60 Adorable Tweed Suit Styles – Always Be Fashionable

The tweed suit is a special outfit for men that want to keep the winter cold at bay while still looking very fashionable. It is from the tweed fabric which has its origins in Ireland and Scotland. The original fabric was hand-woven but modern day technologies make it possible to create it using machines but still maintaining the traditional look and feel. Although there are different types of this fabric, the core characteristics are a rough and thick looking material. This material is rugged and resistant to both water and the wind and hence making it perfect for the working class man. Here some ideas on how you can style your suit for a refined and classy appearance.

# 1 Blue Suit and Brown Shoes

This three-piece suit has a beautiful blue shade and a nice design that entails knitting it in a modern fit. It pairs with some brown dress shoes and a brown tie over a light blue shirt to give the man an elegant appearance.

# 2 Classy Brown Suit with Green Vest

Here is an original three-piece suit that entails making it unstructured by changing the color of the vest to green instead of matching it with the brown check suit. And if you pair it with some brown leather shoes and a bright tie you will look very classy.

# 3 Slim Fitting Brown Tweed Suit

The slim fit of this suit is one of the things that make it look adorable. But, it also has a trendy design that entails giving the jacket some oversize pockets and a dotted green pocket square.

# 4 Classic Suit

Gray always makes a beautiful suit color, but there is more to this three-piece suit than this. The dress trousers have a classic fit and turn-up that make it look extra cute over the brown dress shoes.

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# 5 Country Check Tweed Blazer

The material and design of this blazer are what makes this and glamorous design. A country check is classy and stylish, and you only need a simple button down shirt and pocket square to complete the design.

# 6 Blue Herringbone Suit

Herringbone suits are timeless, and you can be confident that they will never go out of trend. This three-piece one has a beautiful color and perfect fitting, and it pairs with the pink tie to give the man a chic look.

# 7 Vintage Check Three-Piece

This suit looks thick and warm which makes it perfect for a cold winter. However, the check design and color also give it an impressive vintage appearance, and you only need to pair it with a pink tie, blue shirt and black dress shoes for a polished finish.

# 8 Elegant in Brown

This beautiful outfit shows how a perfect slim fit should look. Apart from the fit the suit also has a lovely brown shade that you should spice up with a plum shirt and pair with some shiny brown dress shoes.

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# 9 Tweed with Maroon Accessories

How you accessorize your suit will determine how attractive it will look. Although this tweed suit has a beautiful design and color, the maroon accessories in the form of a tie, pocket square and flower still take its appearance a class higher.

# 10 Blue Slim Fit and Bowtie

You can have your suit in any color that you wish, but few will brighten your appearance better than this three-piece light blue suit. And if you pair it with a cheeky bowtie you will look classy.

# 11 Gray for Autumn

Tweed is not just a winter fabric because you can still use it to make a beautiful suit for autumn like this one. The suit has a cute gray fabric with some subtle check, and you should wear it with a dark tan or red tie and a white shirt.

# 12 Retro and Handmade

You will hardly see anyone else with a suit like this one because it is a handmade bespoke and this is what makes it unique. It has a vintage look and a brown checked fabric that will give a man some class.

  • Tweed Suit 46
  • Tweed Suit 47
  • Tweed Suit 48
  • Tweed Suit 49
  • Tweed Suit 50

# 13 Sweet and Fashionable

Colors matter a lot when it comes to the tweed suit, and the shade of this one proves this. It is a simple slim fitting three-piece, but the unique brown shade makes it look very fashionable.

# 14 Chic and Checked

Checked suits are trendy and very stylish, and this is more so if it is a slim fit one like this. The suit has some green lines in the check design, and so you should pair it with a green tie for an elegant finish.

# 15 Simple Old School Design

Gentlemen have been wearing suits for many years, and this design is what you would expect to see a few decades ago. However, it still makes the cut for a modern look, and this is thanks to the fabric and three-piece style.

# 16 Bespoke Tweed Jacket and Jeans

Whether you have a bespoke tweed suit or just a jacket you can still pull this look. It is an elegant style that only entails pairing the jacket with jeans and a blue tie.

# 17 Charming Tweed Three-Piece

Few men would say no the charm of this beautiful three-piece suit. Everything from the color to the fit and brown tie is flawless, and it is the attire that will make you stand out everywhere you go.

# 18 Scottish Check Suit

Scotland is home to the original tweed fabric, and so you can be confident that it is also the origin of some of the best suits from this material. This adorable one is a perfect example of this, and it is a checked three-piece that pairs well with a dazzling green tie.

# 19 Stylish Brown check Suit with Flat Cap

Stylish brown check tweed like this three-piece is perfect for a trendy gentleman. It pairs with the striped tie and the brown woolen flat cap to give the wearer a charming and classy appearance.

# 20 Contrasting Tweed Look

Contrasting colors can also give you a refined look. In this style, the jacket has a blue shade while the vest is black. The shirt is white and with a blue tie that has some white dot patterns to create a beautiful contrast.

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# 21 Fashionable English Look

Tweed is the fabric that you should turn to for a stylish English look like this one. The suit has a vintage appearance and a slim fit that makes it look very fashionable.

# 22 Unstructured Tweed and a Sweater

A tweed jacket might still not be enough to keep the cold out during winter, and so you still need a sweater. This outfit demonstrates how you can still look fashionable with a sweater. It entails wearing a tweed jacket with a dress trouser and a classic cardigan.

# 23 Suit with Scoop Vest and Knitted Tie

This gray tweed fabric makes an adorable suit, and you only need to pair it with a scoop waistcoat to create a three-piece design and accessorize with a knitted tie.

