down to the eyes.

# 39 Extensive Forward Flip

Make a considerably bold statement by giving your hair a nice blow dry with an extensive forward flip that projects way past the forehead. Highlight the ends in a light brown tone to create the dramatic effect of faded hair.

# 40 Fiery Locks

Bright orange pastel hair is a sure way of keeping everything hot and fiery. Make it part of your emo hairstyle to create that head-tuner look. Add some flattery to the fiery hair with a side bang that sports a cool, asymmetrical look. Pair your haircut with a funky outfit and you’ll be good to go.

# 41 Classic Blue Hair

Blue is a perfect color for natural dark hair. Make it part of your emo haircut to achieve a sweet and vibrant sparkle that never goes unnoticed. Give the top a gray tone to create some cool contrast that will brighten up your day.

# 42 Flipped Bowl Cut

Bowl haircuts were often considered a home haircut gone wrong. However, it has slowly evolved to become a popular hairstyle in modern-day. Here is a blonde bowl cut that is given a classic twist to spice up the whole look and create a haircut that is unique and simply elegant. The bowl cut is given a flip to create the illusion of a bowl that lies on its side. Silvery streaks are added to create a sparkle to the hair.

# 43 Wavy Contoured Emo Haircut

Wavy hair is considered a blessing by many. Give your emo haircut a blessed touch by adding tons of texture and styling it into curvy, contoured waves. Make the waves more pronounced at the crown by pulling up the hair at the back. Let the sides fall effortlessly to caress the ears in style.

# 44 Smooth and Textured

Calm the natural texture of your hair with relaxers. Apply hair spray to give it some shine and flip it towards the front with the exception of the back that is let to fall naturally over the neck. The result is an adorable, flawless haircut that creates a bold statement.

# 45 Straight and Wavy Combo

Split between wavy or straight hair? Well, you can incorporate both looks in your emo haircut. Make the sides straight and the top wavy. Give your hair a vibrant pastel blue finish that creates a sassy look in this haircut. Leave a shadowy dark shade underneath to add some drama to the style.

If you’re blessed with dark natural hair, then emo hairstyles are one of best ways of achieving that trendy look. It’s a versatile hairstyle for guys that allows them to take pride in flirty bangs, flippy locks or that disheveled messy look. They’re a cool way of going casual in style.

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