70 Inspirational Suit Jacket Ideas – Elegant and Professional Looks for You

For many decades now men have been wearing suits; smart fitted jackets with matching trousers. These jackets can range from those intended for casual, everyday wear to those crafted for white tie affairs. A tailored suit looks good on any man, no matter his shape or size and high-quality jackets are often regarded as investment items of clothing as they are the basis for a strong outfit. Here are 55 inspirational ways that you can style your suit jacket:

# 1 Black Tie

We love the interesting crushed texture of this suit jacket with soft satin lapels. This model is wearing a white dress shirt underneath with mother of pearl buttons and a black bow tie.

# 2 Happy and Classy

This smiling model has every reason to grin – he looks amazing! He’s donned a classy black ensemble with a crisp white shirt and maroon paisley tie. Don’t forget your pocket square and a dress watch.

# 3 Old School is Cool

His gentleman is rocking a vintage look with a dark burnt orange jacket and button up vest over a blue pinstripe shirt and high waist black trousers. Very happening!

# 4 High-End Threads

This model is wearing a dark charcoal grey suit with a plain untucked white shirt, black shoes, and a handsome blue and black scarf. This is a contemporary look perfect for fashionable young businessmen.

# 5 Colorful Dandy Suit

Ready to turn heads? Steal this models style! It starts with an off white pair of chinos, a brown belt and a checked blue shirt with a white collar. On top, he’s wearing a tailored blue blazer, green suede tie and matching lapel pin, and a vintage style pocket square.

# 6 Inspiring Patterned Jacket

Do you work in a creative industry? This boldly patterned brown grey suit jacket is sure to make you feel inspired. Here it’s worn with a round neck white shirt, and taupe trousers.

# 7 All about Elegance

The right suit will make you feel like you can take on the world and this one is a winner all round. This gentleman demands respect in his stylish dark charcoal suit with blue accessories.

# 8 Classic Tweed

This model is wearing a classic three-piece tweed suit with a white button-up shirt (no tie) and a brown dotted pocket square.

# 9 Luxury Apparel

Combine on trend skinny pants with a suited look. This model is sporting tight silky black trousers with a matching dinner jacket, white shirt, black patterned tie and a small lapel pin.

# 10 Blue and Navy Outfit

Blue is a relaxing color – perfect for putting your clients at ease. Break out in a light blue suit like this one with a subtle pinstripe shirt and a navy tie and matching pocket square.

# 11 Trendy Double Breasted Look

This model is wearing jeans with a white round neck t-shirt which he has turned into a semi-formal outfit by adding an olive double breasted jacket with pocket square accessory.

# 12 Dark Navy with Silk Tie

This dark navy suit is perfect for business dinners and you’ll feel super comfortable at the same time. He’s wearing his suit with a white shirt and a blue silk tie. He’s breaking style rules by doing up the bottom button of his blazer, but is pulling it off well.

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# 13 Stylish Pastels

Light colored suits are extremely stylish and perfect for business, as well as formal events. This model is wearing a beautifully tailored pastel mauve three piece with a high-collared white shirt.

# 14 Spy That Suit

We love this James Bond-worthy getup! A well fitting blue dinner jacket with satin lapels combined with a crisp white dinner shirt and handsome red bow tie.

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# 15 The Hatter

Looking for a way to complete your suit and tie look? Try a hat. In this example, the model is wearing an inky blue three-piece suit with a white shirt and green plaid tie. His ankles are exposed and he’s added a stylish hat to finish the outfit off just right.

# 16 Dressed for Success

This summer sky blue suit is just what you need for the warmer months! Wear it like this model; with a white dress shirt and brown accessories.

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# 17 Timeless Look

This model has a timeless look with his dark brown tweed jacket and vest; worn here with dark colored trousers, white shirt and pocket square and a retro abstract tie.

# 18 Men In Black

This model is wearing a jet black suit with gorgeous soft satin lapels on the dinner jacket together with a white shirt and simple black tie. This is a very versatile look.

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  • Suit Jacket 60

# 19 One Button Tuxedo

This one of a kind piece is so stylish and unique! It’s a purple tuxedo jacket with just one button and it’s made from a forgiving cotton fabric. He’s wearing it with a plain black button up and no tie.

# 20 The Essential Grey Suit

A grey suit can be used for many different occasions and is must have for a man’s wardrobe. Lighten your suited look by adding a bright blue button-up shirt like this one.

# 21 Hipster Suit

If you love the hipster movement, then this outfit is definitely for you. The model has on a brown suit jacket and tight pants, which leave the ankles exposed. He’s also wearing a blue knitted top and a trendy light tan hat.

# 22 Dress The Part

They say you should dress for the job you want and in this suit, you may just be mistaken for the CEO. This handsome tailored black pinstripe suit and tie ensemble scream power and influence.

# 23 Sexy Cobalt Outfit

Beat the blues in style in this sexy cobalt single breasted suit. Wear it with a light blue shirt and mottled brown tie and you’ll look as good as you feel.

# 24 Pro Styling

This model is wearing a simple suit in light grey with a button up white shirt, black tie, and white pocket square. Grey suits are very professional.

# 25 Gentleman Details

The details are really what makes this suit and tie look. Check out the vintage style tie against the blue of the suit, together with the dress watch, lapel pin, and pocket square.

# 26 Business Savvy

This gentleman is wearing a smart three button suit and tie outfit. The jacket and trousers are dark navy and his shirt is a light blue while his tie is maroon.