# 24 Gorgeous Brown Tweed Suit

The brown shade of this suit is gorgeous, and it helps to bring out the details of the tweed fabric. It is a slim fitting three-piece that you should accessorize with a beautiful lapel flower.

# 25 Gray Tweed Jacket and Kilt

If you prefer to wear traditional Scottish attire, this is the style for you. It involves combining a gray jacket and vest with a green tie and a traditional kilt.

  • Tweed Suit 51
  • Tweed Suit 52
  • Tweed Suit 53
  • Tweed Suit 54
  • Tweed Suit 55

# 26 Checked Tweed Jacket and Turtleneck

The black turtleneck t-shirt in this style look amazing, and it pairs with the simple check jacket and tight black jeans to create a trendy outfit.

# 27 Designer Tweed with Contrasting Colors

Some contrasting colors will make your suit look classy and unique. This style demonstrates this, and it involves pairing a classic tweed jacket with a maroon waistcoat and tie. You should also accessorize with a cute lapel flower.

# 28 Funky Three-Piece Tweed

This retro suit has some dark tones that comprise of a black suit and a gray vest. The outfit pairs the suit with a dotted tie and pocket square to create an attractive vintage appearance.

# 29 Dapper Gray Tweed

A smart trim suit like this one is an example of what an elegant gentleman should wear. The suit has a simple three-piece design and it goes well with a red tie.

# 30 Unstructured Tweed with Bowtie

This brown jacket has a modern fit and pairs with a cute vest and some blue dress trousers. Some brown dress shoes and floral bowtie are the only other things that you need for this look.

# 31 Fancy Tweed Blazer

The pattern on this blazer is fantastic, and it makes it perfect for casual wear. In this design, it pairs with a patterned maroon shirt and a scarf to keep the cold at bay.

# 32 Casual Brown Jacket on Blue Shirt

A two button coat with some nice check design and a lovely brown color like this one is perfect for a casual look in the winter. In this style, it pairs with a blue shirt and patterned tie, and you should throw in a brown scarf for some style and warmth.

# 33 Luxurious Small Check Jacket

This blazer has a beautiful color and a lovely check design, and it is an ideal piece for a semi-formal look. It also has a two point fold pocket square that matches the beautiful shirt.

# 34 Tweed Blazer and Sweater Combo

You do not have to match your pants and jacket to wear a perfect tweed suit. This design shows a unique way of wearing this lovely fabric, and it entails pairing a tweed jacket with a cute sweater and tight jeans.

# 35 Adorable Patterned Coat and Tie

Coats with a beautiful check pattern like this one can match with almost anything. But, in this design, it combines with a striped blue shirt and a patterned tie to create an adorable and trendy outfit for a modern man.

# 36 Designer Tweed Blazer and Jeans

You can tell that this blazer is from a skilled designer just from its appearance and design. It is perfect for wearing over a stylish sweater, and you can combine it with jeans like in this design for an attention-grabbing winter look.

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# 37 Tailored British Style Suit

The tweed fabric comes from Britain and the best outfits that entail using it are also from the same region. A tailor-made and slim fitting one like this blue suit is a typical example of the British style of the tweed suit, and the cheeky tie is perfect for spicing it up.

# 38 Italian Design Tweed

Tweed is a very versatile fabric, and you can use it to make suits in endless design. This brown three-piece suit has an Italian style and fit. A gentleman only needs to pair it with a blue shirt, a brown tie, a pocket square and a classy timepiece for a refined look.

  • Tweed Suit 56
  • Tweed Suit 57
  • Tweed Suit 58
  • Tweed Suit 59
  • Tweed Suit 60

# 39 V-Neck Sweater and Tweed Jacket Combo

Even as you try to fight the winter cold, you should not have to compromise your fashion, A look like this that involves pairing a classic v-neck sweater and a brown tweed jacket is effective in keeping the cold out and is also very fashionable.

# 40 Mandarin Collar Shirt and Three-Piece Tweed

It is not just about wearing a classy suit but also pairing it with a nice shirt. This three-piece has a beautiful collar and slim fit, but the stripped mandarin collar shirt still adds some elegance and beauty to the overall look.

# 41 Classic Fitting Checked Suit

Some men prefer wearing suits that are not too constricting and so if this is your preference this suit will work for you. It is not loose but it is also not too tight, and it has a lovely checked tweed fabric. A plain shirt and a patterned tie are all that you need to go with the beautiful suit.

# 42 Broken but Glamorous

This broken suit entails pairing a brown tweed jacket with beige dress trousers. You should also match the white shirt with a white pocket square and finish the style with a striped tie.

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# 43 The Grey Herringbone Tweed

Grey is one of the favorite colors for the herringbone tweed suit, and this is because it not only brings out all its details but also because it is a neutral color that works for most men. This particular one also has a slim fit, and you should pair it with a cute green tie.

# 44 Roll Neck Sweater and Scottish Tweed Jacket

A purple roll neck sweater like this one is attention-grabbing and also good for cold days. It also works with the gray Scottish tweed jacket to give a man a trendy outfit.

# 45 Tweed Sports Coat and Flannel Pants

Flannel pants should always form part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. These gray ones pair with a checked tweed sports coat to create a glamorous look that every man would want to wear. A floral pocket square, a blue shirt, and a bright tie also add some beauty to the look.

The tweed suit will always be fashionable, and so it is an excellent idea to make one or a few of them part of your wardrobe. And, with the 45 ideas above you will always have a new look to try out with this beautiful suit.

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60 Adorable Tweed Suit Styles – Always Be Fashionable

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