50 Stunning Boys’ Long Hairstyles – Redefining Your Kids Appearance

Little boys’ long hairstyles come in many shapes and designs but no matter what you choose it should always make your kid look and feel stylish. Boys have a healthy natural hair that tends to grow very fast, and so the options for cutting and styling it are endless. Whether you prefer simple and decent cuts or sophisticated ones, there are still many things that you can do to give your little prince an attractive appearance. Here is a photo gallery of 50 stunning designs for some inspiration.

# 1 Rugged Slight Waves

Boys with a natural shoulder-grazing wavy hair can achieve this look effortlessly. It involves trimming the ends of the curls and then using coconut oil or any other good hair product to spread them around the head in a rugged design.

# 2 Blondie Mane with Tucked Ends

You will not have to do much to style your boys’ hair if he has a long beautiful blonde mane like this one. A few moderate trims and folding in the ends before sweeping the strands to the sides from a center part is all you need to achieve this look.

# 3 Ashy Brown Ringlets

Some boys have an adorable hair with an excellent color like this ashy brown. And if the hair also has some cute ringlets like these then you only need to give it a center part and push the spirals to the side to create a chic look.

# 4 Undercut and Side Bangs

This headdress entails chopping the sides short to create an undercut and leaving a long straight hair at the top. You should then sweep the top bangs to the side and over the face to finish the headdress.

# 5 Sweet Layers and Texture

Layering hair gives it an extra volume and it can also help create an attractive hairdo like this one. These locks also have a perfect texture and their styling involves chopping them in different lengths and spreading them around the head in subtle layers.

# 6 Gorgeous Modern Caesar Cut

Instead of giving your child the traditional bowl-like Caesar cut you can spice up things a little. In this design, you should do this by giving the top locks a blunt look and giving the rest of the hair some curly ends.

# 7 Natural Hair with a Band

Some boys’ long hairstyles like this one will not require a lot of effort to create. Once you give your kid a moderate trim to make the strands uniform, you only need to use a cute headband to keep them out of the eyes.

# 8 Chic Side Parted Bangs

The beauty of this hairdo comes from a skillful and keen scissor trim. Apart from the cut the strands also have a slight wave, and you should style them with a soft side part.

# 9 Side Swept Mane

If your little prince has a thick and dark natural mane like this one, you can give him an exquisite design without doing anything complicated. For this look some moderate trims and making the locks wavy are that you need and you should style the hair with a side sweep and leave it hanging over the forehead.

# 10 Choppy and Free Flowing Natural Mane

You do not always have to give your boy a sophisticated design because keeping things simple like in this design will still make him look cute. Here you only need to chop the ends for some uniformity and texture and leave the mane to flow freely. You can also accessorize it with a cute baseball cap.

# 11 Messy with a Bun

This design appears as if there is no effort put into styling it, but it is still adorable. It involves pulling some of the strands into a small bun and leaving the rest free and messy around it.

# 12 Face Framing Locks

A simple center part and pushing the textured strands into a face frame are all that you need for this style. You should then finish by covering the hair with a baseball cap.

# 13 Cool Summer Bangs

Little boys are not very patient when it comes to their hair, and so you should always give them something simple and stylish as this one. For this style, you only need to chop the locks for some texture and style them with a side sweep and from a side part.

# 14 The Curly Afro

This headdress is for boys with a long natural curly mane. It is a simple design that only requires fluffing out and spreading the curls around the head to form an afro design.

# 15 Half-Up Bun and Curls

The spirals on this hair are gorgeous, and they make styling effortless. To create this look, you only have to pull the top locks into a small and tight bun and leave the rest hanging around it freely.

# 16 Amazing Thick Curs

Trendy boys’ long hairstyles like this one are easy to form. In fact, the thick natural swirls on the hair give it more than enough beauty and so you only need to sweep it into a face frame to finish the refined look.

# 17 Old School Blonde Face Frame

Hair color makes a huge difference, and it is one of the things that make this an adorable design. The hair has a simple styling that entails tucking the ends and forming a center part from where you should brush the mane into a face frame.

# 18 Delightful Ponytails

These chocolate brown strands have a glamorous and majestic styling that involves shaving the sides to form an undercut and leaving a long mane at the top. You should then brush back the long strands and tie them into a neat ponytail.

# 19 Brushed Out and Messy Curls

Some boys have natural hair that looks like this, and so for them, you only need to trim the ends and brush back the mane to create this look. However, those that have curly locks can wear the same look by brushing them out.

# 20 Thick and Wavy Natural Bangs

This chin-length mane has minimal cuts, but its volume makes it look very adorable. A simple side part and sweeping the top bangs over the forehead is the only styling that you need.

# 21 Fashionable Afro-Inspired Spirals

The thickness of these strands and their brown shade are amazing, and they help create a very cool headdress. Apart from this the strands have some thick spirals that you should fluff out into an afro-inspired design

# 22 Front Swept and Textured Bangs

Boys’ long hairstyles like this one will need a little inventiveness and plenty of skills when making the cut. The cut gives the strands an excellent texture and an almost uniform length throughout, and you should style them with a cute front sweep but make sure to keep the hair out of his eyes.

# 23 Fancy Waves

This long wavy hair does not even require any trimming as it is just perfect. To style it you should form a soft center part and push the wavy and textured strands to the sides.

# 24 Beautiful Redhead

Redheads are gorgeous, and they make great hairdos for boys. However, the locks in this style also have some thick natural curls that also help to add some detail to the overall appearance.