# 27 Three Piece Grey Suit

Look the business in this three-piece light grey suit with a subtle blue pattern. This handsome gent paired it with a crisp dinner shirt and black tie.

# 28 Red, White, and Black

In a world of black pants, be the guy in the red trousers! Rock a dapper look like this one in a formal black jacket, dinner shirt, and bright red pants, rolled up at the ankles.

# 29 Simple Statement Jacket

This model is wearing a white V-neck shirt with a bold check pattern navy jacket. We love the smart watch for a modern touch as well as the elegant lapel pin and retro pocket square.

# 30 Color Injection

In a formal office environment, you may wonder how you can incorporate color into your regular suit and tie look. Why not try a deep red tie like this?

# 31 Metro Retro

This gentleman looks oh so elegant in this blue checked jacket. He’s wearing it with a white shirt, navy tie, and sixties style round sunglasses with a tortoise shell frame.

# 32 Suitable Fashion

Pictured here is a professional looking steel grey suit worn with polished brown shoes, a white button up shirt, maroon tie (with tie pin), lapel pin, and pocket square.

# 33 Black and White Tie

Been invited to a black tie event? Don’t worry you’re going to look amazing in this satin lined black dinner jacket, matching trousers, white shirt and black tipped white bow tie.

# 34 The Look

This model is wearing a very dark navy colored single breasted suit with matching trousers teamed with a white shirt, elegant blue wash tie, and on-trend sunnies.

# 35 Dress Code: Hot

The four buttons on the cuffs indicate that this handsome blue check number is the most formal type of jacket. He’s paired it with dark blue pants to match the dark details of the jacket.

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# 36 Cool and Classy

White suits are beautiful for a cool, but classy summer look. This model is rocking this ensemble consisting of a white pinstripe suit, beige shirt (with white starched collar) and retro green tie.

# 37 Simple Grey Suit

This model is wearing a plain dark grey suit with a crisp white shirt and a royal red tie. Another versatile suited look for either the office or special occasions.

# 38 Summer Fun

This model is wearing this fun blue jacket in a completely unexpected way but it looks great. As well as the jacket he’s got on lace up sneakers, off white shorts, and an orange and white checked shirt.

# 39 Investment Jacket

A woolen jacket is a great investment buy and you’ll enjoy the versatility of this classy dark cyan single breasted jacket. Easy to wear with jeans, or smart pants, like here.

# 40 Old and New

In this picture, the model is sporting a retro pair of brown chinos worn together with a light grey-blue jacket. We love the clean lines of this outfit and the modern sneakers and sunglasses.

# 41 Taupe Comeback

This light taupe brown is making a big comeback in the world of suits. Get in on it now; wear it with an off white shirt and use your tie and lapel pin to bring in color.

# 42 Dinner Jacket

Here we see a grey dinner jacket with elegant dark finishes over a white shirt with the top buttons undone. On the bottom, he’s wearing a dark charcoal pair of trousers.

# 43 Everyday Glamour

For a little everyday glamor, you can’t go wrong with a black suit. Check out the beautiful tailoring and the perfect fit of this blue and black ensemble.

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# 44 Royal In Blue

You’ll look and feel like a prince in this soft touch royal blue three piece suit. This model is wearing it with a white patterned shirt underneath and a glittering lapel pin.

# 45 Classic Tuxedo

This model is wearing a classic black tuxedo with clean rounded lines and a formal dinner jacket. Underneath there’s a starched white dinner shirt and a white pocket square.

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# 46 Navy is the New Black

Simple is often the most stylish way to go. We love the no-fuss design of this navy blue suit and tie outfit with a paisley tie.

# 47 Day at the Races

This light sky blue suit is double breasted and make with light material – making it perfect for outdoor events where you want to look your best.

# 48 Top Man

For a classy look, you can always pair dark shirts and a dark suit. In this example, the suit is a light navy shade and the shirt is ocean blue.

# 49 Light and Cream

Looking for a light dapper outfit? Why not try a handsome cream suit like this and wear it with a fresh round neck shirt?

# 50 Tie Rules

You tie is an important part of the suited look. When you’re wearing a patterned tie, like this black and white number remember to match it with solid colors underneath.

# 51 Cocktail Classic

A dark charcoal suit is well suited for evening events like cocktail parties. Wear it elegantly with a black suit and an on trend neck scarf.

# 52 Reach for The Sky

This model is showing off a classy brown and blue subtly patterned double-breasted suit worn with a matching tie and a sky blue shirt.

# 53 Dress Up

For formal events, maybe even your own wedding you couldn’t look more handsome than you would in this simple and stylish dinner jacket, white shirt, and black bow tie.

# 54 Tip Top Class

You can be classy every day in this single breasted navy blue suit. He’s wearing it with a crisp white shirt, red tie, and a pocket square.

# 55 Luxury Suit

This gentleman is wearing a luxury red and black tuxedo jacket with matching vest and black trousers. Underneath there’s a white dinner shirt and a fine black bow tie.

Buying a suit is definitely a good investment, so go for the best quality you can afford. You’ll feel it on your skin and also in the way that the suit wears. For the professional man, one suit is rarely enough and many like to have a collection of suit jackets. Remember you can dress a suit jacket up or down; don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and have fun with fashion!

10 Suit Jacket Details Every Man Should Know

70 Inspirational Suit Jacket Ideas – Elegant and Professional Looks for You

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