45 Authentic Styles with Striped Shirts – Inspirational Ideas for You

Striped shirts offer every person the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement. Not only because it is available in almost every possible color but also because it has a class of its own. Every brand, these days have launched their own range of striped shirts which is why we have gathered our very own collection for your liking.

# 1 Power of Cerulean Blue

This striped shirt shows the power of the color cerulean blue which looks amazing with stylish white stripes, two chest pockets on both sides with medium sized white buttons.

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# 2 Magnificent Sky Blue

This magnificent formal striped shirt is in sky blue color with closely assembled vertical white stripes. The shirt simply glows with the black tie and gray suit and shows the true class of formal wear.

# 3 Glowing Sky Blue

This glowing sky blue striped shirt has systemic white stripes in a vertical fashion. The look grows even further with a navy blue tie and navy blue suit.

# 4 Casual Sapphire Blue

This casually worn formal sapphire blue striped shirt has two systematic vertical lines, one in lapis blue color and the other in white color. With half rolled up sleeves and prominent white buttons, the appearance looks dashing.

# 5 Unbuttoned Class

This sky blue color striped shirt has thick white and navy blue stripes assembled vertically. It is worn with sleeves rolled up half way and the top two buttons, unbuttoned to complete this classical look.

# 6 Cobalt Blue Fashion

This sky blue color striped shirt has cobalt blue lines that are assembled vertically throughout the shirt. The look is extremely casual with pink shorts and slightly rolled up.

# 7 White & Thick Black

This white color striped shirt has thick black stripes proportionally assembled together. The appearance is incredible with black sunglasses, black pants, and white shoes. The shirt and pants are rolled up.

# 8 Sophisticated Horizontal Trend

This sophisticated white long sleeved striped shirt has horizontal black lines with a black collar and three white buttons. The shirt has a white button on each sleeve and is worn with sleeves rolled up.

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# 9 Tawny Brown on White

This elegant formal white striped shirt has tawny brown stripes vertically printed on it. The look is complete with light gray jacket, navy blue denim and tortilla brown shoes.

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 # 10 Urban Blue & White

This formal sky blue color striped shirt has white thin vertical lines on it. This urban wear is complete with blackish gray two piece suit and sleek black shoes.

# 11 Rapper Sapphire Blue

This sleek sapphire blue color striped shirt has buttoned to the top with a light lapis blue color tie. The rapper look is a complete brown checkered jacket, navy blue pants, and syrup brown formal shoes.

# 12 Prolific White & Black

This cultured white striped shirt with black lines and black buttons is a thing of a beauty. The black color jacket with sky blue color jeans completes this prolific look.

# 13 Fancy Multi-Colored

This multi-colored striped shirt has a combination of cerulean blue, purple and pink horizontal thick patches. Worn with orange pants that are rolled up above the ankles and tortilla brown shoes helps complete this fancy look.

# 14 Light Pink Magic

This unprecedented look involves a light pink color striped shirt with white vertical lines and purple dotted tie. The caramel brown Quadra jacket and green Quadra pants make it a magical appearance.

# 15 Night Out Look

This look that is usually done for a formal night out involves a white with azure blue vertical lines, collared striped shirt and a steel gray waistcoat. The steel gray pants make it the best look for any event.

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# 16 Pearl White Beauty

This beauty of a pearl white striped shirt has vertical blue lines. The seaweed green with black stripes tie, peacock green pants, and gingerbread shoes personifies this excellent formal look.

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# 17 Shiny Gray Lines

This glamorous sky blue shirt has shiny gray lines in vertical fashion. The navy blue dotted tie with same color pants, tawny brown shoes and white jacket simply makes the appearance, majestic.

# 18 All Blue Trendy

This trendy all blue look consists of a sky blue striped shirt that has thin white vertical lines, golden and admiral blue checkered jacket and azure blue tie that has ducks printed on it. The brick red pants are the in thing these days.

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# 19 Blue – All the Way

The look is a blue, all the way look which involves a sky blue striped shirt with white vertical lines, cobalt blue Quadra jacket and light blue denim. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up with the jacket and the green bowtie makes it sensational.

# 20 Proud Gray with Golden

This long collared white striped shirt has brown vertical and horizontal lines on the shirt and collar, respectively. The dull gray Quadra jacket and gold and black color tie can be worn proudly by any man.

# 21 The Smart Savvy Look

This smart savvy look has a blend of the latest and orthodox style. The white collared and cuffed pink striped shirt has vertical white lines assembled systematically together. The navy blue pants with a flowery brown tie magnify the look.

# 22 Red Blue Combo

The sky blue striped shirt has line vertical lines on it with a blood red and blue combo tie. The same combo is for the pocket square plus the black checkered blue shirt and tortilla brown pants makes it an ideal look.

# 23 Metallic Fashion

This fashionable metallic jacket and navy blue tie with orange and red design on it, would not be complete without the white striped shirt that has blue vertical lines. The collars have horizontal stripes instead.

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# 24 Dazzling Juniper Green

This dazzling all juniper green look is as smart as it can get. The white striped shirt has juniper green vertical lines while the same color tie, jacket, and pants are worn with the same color pocket square to complete this appearance.

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# 25 Fine Clean Look

This fine white striped shirt has blue vertical lines on it. The navy blue tie, with cobalt blue pocket square and gray checkered jacket, makes the look as clean as ever.

# 26 Royal Blue Look

This royal blue look is complete with a white striped shirt with blue lines, royal blue tie, blue and white pocket square and gray and blue checkered flannel jacket. Royal blue always looks exquisite on men.

# 27 Luxury Appearance

The white striped shirt with blue lines, with golden blue tie, cream scarf and cobalt blue jacket completes this luxury appearance. Anyone look to make an impact can go with this amazing look.

# 28 Majestic Maroon

This majestic maroon suit is the smartest thing on the planet and it looks even more majestic with a white collared blue striped shirt and royal blue tie. The blue and white pocket square is casually placed in.

# 29 Neat as You Like

This neat office looks as good as you like. The lapis blue striped shirt with royal blue tie, royal blue pants and shiny blue and brown makes it an expectable appearance on any day of the week.

# 30 Mint Green & White

This contrasting mint green jacket with lapis blue pants and a royal blue striped shirt is the blend for any gentleman. The blue designed tie with a neatly placed pocket square is what completes this look.

We have tried to gather the best looks for you that consist of striped shirts. The perfect mixture of formal and casual appearance in our list would get you dressed for any event on any day. So, the next time you are heading out for an office meeting or a night out, try any of our impressive combos.

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45 Authentic Styles with Striped Shirts – Inspirational Ideas for You

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