# 25 Pretty Man Bun with Undercut

To form this elegant boy hairstyle, you should shave the sides short and fade them before creating some razor line patterns. You should then complete the classic design by pulling the long mane at the top into a tight and cute man bun.

# 26 Neat and Elegant Trim

A simple trim like this one will still make your boy look stunning. It entails chopping the strands to a uniform and textured length and styling them with a side part and over the face.

# 27 Perfect Natural Blonde Curls

In most cases, you will not have to do much to create adorable boys’ long hairstyles because most kids have a perfect natural hair. This hairdo is an excellent example of this because the child has a lovely natural curly mane and so accessorizing it with a cute cap is enough.

# 28 Fun Highlighted Curls

These curls are natural, and they have an excellent volume and beautiful tone. And so to style them you only need moderate trimming on the side and a center part to control their flow.

# 29 Trendy and Wavy Bangs

A healthy hair like this one will make a little boy look glamorous even without any styling. For this headdress, you should give it subtle waves on the ends and style it with a side part.

# 30 Cute Redhead Spirals

If your kid is a natural redhead, you can give him this funky design by growing out his mane and then forming it into some thick afro spirals.

# 31 Adorable Bangs

Most boys’ long hairstyles are about getting the cut right and in this design this involves chopping the strands into some textured and uniform locks. The only other thing that you need is to style them by spreading them all around the head.

# 32 Easy Side Swept Boy Cut

If your boy has a thick natural hair like this one with a good brown shade you do not need barber services because you can give him a refined look at home. For this design, you should trim the strands and style them with a diagonal sweep over the forehead.

# 33 Shoulder-Grazing Waves

The texture and color of these strands are what makes them an excellent idea for your child. You do not even need to trim them because sweeping them back and over the shoulders is enough styling.

# 34 Cute Voluminous Waves

Boys have a beautiful natural hair, and this makes styling very easy for you. In this design, for example, the child has a thick natural mane with some subtle waves and so to style it you should form a side part and sweep the strands to the sides.

# 35 Simple Cut with a Headband

These natural strands do not need any cut at all because the styling only entails giving them a side part, brushing back the hair and tying it with a red headband is enough to create a stunning appearance.

# 36 Long and Textured Ginger Locks

Whether your boy has a naturally textured hair or not, you can still achieve this look with some moderate trims and by using quality hair products. Apart from this the long mane also has a beautiful ginger shade and face framing style.

# 37 Thick and Arched Fringe

You can never go wrong with boys’ long hairstyles if you know how to trim and cut your kid’s hair inventively. Apart from the perfect cut this design also has an attractive styling that entails creating a side swept and arched fringe.

# 38 Charming Natural Ringlets

The color and volume of this natural mane are magnificent. But, the hairdo also has some nice ringlets that you should style with a center part and by pushing them sideways.

# 39 Layered Face Framing Locks with Gray Streaks

Hair coloring always makes a huge difference in any style, and the gray streaks on this design prove this. Apart from the lovely streaks this design also has an innovative styling that involves sweeping the strands to the sides and in layers from a center part.

# 40 Neat Hipster Look

Long hair does not require a lot of work when it comes to styling it. In this design, the strands have a lovely blonde shade, some gentle waves, and a shoulder-grazing length and you should style them with a side part and sweep them sideways.

# 41 Vintage Textured Bangs

This vintage look is all about giving the strands an amazing texture and length. The strands also have a beautiful color, and you should style by sweeping them to the sides and over the forehead.

# 42 Blunt Fringe

The blunt fringe at the front of this headdress is the highlight of the design. Apart from this the style also has some smooth locks on the sides and a dazzling brown shade.

# 43 Rugged and Layered Bangs

A slight mess and subtle layering are what it takes to create this cute hairdo. However, the strands also have a lovely color and a medium volume that makes them look and feel light.

# 44 Stacked and Neat Side Sweep

Although these strands have a medium volume, the styling makes them look very voluminous. It involves giving them a soft side part and using it to side-sweep the locks in layers. The strands also have a beautiful black shade with a hint of brown.

# 45 Spiky and Trendy

Spiky hair will make any boy look stylish and cute. The ones on this style also have an impressive styling that involves sweeping them back and to the front and over the eyes.

# 46 Dyed and Swirly Afro

The brown shade on these locks might not be natural, but few people will be able to tell. Apart from their tone the strands also have some beautiful swirls that you should fluff out to form a natural-looking afro.

# 47 Classy Gentleman Look

Kids can also pull a gentleman look, and this hairdo is a good example of this. The boy has some natural curls that are trimmed to a uniform length and spread around the head before finishing with a classic hat accessory.

# 48 Uncut Natural Waves

The most amazing thing about this hairdo is that the strands do not have any cut. To create this look, you only need to brush the natural wavy locks to the sides from a center part.

# 49 Pretty Spirals

Hair grows in different patterns and if your boys’ mane grows in some adorable ringlets like this one you are very lucky as you can always be sure that he will look cute even without any cut or styling. Some moderate trims and styling the ringlets into a face frame are what creates this particular appearance.

# 50 Smart Dreads

Short and neat dreadlocks like these are a perfect idea for your boy when you want something with little maintenance. You can make them permanent or semi-permanent depending on how long you want him to have them.

The 50 boys’ long hairstyles above show the various ways that you can style a kids’ mane. With these style in mind you will always have something new to try out on your kid but make sure whatever you give him is not only stylish but also comfortable.

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