40 Stylish Eton Shirts for Men – The Most Charismatic Apparel

Eton shirts are renowned for providing a dynamic and new look to the wearer. Worn with a sophisticated suit and an elegant tie, the Eton shirts are the most charismatic apparel that grabs a lot of attention. In this world of so many brands and so many formal shirts, we have gathered a list of top 40 official Eton shirts for you to choose from.

#1 Pure White Magic

This pure white sleek shirt goes perfectly with an all navy blue two-piece suit with three pockets for a formal outing. The black, red, blue and white bold stripes tie makes the look even more magical.

#2 Shades of Blue

Worn well for a casual night out, the cobalt blue color shirt is buttoned to the top with the sleeves slightly rolled up. The darker shade of navy blue denim makes it a classy combo.

#3 The Elegance of Dressing

The elegance of dressing is evident in the look. The light blue shirt is worn with black pants and a black belt, along with a vintage style maroon and blue embroidered scarf.

#4 Charming Blue Formal Look

The charming two-piece navy blue suit looks very impressive when worn with a whitish blue lining shirt and a white polka dots blue tie. This blue formal look with a touch of white looks very stylish.

#5 Blue & Green Blossom Look

The navy blue two-piece suit has light blue checkered lines all over it. the shirt is of impressive laps blue color worn with a contrasting green tie with white aligned polka dots.

#6 The Class of Blue

The class of various blue colors is visible in this look. the pants are of denim blue while the jacket is made of azure blue color. The all white fashionable shirt with denim blue tie and white polka dots makes it even more classy.

#7 Graceful Lapis and Navy Combo

The navy blue two-piece suit looks ever so graceful with a deep blue  shirt. The purple and blue handkerchief sit well with the entire look. The shirt has unique shiny blocks printed on it.

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#8 Cardigan Charisma

The navy-blue cardigan has a charisma of its own. The shirt has indigo color checkered boxes on it with the lines made in teal blue color. The look is super charming.

#9 Amazing Touches of Blue

This amazing blue look is one of the most sophisticated ones. The vest and the pants are of navy blue color while the shirt is in admiral blue color with white small polka dots. The scarf also has a navy blue base with large white polka dots.

#10 Denim & Cerulean

The entire three-piece suit is made of dark denim blue color white the shirt is of cerulean blue color. The tie is of navy blue color which stands out in the entire appearance.

#11 Sky is the Limit

This smart sky blue shirt takes the fashion to a new limit. With the sleeves rolled up slightly, the cut shirt has all the ingredients to look perfect on a sunny day.

#12 Exclusive Cedar Brown

The two-piece cedar brown suit is the color for all seasons. Worn with a pure white shirt and cedar brown tie covered with white polka dots gives it an exclusive look to the wearer.

#13 Vintage & Cool

The sky blue shirt worn with white pants and navy blue tie is an ever appealing and cool look. The umber brown jacket and dark brown shoes give a vintage touch to it.

#14 Peanut Brown & Sky Blue Masterclass

This peanut brown suit is one of the best things you will see all day. Worn with super cool sky blue shirt with a sky-blue handkerchief tucked in the pocket, this is a true masterclass of a look.

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#15 True Gentleman’s Look

The peacock color pants are not only unique but also amazing. Worn with a whitish blue shirt with black polka dots and a navy-blue tie with white polka dots, gives a true gentleman’s look.

#16 Everlasting White and Blue

Worn with white converse and all white pants, the shiny ocean blue shirt with white tiny polka tiny is an everlasting impressive style. This combo will never go out of fashion.

#17 The Style of All Black

The suit along with the socks and shoes are all of the same classy black colors. Worn with a pure white shirt and gray tie, the look is perfect for a formal meeting.

#18 As Incredible as You Like

The look consists of gray pants with a shade of black, worn with a navy blue jacket that has two big white buttons and a white handkerchief tucked in the pocket. The base of the shirt is lapis blue with white polka dots on it.

#19 Patterns Everywhere

This black base shirt has various white and other colors patterns made on it. Impressively tucked into black jeans, the shirt is buttoned right till the top.

#20 Magic of Indigo

This indigo color shirt has various brown, red and maroon flowers, petals, leaves and birds made on it. the buttoned to the top look makes it ever so smart.

#21 Top Notch Indigo

This dark indigo shirt is tucked in elegantly in gray pants with a thick black belt. The shirt has white buttons that are all closed except for the neck one.

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#22 Lawyer’s Look

This lawyers look has a smart black tie and black pants worn with a white shirt. Looks perfect for a bright sunny day.

#23 Bold and Handsome

The black and white combo looks smart. The black jacket worn with black shoes, black pants, and a black bow tie is very impressive. The white shirts add the element of handsome in it.

#24 Sleek and Perfect

The three piece all black suit is perfect for any occasion. The black tie with white polka dots looks very sleek along with the light indigo shirt adds value.

#25 Hollywood Look

The black pants with blue checkered lines and charcoal tie give a Hollywood look. The light blue shirt gives a unique combo with black.

Here is our list of top class Eton shirts that can be worn on any day and on any occasion. They will look highly sophisticated and impressive and give you the sophisticated look that you want.

The Making of the Perfect Dress Shirt - Eton

40 Stylish Eton Shirts for Men – The Most Charismatic Apparel


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